Wrong rubbish blitz sees Walsall bins unemptied

Dozens more bins have gone unemptied in Walsall as a controversial new recycling crackdown continues.

Yellow stickers have been placed on scores of bins which were found to be containing the wrong rubbish. Angry residents today labelled the crackdown “madness”.

Growing numbers of borough households have had their green recycling bins rejected after officers found them to be containing the wrong kind of waste.

Council chiefs have said they are taking a stand after increasing amounts of recycling had to be sent to landfill due to it containing wrong items, costing more money.

Bin crews were out in parts of Delves yesterday.

Father-of-two Graham Farmer, of Yew Tree Road, was among those whose bin was not collected.

He was told it was because it was found to contain a carrier bag by inspectors who were travelling alongside binmen.

The 48-year-old sales executive said: “The council says they want us to recycle and then when we do, this is what happens. It’s madness.

“We’re trying to do our bit by recycling but it feels like we’re being penalised.”

A fellow Yew Tree resident, who did not wish to be named, added: “I’ve always tried to do my bit and sort my recycling.

“And now I get told it won’t be taken because there’s a plastic tray in there that I didn’t know couldn’t be recycled.”

Residents in nearby streets including Bell Lane also found their bins adorned with yellow stickers, which tell them items such as textiles or clothing, electrical goods, food waste, nappies, black bags and general waste are not accepted.

Meanwhile, some residents in Blackthorne Road claim crews did not travel down their street and collect any rubbish, although no yellow stickers have been placed on their green bins.

Security worker Wayne Paddock, aged 27, of Blackthorne Road, said: “Nobody has been to collect our bins today.

“We saw the truck go past the top of the street and people walked down looking in our bins but nobody actually came to collect the rubbish.”

But he added: “In other streets around us they were refusing to empty recycling bins with these stickers on.

“They say people should go to the tip if they can’t wait until next time to get their bins emptied but a lot of the people who live around here are quite elderly.

“How are they supposed to do that?”

No one from Walsall Council was today unavailable for comment but officers have previously said it is early days of the new crackdown.

They previously said work had been done to try to educate people in hotspot areas but had now been forced to “take a stand”.

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Comments for: "Wrong rubbish blitz sees Walsall bins unemptied"


Watch out the fascists are about


Perhaps no one should use a recycling bin. If the council can employ people to examine bins they can afford the landfill tax.


I have always made sure the right items go in but I can understand how confusing it can be and how mistakes can br made. If we were to all boycot using our recycling bins the council would start to incur fines for not meeting recycling targets. If the council want to play this silly game they best hope it doesn't come back to bite them on the backside!

English Exile

Council chiefs have said they are taking a stand after increasing amounts of recycling had to be sent to landfill due to it containing wrong items, costing more money.

Can I just remind these Council Chiefs and Staff who it is they work for....


THE GENERAL PUBLIC DON'T WORK FOR YOU although you might think differently in you own self important world.

Just get on with the job you are over paid for AND EMPTY THE BINS.


"found to contain a carrier bag" even though about 3 days ago I got a leaflet from Walsall council saying that carrier bags are one of the items you can recycle. Someone is wrong somewhere.

Tony Powis

I don't live in walsall, but at the end of the day I pay my council tax and for that reason i expect my bins to be emptied, because i have payed someone to do so!!!!


forget your council tax get yourself some spelling lessons . payed is spelt paid


If you are to be critical start the sentence with a capital.

Worcetser Wolves

"forget" should be "Forget". "council tax" should be "Council Tax". Missing Comma after "tax". "payed" should be "Payed". Other than that, you're quite right to criticise.....


I was 'refused' on Brookhouse. The only thing that will happen is that EVERYHING WILL GO IN BLACK BIN BAGS!


Its a disgrace!!!


Green bin is for garden waste presumably - what is difficult about that ? Are people in Walsall stupid or something ?


Wrong, green is for recycling brown is for garden waste. So no we are not stupid thank you.

Will in Hall

Dummy, in Walsall we have green bins for recycling & brown bins for garden waste.


Green Bins in Walsall are for recycling not garden waste. Now who feels stupid.


You presume wrong. Green Bins are for Recycling, Brown Bins are for Garden waste.

Martacus Redd

Not as easy as that, Brown bin for garden rubbish, green bin for recycle, SIMPLES


Being as you obviously don't pay your council tax to Walsall & you don't know the green bin is for recycling over here I suggest you find out before calling people stupid otherwise it's yourself who looks a bit...well err stupid! As for the council Gestapo it's no surprise a little bit of power goes straight to their heads!


Green bins are for recycled items, brown bins are for garden rubbish, so get your facts right before labeling Walsall people stupid.

Harry Barfield

Green bins in Walsall are for recycling. Brown bins are for Garden waste FYI.

green bin is for recycling and no we ay stupid!!!!1

A stupid Walsall person

Wulfrunian, looking at those photos at the start of the article might lead one to think all of us in Walsall only grow cardboard, bottles etc in our gardens.

However, those of us in Walsall who grow grass, plants and trees put that waste in our brown bins, which the Council provide for just that purpose.

We are not as stupid as some people in Wolverhampton, clearly.


green bins are for recyclng,brown bins for garden waste,so you presume wrong.Perhaps you try reading the article properly before you proclaim Walsall people as stupid.


@Wulfrunian Walsall bins are different to wolverhampton... Green bins are for recycling and Brown bins are for garden waste... Although I feel stupid... stupid for paying council tax...



Martacus Redd

No brown bin for garden waste, green bin for recycled stuff. Walsall MBC just don't throw these ideas together you know LOL.

Although they have produced recently a very nice brochure saying what we can recycle & what we can't, so really their no need for errors on residents part.


The refuse collection in Walsall is pathetic.

A few years ago an item that had been placed in our dustbin had caused the lid to stick open about an inch. Even though the bin was not heavy, nor anywhere near full, the crew took great pleasure in telling my neighbour they wouldn't empty it because the lid wasn't tightly shut. Having had no success when complaining to the council's refuse department (who practically accused me of lying) I sent details to the media and, after being featured on both TV and radio, a refuse truck had to make a special journey to make the collection.

Thankfully, as I now live in another area, I benefit from an efficient refuse collection service and I don't have to pay my council tax to an organisation as incompetent as Walsall Council.

Scowling Joe

Its not rocket science, is it, putting the right rubbish into the right bin? Whether through laziness or stupidity, anyone who can't manage this task shouldn't be let loose in their own property.

Del Bolobob

Meh, I'm just going to wang everything into the black bin.

The trouble is the plastics are so complicated. I can count 5 different categories of plastics on the flyer that are allowed, but a whole ream of others that arn't. http://cms.walsall.gov.uk/index/environment/rubbish_waste_and_recycling/recycling_collection.htm Id rather they put on the plastic recycling number to make it clearer.

Walsall Resident

As a Walsall resident, Wulfrunian no we are not stupid our green bin is for recycling!!!!

Brown bin is for garden waste.


I have to put my bins out before I leave for work and I know the neighbours put their rubbish in my bins - found a carrier in the recycling (tins/paper etc) containing slippers!!! If this practice comes to Wolverhampton I'll end up with bins not being emptied through no fault of my own. Even if I could drive I would object tohaving to deal with the neighbours rubbish.

Kinsgwinford Man

I talk to my neighbours and if either of us has too much of a particular sort of waste we put it in the other ones bin. Its the same when we have 2 bags and they have 4, we put 3 outside each house and they don't get left behind by some jobsworth.

We also put out each others bins if the anyone is away.

Try being nice to your neighbours and they will be nice to you.


I am orignally from Wolverhampton but live in Devon now.

We used to have the green bin system for recycling, where we could place cardboard, paper, plastic bottles (ONLY), cans, tins and aerosols.

I am presuming Walsall are doing the same so I think it should be only those items disposed in the green recycle bins.

We now have a kerbside sort system which is much better. allowing us to recycle Paper, Mixed Glass, Food Waste, Plastic bottles and trays (except black plastic), Cardboard and Textiles.

I do strongly believe that it is not difficult to sort items correctly into the bin.

The kerbside system is a much better way of collecting recyclable materials.

London Bloke

I completely agree that the Council should enforce the rules. If the green bin is for green garden waste, rather than mixed recycleable material then it's not really difficult is it? Green to green. With regard to plastics, the average person has no way of easily knowing what can be recycled and what cannot. The recycle symbols are not always clear.

However, taxpayer or not you have a duty to abide by the rules and the Council have a duty to make sure that the rules are clear. If they are not then challenge them in court. I rather suspect that failure to sort the rubbish at all is just laziness.

Common Sense

I agree with Wulfrunian, these people must be stupid. Anything that can be recycled has a symbol on it to say that it can be recycled. It's a quick and simple task to look at the item and decide which bin it goes into, even my children can do it!

fed up

Some plastic says you can recycle in some area`s ? if it say`s that i use the black bin,because who knows what area ? and i am not lazy or stupid.


Total disgrace!!

We pay our tax so empty our bins please!! Where else would a business treat customers like this and get away with it? well the reason they do is because there is no competition is there?

We pay them to empty our bins, They order us to recycle and make sure plastics are clean people! (no problem with that to a degree).

They then get paid by the recycle comkpany we have given them. They say this keeps our council tax down! Absolute rubbish (pardon the pun)

Can i set my own business up collecting all the recycle bits and bobs? Make an absolute killing but somehow i don't think i would be allowed do you?

Rugeley Max

I live in the Cannock Chase refuse area. My Green Coloured bin is for black bin bags. My Brown bin is for The Garden clippings, and the Blue bin for glass and plastic... Across the chase at Penkridge they have a grey bin for the black bin bags, a green bin for the garden clippings, and two green boxes for glass and plastic, plus a white sack for newsprint. Very confusing especially if you are colour blind and new to the area.


what alot of people don't realize it all gets tipped in one place loaded on to hgvs and shipped about 150 mile away to be processed .

in yesterdays article it said a jam jar with a lid on caused the bin not to be taken..but by the time this jar got crushed by the compactor blade of the refuse truck the lid nor the jar would be recognizable to me walsall council should and have bigger issues to deal with.and has for land fill tax etc etc next year all none recyclable waste will be going to four ashes to be burnt for energy..so what excuse will they be able to give us then..although our council tax is going up next year so they gotta justify it some how

Dave Roe

What a typically stupid decision by Walsall Council.

They want the recycling rates to go up. To do this they refuse to take people's recycling (because it may have one thin gthat shouldn't be there). What are these people going to do? Oh yeah, put all the rubbish in the grey bin.

Result = more rubbish to landfill and less to recycling.

Walsall Council, you've surpassed yourselves!


Common Sense - yes you'd think it would be that simple wouldn't you, but not with Walsall council. Only specific recyclables are allowed so even though the recycling symbol may be on certain items Walsall won't accept them.

London Bloke - if you'd read previous posts before commenting then you would have seen that the GREEN bin is for RECYCLING, the BROWN bin is for GARDEN WASTE.


Most Council's recycling policies are a feel good but wasteful con.

Recycling is expensive, and in part unnecessary.

Paper is biodegradabe, 'contaminated' paper isn't recyclable at all. Glass is made of silicon, the most abundant element on earth, and bottlebanks are a far better way of collecting it anyway.

Recycling has always happened, vehicles, bottles, newspapers etc. But the current trend is overzealous, and people are made to feel like some sort of environmental vandal for not complying with ridiculous guidelines.

They should be sorting it anyway, so sort the lot if you want it recycled.

Carol Fletcher

I should think that walsall MBC should hang their heads in shame, its bad enough having to sort through our waste before it goes into bins without not being able to put it into bin bags as well. my rubbish bins in my kitchen have bags in them so that we dont have to handle the waste now we have to tip it out of them. when they reduce the council tax that we have to pay then we might not moan, yet they expect us to sift through our waste and recycle and then they are going to put our council tax up, forget it i will take it to the tip myself-how about finding other ways of saving your 13million in other ways, such as stop outsourcing work to agencies, stop using private consultants, stop using out side venues for seminars, conferences etc yes you all 60 members oft he council pull your purse strings in a bit you couldnt run a party in a brewery and i know i was a councillor

kaysur sozay

At least the Council have got their message across.

For the next collection residents will be more careful in sorting their rubbish to the correct bins .


I live in botany road and was one of the lucky ones who actually had their green bin emptied but i did check it for any offending items the previous night. Now i have no problem in obeying the rules set down to what and what not can be recycled but the way and the timeline in which the council informed residents is the problem. I received the leaflet on the friday 16th november which if you had a already full bin didnt really give much time to sort through it. Now I'm not elderly and also previous stated i checked my bin the previous night but how the elderly was expected to do so in such a short time is beyond words. The leaflet also tells me that in fact i can now recycle less items than before e.g crisp packets, lids off jars, food wrappers, black plastic food trays and numerous other items. You could also bag the rubbish as long as it was in a clear see through bag but no longer according the leaflet. Now according to the council all of this is due to the excess amount of waste going to the landfill, so what do they do REDUCE the items which you can recycle and if you look here http://cms.walsall.gov.uk/index/environment/rubbish_waste_and_recycling/recycling_collection.htm (which was updated by the way oh look the 16th) they tell you and i quote "If you are unsure about any item just put it into your grey bin instead." Wait. What. Does not that mean more rubbish on the landfill. I will not mention the new incinerator being built in walsall which will burn non recycled waste. oops ahh just think about it.


Just an observation, but all of the posts here have been submitted during the day. Can I derive from this that the only people at work in Walsall are those perhaps having to sort out the rubbish?

Walsall Bin Collector

All of you who are moaning about the bin men should remember we are only doing our jobs we have to abide by rules just the same as you have to do at work. But in all honestey the sceme has been running now for 8 years and has not changed apart from once and that was just the addidtion of plastic & cardboad. If you do not know what goes in the bin by now you must be stupid. everyone in the bourgh has had leaflets pushed through the door on several occasions telling them what to put in there bins also it has been in the local free paper and its been in the express and star. You & only you are responsible for what goes in your bin if its wrong then its YOUR fault. We do not leave bins for the fun of it as its not worth the paper work everytime we leave a bin we have to fill in a sheet, no one would do paper work if they didnt have to and the reason we are having to leave them is that just one bin that is contaminated with food or nappies ect will contaminate the whole wagon so just one persons ignorance would make a whole wagon of recycables go to landfill which by the way is very costly would you rather your council tax go up to cover the cost of landfill because of your ignorance? Why dont you stop moaning about us and just GET IT RIGHT so we dont have to spend all of our day having arguments with you all on the street who cant get right what you have been doing for 8 years. if you were doing a job for 8 years and were still getting it wrong you would have the sack personally i think the council should do the same with the bins if you keep getting it wrongafter 8 years the council should take the bin from you and you should take it to the tip yourself

Difference is we pay for a service and you get paid to do it so why should we spend our evenings sorting through our rubbish. That's what we pay you for sunshine :)

Walsall Bin Collector

Yes your right you do pay for a service and that service is bin collection you do not pay for someone to sort through your rubbish which you cant be arsed to do yourself. and if you looked at how much of your council tax goes to pay for your service you would understand why its your responsibility and not ours. Its not rocket science is it? Im sure you understand the difference between food and paper cant understand why so many people are still getting it wrong when the service hasn't changed in years. If you had some common sence it wouldnt take you an evening to sort through it just seperate things as you go along my 5 year old understands how to recycle so im pretty sure it not that difficult its just pure lazyness SUNSHINE!!!

lichfield resident

The staff involved are not bin inspectors just people trying to earn a living carrying out the orders of the management. Our recycling in Lichfield is simple and just like Walsall, it's common sense really maybe that's what Walsall residents are lacking!


I think the council is right, why can't people just put the right stuff in the right bins. When I was looking after my great uncle in caldmore the neighbours would always fill his bin with general waste and when challenged they were either too stupid or too ignorant to understand so it's about time these people understood that we all have a part to play in reducing waste. I think the refuse service in Walsall is excellent, one only has to cross into Sutton to see bags strewn everywhere and that's the second city. Keep it up, people will eventually learn.

Mr singh

common sense please hows walall council gona meet its recycle targets ? All this encourages fly tipping

Sharon Bentley

in walsall we have large green bins collected fortnightly for recycle large brown bins for garden waste collected fortnightly and small black bin for general rubbish ie household waste at least in walsall we know what a bin is for have any of you been round some of the parts of wolverhampton its a disgrace and i

come from wolverhampton originally


Dig a big pit in your back garden and burn it.

Angry of Coppice Farm

Just returned from a brief business trip abroad to find we've also been a victim of bin fascists. My wife gave me the sorry details and told me about the earache she'd given on the phone to one of the council jobsworths - waste of a call, of course.

Since our local LibDem councillors are always boasting of the good work they do round these parts, I'd be very interested in their comments on the situation.

As for the green vs brown bin controversy - easily explained. We've had green wheelie bins for household refuse since about 20 years ago - the brown garden waste bins came later. Some twit must have got the colour scheme wrong since most of the human race would agree that by simple logic, green waste would go in a green bin, but Walsall council never gave themselves the option - why not have blue bins for household waste in the first instance? Too late now, though.


I think the stance Walsall council are taking on this is well out of order. I recieved my "Bin Guide" 4 days ago but WMBC expect it to be put into force with immediate effect, thing is my recycle bin was last emptied 14 days ago. They want us to go green then tell you they won't be emptying your bin because they found a jar with a lid on it? Is metal not wanted? PATHETIC WMBC!


Walsall Bin Collector

It's jobsworths like you that makes my blood boil!. So we should be forced to empty our own bins? Ok fine with me if my council tax gets cancelled. lol yeah right!! In the unlikely even that doeas happen i would empty it mayself no problem and you would be out of a job as its us who pays your wages!! so instead of ruling like a dictator how about you treat your customers with respect.

I have one customer who is a complete pain and i have to basically manage his account for my company. Should i? no but i do as his company pays the company i work for £8m a year so i go the extra mile.

Because the council don't have to the extra miles they rule with iron fist. If they had competition to deal with would they take the same stance? Well if they did they would get the work would they.

Walsall Bin Collector

Its a very small amount of your council tax that goes to pay toward this service dont understand why so many people think its just to have your bins emptied read the breakdown that comes with your bill!!!! If the coucil were making £8m a year of each customer then im sure we would sort your rubbish for you. but its something that is so simple we shouldnt have to. the coucil do go that extra mile for people who still dont understand thats why they have people following bin crews explaining why there bins have been left and what they can do to stop it happening again. This is not something they have to do as you have already had numerous leaflets explaining the service its something they are doing to go that extra mile you keep talking about.


I too was a victim of the new regime last week. I contacted Walsall MBC and when I queried why the bin inspector could not have moved the minor bits offending into the half empty grey bin adjacent I was told rather snottily 'It's not their job!"

Now this is exactly the point - it IS their job and in the case of our household it is the principal service we receive. If the policy is to educate people why don't the operatives leave a note with the resident as to why the bin has been left for another fortnight. They have to record it anyway - (see the long note from 'Walsal Bin Collector" - complaining about the extra paperwork )- but no, we have to telephone in to find the reasons.

Only a public sector mentality could demonise the customers in this way. The rules need to be simplified particulalrly as some of the items refused are stamped as recycleable and accepted elsewhere.

I regularly recycle at the municipal tip and receive no 'credit' for this, the only compensation is that the private company now doing the work are pleasant and unfailingly helpful - in marked contrast to the roadside service.

Mark Jameson

What all of you residents have not realised is the fact that councils only have to provide a household service, as this is what you pay for in your council tax. Recycling is a money making service for the goverment, so at any time the recycling service can be withdrawn, everybody should get a grip, its not as if Walsall's to posh to sort out there supposedly clean rubbish. Also fair play to the bin man who spoke up, like he said 8 years on and still you dont know how to Recycle.


As a former Walsall resident, I can confirm that brown bins were for garden waste. I was an ardent recycler. During my frequent trips to the tip in Streetly, I took the opportunity to talk to the operatives and discovered that quite often we are taken for a ride on recycling.

1 Segregating the bottles into clear, green and brown containers. I spent hours doing this only to discover that when the lorry arrives, quite often they are tipped all together and are crushed into a powder for road surfaces.

2 The container for drinks cans which everyone spends hours pushing their beer and coke cans into are often emptied into the metal skip

3 Then we have confusing instructions. eg you can't put egg boxes in with cardboard then it is permissable. You can't put yellow pages in with other paper as they can't extract the dye in processing, then told they can extract the dye so now you can.

All very confusing ladies and gentlemen.

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