Council tax in Walsall may rise by 1.95pc

Council tax bills in Walsall are set to rise by 1.95 per cent next April – the first increase for three years.

Walsall Council has decided to reject the offer of a Government grant worth the equivalent of a one per cent rise, which will only be provided if the bills are frozen at 2010’s rates again.

Wolverhampton, Dudley, South Staffordshire and Lichfield are still considering the offer. Stafford Council is planning to freeze council tax in return for a £65,000 grant.

For the past two years, the Government has offered councils the equivalent of a two per cent rise to freeze bills but is halving the grant next year.

Council tax bills in Walsall would rise between £19.91 and £59.74 a year depending on the value of people’s homes under the plans.

Walsall’s Conservative leader Councillor Mike Bird said: “Cabinet has decided not to accept the council tax freeze grant.

“But it is a draft budget so far.”

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Comments for: "Council tax in Walsall may rise by 1.95pc "


Well done. Some leadership that is not toadying to the slash and burn mentality of Cameron and his cronies. Walsall needs quality services for its residents.


As a council taxpayer - there is no excuse from councils if they try and put it up next year. Especially if the government gives them money.


Not happy money is already tight as it is, Electric, Gas, Petrol all goes up !! No Break for people who work...

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