New swimming pool in Tipton will create 21 jobs

The new £8 million swimming pool which is taking shape in Tipton will create 21 new jobs, it has been revealed.

tipton swimming pool under construction
tipton swimming pool under construction

The new £8 million swimming pool which is taking shape in Tipton will create 21 new jobs, it has been revealed.

Contractor Willmott Dixon is building the development at the junction of Alexandra Road and Thursfield Road.

There will be 10 full and 11 part-time positions. The news comes after DC Leisure said it would create 145 jobs at the £11m leisure centre being built in West Bromwich. Council leader Councillor Darren Cooper said it showed the authority’s borough-wide creation of new leisure facilities had a double advantage.

He said: “What we are trying to do, despite dimishing resources, is to regenerate areas with useful buildings as well as creating jobs.

“We are investing in much-wanted leisure facilities in Sandwell, looking after provision for thousands of people for years and we are creating at least 165 badly-needed jobs.

“It just shows there’s a wealth of opportunity in Sandwell, despite cuts.”

The new centre is already taking shape. It will eventually include a 25-metre six-lane main swimming pool, learner pool, gym, changing facilities, dance studio and community space, as well as a landscaped urban piazza.

It is scheduled to open in 2013 and will replace the Tipton Swimming Centre in Queens Road. The Tipton scheme is one of a number of similar schemes being developed in the borough.

In West Bromwich, the operation will employ 25 full-time and 120 part-time staff. The long-awaited scheme will be located near the new £10m West Bromwich police station at the junction of Moor Street and Bromford Lane.

A £15m site is also being proposed at the heart of Smethwick.

The council plans to build the new modern facility in place of the current Harry Mitchell Centre. It will replace Hadley Stadium, Smethwick Swimming Centre and Langley Baths, as well as the Harry Mitchell Centre.

Meanwhile, plans are being drawn up for a new swimming pool complex in Wednesbury to replace the current ageing centre.

* Local Businesses - Jee Jee's Punjabi Bar & Grill, Smethwick

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Comments for: "New swimming pool in Tipton will create 21 jobs"

Phil steven

Fantastic news and shame on the Tories on Dudley Council.

With both Sandwell and Wolverhampton councils putting money to help the fitness and health of their boroughs why is it that Dudley turned their back on the people and closed both Brierley Hill and Coseley baths with no plans for new swimming pool complexes.

Don't forget - Sandwell USE em! as much as possible.


"“It just shows there’s a wealth of opportunity in Sandwell, despite cuts.”

lol I take it you've paid a visit to the local job centre? walked the streets? There's opportunity alright Sir.. an industry of debt, as well as low-paid or non-existent jobs. This region is renowned for these things. All around this facility there are over-crowded, dirty yet often expensive streets.. this project will do little to flush the filth out of those streets or rid them of the filth profiting from people's misery.


Let's also consider the fact Tipton already had a swimming baths, a fine building just down the road. It also had a fine library. Both could have been used, but as with Sandwell and their lack of joined-up thinking, both were closed, left to the mercy of the local scum element around Victoria Park who tried and continue to try and turn the whole place into a no-go area for locals. This new facility is also so close to the main road it has to been seen to be believed; you cannot see the island or the fire station, or children coming out of school. Alas, if it works best of luck but I personally think it's only there for political reasons.

east stand reg

In WestBrom, the masses criticise The Public arts centre, citing a swimming pool would be more suitable. In nearby Tipton they build one and surprise surprise, Sandwell Council still get criticised. Some people are put on this earth to criticise authority'

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