Inquiry to decide on 1,050 Wolverhampton store jobs

A public inquiry will decide next year if a Tesco store can be built in Wolverhampton – leaving the fate of a new Sainsbury’s and 1,050 potential jobs hanging in the balance.

Work on the new Tesco at the former Wolverhampton Royal Hospital
Work on the new Tesco at the former Wolverhampton Royal Hospital

Work on the Tesco development at the former Royal Hospital site has halted after objections about road changes.

Banga Buses, which employs 12 people and runs four services, objected to Tesco plans to close Sutherland Place to traffic as they could not get buses in and out of their garage without a big detour.

A two-day inquiry by the Department for Transport will take place in Wolverhampton on January 9 and 10 but a decision will not be made until Easter, with work on the new store likely to be delayed until June.

It today emerged that the delay may have a knock-on effect on Sainsbury’s supermarket development in Raglan Street, Graiseley.

Tesco owns about 10 per cent of the site and a councillor today said it was unlikely to sell to its rival until its own development’s fate was decided.

Andrew Johnson said: “For Sainsbury’s to finish they need the land at Raglan Street so this could hold them up as well, because of this objection.”

Tesco today confirmed it was in discussion with Sainsbury’s about the land but signs there say: “Tesco area. Keep out.”

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Comments for: "Inquiry to decide on 1,050 Wolverhampton store jobs"


Well here we go AGAIN!!!


Will this take 10 years to sort out like the last time?


Banga Buses - sounds like they need a garage as close as possible.


For gawds sake, this has only been going on now for about 15 years, it's just ridiculous. Surely the road access etc should have been looked at at the planning stages.


As much as the town needs the surely does not need another flaming supermarket. At this rate they will all go bust and the only one still going will be Aldi!


Yet more delays, Banga Buses runs 4 services and they are holding up this development. Close them down and the 12 people that work there can get jobs at Tesco.

Wat Tyler

So Sainsbury's has already spent hundreds of thousands of pounds digging a hole off the ring road for the foundations of its new supermarket without any assurance from Tesco that it will be able to buy the land needed to finish the project. And Tesco is happy to sit back while its multi-million pound scheme is halted by a Banga bus having to take a detour. Oh really? Surely time for a Wolverhampton councillor to tell us what the hell is going on.


It is no wonder that this town (city!) is going downhill day by day!

London Bloke

Is someone taking the warm yellow water here? 1000 jobs versus a bus detour? Who the heck is in charge here? Get a grip, disallow the objection and get building. This has to be utterly ludicrous, a 10 bus company holding up serious redevelopment.

Mind you, from what I've seen of the Banga Buses the detour may be too much for them..


As someone who lives in the vicinity of the old royal hospital I am absolutely disgusted at how long his whole process is taking. The area needs this store to get built and open as soon as possible, in order to provide jobs that have been promised to local people. The area is a residential one, so Banga Buses should move to somewhere where there is a suitable garage to house their eyesores and let this development proceed as planned!

mark smith

What a JOKE!! this Wolverhampton council is there slowly but surely making Wolverhampton the biggest dump in the country its full of charity shops, Betting shops, and Pound shops and this little saga has been going on for years have to say I am ashamed to be from Wolverhampton!


Well did anyone expect anything else from the Comedy Council? Is it BHANGA behind the objection or are Tesco's sticky fingers behind it as they probably have cold feet with the thought of spending £20+m in a town spiraling to dereliction, superciliously oiled by a Council of misfeasance, populated by overpaid,meretricious Dilettantes, sheltered from reality in the soon to be refurbished @£20m+Kremlin?


This is unbelievable, how can this much needed project ( "jobs" albeit another supermarket ) come to a halt because of the reason given. Is this not another case of bureaucratic nonesense, and has for Banga Buses how short sighted are they surely they can see the advantage of such a big site being on their doorstep.


I knew this was going to happen when I saw the article about the delay because of the closures before. Tesco need to be negotiating with Banga to come to an agreement. I would have to say that offering them a temporary base elsewhere would seem a more feasible solution than having to wait for a decision and the cost of delays and the inquiry.

What are these people doing, the council need to be having a meeting with Banga and Tesco to see what can be accommodated to kick start a bit of development that side of town. It sounds more and more like Tesco are just looking at excuses not to build the store.


You honestly mean to tell me that in the last fifteen years NO-ONE has thought to check the access for bus services? NO-ONE??? What the hell are these planners doing? This whole thing has been a farce for years and years, and just gets worse.

Mr Peter O'Cnnor

If Sainsbury's had been allowed to build on there own site 10 + years ago at Raglan St. We would not be in this mess now. I blame Wolverhampton Council for persistently favoring Tesco! There are Tesco' everywhere mini markets and supermarkets. It took the Law Lords to inject common sense into the debacle.

Proud Wulfrunain

Amazing how Wolverhampton haters crawl out of the Woodwork when a story like this appears. I'm pretty sure Banga Buses and Tesco's will come to an agreement and the problem will be solved quickly. Wolverhampton is not as bad as some of the comments on here but some people can never be pleased.

Tam Packs

You really take the biscuit; Do you work for the incompetent clowns at the Kremlin by any chance? If you ca't see what a bunch of clowns they are and always have been, I'd go and see someone if I were yow!

kirstie rutledge

That we need jobs for people at the moment with the goverment is doing to the benefit changes next year that with this that more people with jobs less the british taxer will have to paid for people who are sitting at home doing nothing with their lives and more jobs less people who be claiming benefit can help this country to get back to normal like it used to be. Yes they didn't think of buses coming to and from the tesco but they needed to sort out as quckly as possible .

Scowling Joe

We need engineering jobs, manufacturing jobs, industrial jobs, jobs that pay a living wage....not poxy McJobs that have to be topped up by the taxpayer anyway, in income support! All these McJobs do is shift numbers off the unemployment figures, so the government can say 'look how ace we are!', while the burden still remains on the tax payer, and the working classes slip further into oblivion, while Mr McTesco builds himself a new swimming pool with the extra profits he is creaming off us all, and Mr Cameron and his disgusting party pat themselves on the back as they pee all over your childrens dreams.


Sainsbury's have clearly not played Monopoly. Nice move Tesco. Banga Buses are digging thier heals in due to recent MOT failures they were fined for by the council. It's a bit strange how Tesco and Sainsburys are allowed to buy so much land nationwide. If Wolverhampton was predominantly independantly owned amenities then perhaps it's character would attract people once again? The solution to this enigma is sadly in the past. The people have no control over the town.

Scowling Joe

1050 Mcjobs eh?

At this rate, everyone will work in a supermarket, or some other McJob. Only problem is they don't pay a living wage, so nobody will be able to afford to shop in McSupermarkets or eat McFastfood burgers, and they will all close down. The End.


Based on the assumption that only Sutherland Place will be closed what "big detour"? There are at least 2 routes of no more than a 1/4 mile. Further I've seen Banga Buses come out of Wolverhampton Centre via Bilston Road, Hospital Street, Cleveland Road then Vicarage Road a route which presumably would be unaffected? If however Vicarage Road, Cleveland Road and Hospital Street were closed as well then Presumably National Express West Midlands and Diamond Buses would also complain since some of their routes also use these streets.


We dont want anymore supermarkets !!! enough is enough.

Ol Ernie

What vitriol from Wolverhampton and London people!

Banga buses provide a well regarded service that surpasses anything national express provides. Especially to the old and infirm.

Planners should take into account businesses and people before they decide. Did they not see these changes? Tesco are playing dirty.

Council - remove the planning and let the NHS whatever they are called or to be called make a spanking new hospital to alleviate the horrible mess of New Cross.

Centralised services where everyone including physical disabled and special needs people can get to easily with a bus service from Banga or NE. Less need for parking or charging workers or patients or visitors.

Even our council workers ought to be bussing in via banga and NE

C'mon Wolverhampton - save hassle and get NHS involved in real hospital development for the community. Not speculators and retail scroungers who will increasingly make more and more unrealistic demands. Do not be held to ransom by retail and do not think retail is the solution to all Wolverhampton's woes!

Joe public does not want s/markets we want better retail facilities without the big Tesco 1


we do not need another overpriced sainsburys (check your shopping on mysupermarket the one in wednesfield is due to be extended for no reason scrap the one in raglan st let Tesco have their store the nearest Tesco Superstore is walsall and put banga buses on antiques road show


I agree that the calibre of most of the jobs created will not be high, and also that Tesco has been given too much licence by the council; however, both Raglan St and the old Royal site have been lying derelict for years now, this is a scourge on the face of our city. Rehouse Banga or shut them down, and let's get these sites up and running. I'm sick of our city looking like downtown Beirut, it's embarrassing!!!