Wolverhampton bridge is magnet for drinkers and beggars

A footbridge in Wolverhampton is becoming a magnet for street drinkers and beggars who target commuters.

The £1.8m footbridge in Wolverhampton city centre
The £1.8m footbridge in Wolverhampton city centre

Police have received a number of reports about issues in Railway Drive, leading to the city’s railway station, in recent weeks.

And councillors are now demanding that action is taken, claiming that the problems are occurring throughout the day as people walk to and from the station during the morning rush hour, as well as in the evening when revellers head into the city centre for a night out.

City centre police officers said that they will speak to businesses in the area to determine the scale of the problem before drawing up a plan of action.

Ward councillor Milkinder Jaspal said he had even received complaints of people being followed by beggars asking for money as they walked into the city centre.

“That station is one of the main gateways into Wolverhampton,” he said.

“It is used by thousands of people a day, and this gives a really bad impression of the city centre to all of those people.

“I am sure it will discourage people from coming here and could damage the economy.

“It is frightening and intimidating,” Councillor Jaspal added.

“My two sons are both black belt in Taekwondo and they have both reported this problem to me and said it made them feel uncomfortable.

“Imagine how a young girl on her own would feel,” he said.

“Something really needs to be done.”

The footbridge was built as a new link from the railway station to the bus station.

Councillor Jaspal today called for action over the problem, saying he believes that it goes deeper than just increasing police patrols.

“Yes, you can put an officer on the corner or install CCTV camera. That’s an easy option,” he said.

“But some of these people really need help.

“If you don’t tackle that, then the problem won’t go away, it will just move to another location.”

By Shaun Jepson and Charlotte Cross 

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Comments for: "Wolverhampton bridge is magnet for drinkers and beggars"

Ian Wing

My wife and I travel from Nottinghamshire regularly as we support Wolves. On a recent visit we were approached on this bridge and asked for money. I said no and we walked off leaving the beggar to go in the phone box and urinate. I can look after myself but it was still intimidating for myself and my wife.


Worse than that- the wavy lines on the glass panels don't match up properly. Did the builders fit the glass in the wrong order?


'Gives a really bad impression of the city' pull the other one. Are you telling me that it's only the bridge that gives a bad impression of the city? Of all the cities I have been to Wolverhampton has got to be the worst. Want to get beaten up? Go to Wolverhampton!


Are talking about the bridge that they built right next to another bridge and wasted everyone's money?

IOW Wolves

I think JJ's comment says it all. The whole development was a waste of money.


erm lets see what w-ton council can spend tax payers money on next try spending on the market i dont think so more on the bus station thats a good idea its had four attempts yet.


It is not just the bridge where these people hang out. I was outside the job centre waiting for the No.1 bus to go home and 5 of them along with their bottles of cider etc had taken over the bus stop sitting with their feet up.

I dont see why we should have to put up with such unsocial behaviour. They are a menace and Wolverhampton needs to be cleared of them ASAP.

I know some are homeless through no fault of their own and these people I agree do need help and it is up to Social Services to help these people, but some of these do it because they choose to and if everyone was to stop giving them money when they are asked then they would soon get the message.


totally agree with jj comment on this waste of money!


Please tell me where in the city centre will give a good impression.

The whole city centre is an absolute dump - one of the worst in the country.

Empty shops, litter everywhere, you can't walk for 50 yards without seeing someone spit onto the floor.

The city centre is a sad reflection of the majority of the city and its population.

I live in Compton and feel embarrassed to be associated with Wolverhampton


" and it's population", not including you, your family, friends I take it? Maybe a' few' work colleagues though!


This makes me laugh, did the people that built a new bridge directly next to the old bridge that used to be a magnet for beggers and drinkers would not attract beggers and drinker with its brightly lit and filled in sides.


Quelle Surprise! Mind you, is there anywhere in town that is not populated by the dregs of society?


Welcome to Wolverhampton! Turn back now before it depresses you even more.


I used to work all over England and I used to praise Wolverhampton up, but now I am ashamed to say I come from this City.

Baggies Nick

I grew up in Bradmore, moved away quite a few years ago and have ended up in a sleepy Shropshire market town. We come in every so often for a few drinks, and a soon as we leave the station to the Weatherspoons, I'm normally accosted by at least four people wanting 49p for 'bus fayre home because they've lost their purse/wallet. One woman asked me three times in the space of a two hour period. Guessing she's got a bad memory, with the benefits she's probably claiming, I'm reckon she's raking it in, and got a nice detached on the Wergs. In all seriousness, as the good Councillor said ''Yes, you can put an officer on the corner or install CCTV camera. That’s an easy option". “But some of these people really need help.“If you don’t tackle that, then the problem won’t go away, it will just move to another location.” The Social Services have got a big task on their hands. And with the tightening budgets, I'm guessing things won't improve anytime soon. I've been to quite a few places around the globe, and believe you and me, Wolvo isn't half as bad as some of the locations. But then, maybe it's easy for me to say, as the only people mithering you for money where I live now, are the RNLI and Air Ambulance, which, to my opinion, should need to 'beg' for funding.


'Worse city in the UK?' Are you on crack? Wolverhampton is one of the best towns in and around Birmingham and in my opinion one of the best in the UK. You guys need to get out more if you think wolves is crap.

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