Video: Sir Cliff Richard carries Olympic Torch through Birmingham

Sir Cliff Richard gave a few London 2012 hopefuls a run for their money as he carried the Olympic Torch through Birmingham on Saturday evening.

Sir Cliff Richard gave a few London 2012 hopefuls a run for their money as he carried the Olympic Torch through Birmingham on Saturday evening.

The 71-year-old was cheered on by thousands of people and waved to the crowds as some of his best-known songs were played.

See a video of Sir Cliff Richard carrying the torch through the streets on Birmingham below.

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Comments for: "Video: Sir Cliff Richard carries Olympic Torch through Birmingham"


Exploiting his close links with Birmingham????? Still, any publicity is better than none I suppose.


Yes Cliff has got lots of connections in Birmingham. So why shouldn't he carry the flame. People like you who have a negative view of life need pitying. Start to live life you'll live longer.


Your a sad person, obviously this week-end you haven't been enjoying any of the celebrations. Enjoy live, its too short.


Quite right Tilley. I would have been more impressed if they had used real deserving people for the torch carrying, instead of has beens and wanna bes. No time for posers and self servers, and, I do enjoy life believe me.

Horatio Caine

I think the original criteria for Torch carriers was that they had to have made a significant (or even outstanding) 'contribution to their local community'.

Whatever 'connections' Cliff has to Birmingham - and I've no idea what they are (has anyone?)- I don't think anyone could claim that he has made any 'outstanding contribution'. Neither did Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles, who carried the torch in Aberystwyth, to considerable local bemusement there. Has Cliff any sort of tour or CD to promote, by any chance?

Of course, any criticism was going to bring Cliff's many fans out in protest. But from where I and most of my workmates are standing at least, he had no real business carrying the Torch in Birmingham. There are, however, plenty of people I'm sure who *have* made tangible contributions and yet had their applications rejected to make way for celebrities such as him.

mick me

well said colin dodd here here


I was talking about you beening a sad person, not Anne. Cliff has been singing since 1958 he has ben to various venuses in Birmingham including the NEC. He stared in the film Take Me High on Birmingham canals, he lit the millennium flame in centenary square, hes switched the Christmas lights on in Birmingham. Cliff has done such a lot in Birmingham, you could see how proud he was running with the touch. He's not like some of these singers a tax dogger. Obviously you don't like Cliff, but a lot of people do.


Obviously you lot of sad people haven't heard of The Cliff Richard Tennis Trail. This is a foundation that promotes tennis and they go into schools with tennis equipment for youngsters to encourage them to had a go. So far 2000,000 youngsters have been encouraged to take up the sport. Cliff started this in Brighton with celebrities as well as professionals after a few years the venue was too small so they moved to the NIA in Birmingham. Everyone did this for free so every single penny went to the charity. Cliff has always said that he hoped a top tennis player would be discovered one day.