All change at Birmingham New Street station

Developers have broken new ground on the multi-million pound overhaul of Birmingham New Street Station and transformation of the Pallasades.

Developers have broken new ground on the multi-million pound overhaul of Birmingham New Street Station and transformation of the Pallasades.

Foundations are now being laid for the city’s first John Lewis store, which will eventually create 650 new jobs and boost the local economy by an estimated £25m each year.

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Andy Street, managing director John Lewis, David Higgins, chief executive Network Rail and Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham City Council were at the site to help lay the foundations for the new store yesterday. The 250,000 sq ft department store will anchor an upgraded Pallasades shopping centre.

Network Rail chief executive David Higgins said: “With a new John Lewis and Pallasades coming in 2014, and a state-of-the-art station complete in 2015, Birmingham has a lot to look forward to.”

Work to redevelop the Pallasades centre started in 2011 and the demolition of Stephenson Tower earlier this year paved the way for construction of John Lewis Birmingham. Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “A true feat of engineering is taking place on the New Street site to transform the station.

“In the coming months, residents and visitors will start to see the station and the John Lewis store take shape.

New Street station will remain open throughout construction, passengers will notice the first major change in April 2013 when a new concourse opens, the station redevelopment is due to be finished in 2015.

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Comments for: "All change at Birmingham New Street station"


Why are they spending all this money on refurbishing new street, the tram extension and then in a few years time building a brand new station next to moor street for HS2.

There is all this land available around moor street where west coast mainline runs under. They could just build a brand new super station that serves both lines, and extended metro from snow hill-moor street and HS2 all in 1 structure. Without any disruption to New Street in the meantime.

They could then downgrade new street to a standard station and use the land for something else (new larger palisades for example).

Instead were going to end up with 2 brand new stations, 2 smaller stations and spend a fortune joining them up with a slow metro line.

Or is that to simple for the council and the government to design.


I don't know why they are bothering....they still aren't fixing the major issue with New St.....that of the bottleneck.

It will make no difference to rail services until they do.


In the meantime - bring your wellies so your feet don't get wet when the platforms flood. And, beware the water trickling down the light fittings.

Although New Street needed work done (no doubt) the scheme does not solve the bottlenecks at either end of the station. These bottle necks limit train movement into and out of the station.

Lipstick on a pig anyone?

s marshall

erm, didn't there used to be a lewis's at the top of Corporation street?