£30m Midland Metro extension plan revived

A £30 million proposal to extend the Midland Metro tram line in Wolverhampton has been revived, transport bosses revealed today.

metro map 1/5/12

A £30 million proposal to extend the Midland Metro tram line in Wolverhampton has been revived, transport bosses revealed today.

A first phase of the extension will join up the existing St George’s tram stop in Bilston street with Wolverhampton rail station and is expected to take place before 2015.

The creation of a Metro loop around Market Street and Lichfield Street would not be carried out until a later date.

Wolverhampton City Council and transport authority Centro will also bid for funding for a £154m revamp of Wolverhampton rail station. Developers Neptune, which built the city’s new £22.5m bus station and have plans for the rail station, are also involved in the Metro project.

Transport chiefs will try to persuade the Government that funding for the extension and the railway station revamp will create jobs.

The expansion plans were originally unveiled in 2009 but were shelved the next year after the coalition government announced £693m in cuts.

It is thought that by breaking up the long-awaited extension and leaving the loop element until a later date, the project will be cheaper and more likely to attract Government backing from its Regional Growth Fund.

The Government has so far refused to commit money to the rail station project, which includes plans for a hotel and canalside bars.

Centro spokesman Mark Langford said: “Centro, Wolverhampton City Council and Neptune are working closely together to develop a fully integrated strategic transport hub at Wolverhampton Interchange, where a state of the art bus station opened in 2011.”

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Comments for: "£30m Midland Metro extension plan revived"


BSD. We are not London, we won't benefit wonders from the Olympics, but we are WOLVES.

We need investment, we need jobs, we need to build for the future, we cannot let our city decline any further.

So lets all work to get the funds and lets get WOLVES working for us all, plan an build for now asap, otherwise I am off to another city.

I cannot live in a city that is full of under investment and poor quality life - I am setting my eyes on other locations!

Martacus Red

I hope the get the funding, but I would say other lines should be built first such as one between Walsall & Dudley/Merry Hill & maybe Walsall to Wolverhampron. Although the 2nd option could be achieved by updating the Railway link to include stations in places like Willenhall & park & rides


I completely agree, one to Merryhill would be a great idea especially with how long it takes the bus to get there!! I dont understand why they are extending it to the train station isnt that just laziness, it takes what 5 mins walking to get to the train station from the metro....


The only problem with linking to Merry Hill is that you will encourage people to take their money from Wolverhampton and spend it in Merry Hill

PJW Holland

and as usual it is a dog's dinner of a scheme.

The tramway should have used the route from Priestfield into Low Level, with a stop at Monmore Green and then continued in front of Low Level Station and up Broad Street to the station and then up Queen Street to Dudley Street.

Bad planning on top of bad planning. "Centro" has no interest in creating decent transport in Wolverhampton. What they see is an opportunity to cut out the link with the City Centre in favour of a route direct to the station.

PJW Holland

an afterthought. The money proposed to be spent would more than pay for the missing flyovers on the ring road and enable traditional routes into the City Centre to be reopened and thus eliminate the forbidding barrier the ring road, half complete, creates at present.


i thought we were short of money in this country seems to me we have plenty this so called recession is just a smoke screen to take off the working class who have maybe got a bit better off in the last few years.


It looks great and I'm all for investing in Wolverhampton but who is really going to pay to get on a tram from the raiway station to St George's when it'd be quicker to walk? Why not link it to West Park, to the north of the city along the Stafford Road to Dunstall Park and to Bentley Bridge. How about a restaurant and bar culture down the canal side!


Re no.6.. no thanks don't want ANY light railway clogging up the Stafford Road, now if they were to build a new Dunstall Park Station, near to Oxley Viaduct,now that would be another matter.....


Completely agree

Philip lewis

Some folks have delusions. The Wolverhampton Bus Station "state of the art".

Too high, cold, draughty, signage too small, and the lighting wasteful.

The designers and the planners should have fitted LED lights, which are fuel efficient and thus economical .



Well, we've no doubt seen the streets being washed, the piles of dog poo and litter cleared away.. and now, we see yet more propaganda. Folks, it's election time again. Time to dig out the old carrot for the donkey; in this case, yet another 'proposed' scheme. Yawn. Of course, once this fiasco is over it's back to the norm.. and you won't see these politicians for dust unless they want to take even more of your money and hand it over to the likes of the IMF (just imaging what kind of transport system this region COULD have had with £10bn).


£30 million to create a small tramway loop - the furthest point of which is no more than half a mile from the existing tram stop at St Georges?

Rather echoes what someone has said about the troubled Edinburgh tram system: "£500 million to replace the number 22 bus!"