Residents spend night away from home after Oldbury fire

Firefighters continued to battle a blaze at an Oldbury gin distillery today.

A 100 metre exclusion zone was still in place as crews fought smaller fires at Alcohols Ltd in Langley, with hundreds of residents forced to spend the night away from their homes.

Fireballs and plumes of smoke could be seen for miles, as up to 100 firefighters battled the blaze at its height yesterday

Roads were closed and dozens of people were told to leave their homes as the fire broke out at the site in Crosswells Road, Langley, just before 10am.

At least 50 properties were evacuated in Hall Street and Thompson Road.

One man was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham with severe burns, and West Midlands Ambulance Service had the air ambulance on standby in case of more emergencies as the blaze took hold.

Plumes of black smoke filled the skies across the borough as flames towering above rooftops were just feet away from properties on nearby Hall Street.

London Midland trains were halted due to smoke billowing across the lines. Services were suspended between Stourbridge and Snow Hill in Birmingham.

Residents spoke of hearing a loud bang at the factory and fleeing their homes, with some still wearing pyjamas and clutching family pets. Mother-of-two Neelam Dass, aged 37, said: “I heard a massive bang and I thought it was a car crash, but when I looked out the window I saw the flames. I ran out on to the street. It’s just so scary.”

Tracey Benoist, 47, who lives next door to the factory, said: “I was watching Jeremy Kyle and I heard a massive bang. I opened the window and I saw the fire. I ran down the street.”

The blaze also spread to engulf a Land Rover vehicle in Hall Street. The Environment Agency was also at the scene.

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Comments for: "Residents spend night away from home after Oldbury fire"


that is bad hope evrey one is ok

Lesley Shelley

My husband drives for Alcohols.

Fortunately a regular Fire check was carried out last week and the Fire Service are fully cognisant on how to respond. I believe no one was hurt and that the fire is under control.

This is a long established company with an excellent reputation for the welfare of their plant and staff and have full procedures in place for just such an emergency.


This is shocking. I really hope and pray to God nobody has been hurt

kath dyson

all the emergency services there at the scene deserve a medal putting their lives on the line it was terrible to watch all what was going on and must be awful for the people who had to be evacuated


This is such bad news, my dad works for them, currently hes out delivering his stuff, however his car is parked in the warehouse so it must be burnt too. Im so glad he wasn't in there this morning thankfully he left hours before it happened.

not too far away in smethwick can see huge plumb of grey smoke rising above the houses.hope there are no fatalities and prey that everone is ok.


Is there any more news, I'm stuck at work and want to know

maria bridges

a 20 year old man was rushed to the q.e for burns. This was on the 1 o"clock news.

Mollies baguette bar 0121 552 8440

Very sad day for the distillery, their workers and the neighbours within the Langley area unfortunately one person was injured but it could of been a lot worse well done to the emergency services and all the neighbouring people.

bradley webster

This is realy bad hope every 1 is okai

One man sent to queen Elizabeth hospital with severe burns on his neck and arms but not aware of any other injuries. Could see the black thick smoke

Julie Bartlam

My Husband has worked for Alcohols at the Crosswells Road site for 20 years.

The company has an excellent reputation and work consistantly with the fire service to ensure safety regulations and the correct working procedures are followed at all times to prevent accidents like this from happening.

Thankfully accidents are very rare, and there has not been one like this for many many years.

Unfortunately one man an employee was hurt in the blast, but I have been told his burns are not life threatening.

Fifty homes have been evacuated in the vicinity, and trains running the Stourbridge through to Birmingham route have been canceled because they run past the site.

The fire service are still at the site to prevent any further explosions from the chemicals stored there, and will remain there throughout the night to try and prevent the fire from spreading to other nearby buildings.

And a very big thank you to West Midlands Fire Service for the remarkable work that they do!!!!

andrea hubball

We saw it from the flats at the top of Himley rd Dudley at about 10 15am, It looked bad then. Hope noone was badly hurt,

gillian calderood

its really bad news hope everyone is ok well dont to the brave firefigters out there they do deserve a medal and i do hope and pray those who ave been evacuated and the man that got severely burned are all ok my heart goes out to those firefighters who are tacklin the blaze really brave men


My girlfriend and i saw the smoke today, just glad no one was hurt. fair play to the emergency services!!!


i saw this break out from bristnall hall road, a real well done to all those that stepped up to mark and controlled this devastating incident, get well soon to injured man and glad all near residents are safe and sound x


oh my god hope everyone is ok xxx

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