Wolverhampton turned me into Tory, reveals Boris

Boris Johnson’s experience as an Express & Star reporter turned him into a Conservative, the London mayor has revealed.

Boris Johnson’s experience as an Express & Star reporter turned him into a Conservative, the London mayor has revealed.

Mr Johnson once worked briefly as a reporter in the Black Country when he was a trainee journalist on The Times in the 1980s. The posh Oxford graduate was sent to the West Midlands by his editor to learn how to be a reporter.

In an interview with the New York Times, the recently re-elected Mayor of London revealed it was his experience reporting in areas like Wolverhampton that made him who he is.

Asked if he could remember the moment he knew he was a Conservative, Mr Johnson replied: “When I was a 22 or 23-year-old reporter in a place called Wolverhampton.

“I got impatient with some of the stuff I saw going on about damp and mould, about who is ultimately responsible for improving the ventilation in people’s houses.

“I felt that people were being infantilised and made dependent by the system and that the local Labour politicians had no interest in sorting it out, were content to harvest these people’s votes without improving their lives.

“It was the spores of damp, of mould forming on the walls in Wolverhampton.”

Mr Johnson spent three months with the Express & Star in 1987 and 1988.

He lodged with “a woman called Brenda” near Bilston, according to a biography published in 2006.

The young Boris Johnson was a far cry from the average E&S reporter. Colleagues recalled he favoured wide-lapelled chalkstripe suits and silk ties.

After one week as a management consultant, he had managed to get a job on The Times thanks to his connections before being told he needed work experience on a regional newspaper to learn what the job was really like.

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Comments for: "Wolverhampton turned me into Tory, reveals Boris "

Matthew Revell

Interesting that Boris talks about politicians infantilising people when the report above, apparently unironically, refers to him as "posh".


Hey Boris! You still owe me a month's rent!!


and you still owe me for the mould treatment!


Of course Boris is a posh fella and secured a job on the Times due to his connections Hmm Hmm His perception of Wolverhampton and it's council is of course flawed. Labour controlled councils spend spend Tory controlled councils reign it all back in. Of course I would not argue with his perception but it is flawed and biased towards his own political leanings.


But do you not recognise Labour councillors or those employed by the state have a vested interest in keeping the 'needy' and 'vulnerable' of society exactly where they are?

It justifies their existence. If they were no longer 'needy' and 'vulnerable' then they wouldn't need anybody to look after them. Uh-oh....there goes my job.

That's why there's so little opportunity for people to improve their lot in Wolverhampton. If they did, how could we justify all those people we need to look after them?

big wolf

he was tory born and bread and had to come to the real UK like Wolverhampton to find the problems that the tory goverment was doing to the people.

the people should'nt be affrad of the goverment. The goverment should be affrade of the PEOPLE !!!!

Brenda's Husband

Hey Boris,

What were you doing with my Brenda when I was at work?

Brenda's Son

Dad, I always wondered why I had crazy blonde hair and a penchant for fine foods and mad clothes styles. Mom always inferred that I was never yours.


The refreshing thing about Boris is that he is a serious politician masquerading as a buffoon - unlike many of his detractors, who are buffoons masquerading as serious politicians.

steve B

Eton snob Boris at least wolverhampton is the real world...

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