18 months of roadworks misery on M6

Motorists face more than 18 months of hold-ups during work to open a fourth lane of the M6 on a 10-mile stretch of the motorway from this June, it can be revealed today.


Motorists face more than 18 months of hold-ups during work to open a fourth lane of the M6 on a 10-mile stretch of the motorway from this June, it can be revealed today.

And when that work finishes, a project to introduce a fourth lane stretching north to Staffordshire will begin.

The Highways Agency today announced major works will start in just over a month as part of plans to open up the hard shoulder between junction eight for the M5 link at West Bromwich and junction five at Castle Bromwich.

Narrow lanes and a 50mph speed restriction will be in force until at least the end of 2013 as part of the £126 million congestion-busting scheme.

When that finishes, work to create a fourth lane on a stretch from junction 10A for the M54 to 13 at Stafford will get under way in 2014.

The Highways Agency today asked drivers to be patient during the work. But the AA said motorists should expect similar delays to those experienced before the first scheme from junctions eight to 10A was launched in March last year.

AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “Some drivers will find it irritating because they want to get on. Suddenly speeds drop from 70mph down to 50mph and it’s something that needs to be factored into a journey.

“The one benefit of 50mph is that it puts everybody at an equal speed so you are more likely to get through smoothly.”

Robin Smith, of the Highways Agency, said: “Once the narrow lanes and 50mph speed limits have been introduced on the M6 north and southbound they are expected to remain in place until late 2013 to early 2014.”

By Craig Hughes

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Comments for: "18 months of roadworks misery on M6"


How long before the M6 Toll pushes its prices up to capitalise on the delays??


Another Lane? 126 million pound? You can do it for nothing, just punish those morons that daydream in the middle lane!



I completely agree, they cause most of the problems.

They should make the Toll free for Trucks too, they toll is ideal for the truckers and would clear 30% of the slow traffic of the M6.


Or better still lower the bloody price of the toll so that people actually use it and traffic gets off the M6 which was why it was built in the first place. more like as Mark says the toll will put prices up to make even more profit. pathetic


Perhaps you should try driving on it every day. Middle lane drivers isn't the problem. The road is just too small.


I do drive on it every day. People hogging the centre lane are effectively turning a 3 laned motorway into a 2 lane one. Also, where I've driven on the 4 lane parts of the motorway network, people just get even more confused still refusing to go into the 1st lane.


Just goes to show that toll roads don't work or else the widening of the M6 in this area wouldn't be needed!

Moriarty the Mundane

Why, now this is just a thought, don't they use part of the money being spent paying the owners of the toll to allow all traffic that can to travel for free down the toll road in both directions for the duration of the contract? Then, traffic on the M6 will be minimised and work may progress at a greater rate. The savings made then could/would offset some or all of the cost to the Toll. The other benefit being that once people get used to using the toll road to bypass the cities of the black country and Birmingham they may continue to do so after the work has finished!

Have a great weekend...


So even more noise from the M6/M54/toll road to make my life a misery


or you could move house.


...and that would cost me a fortune

something I have not got....otherwise I would

JJ what you said is very infantile and simplistic


Not wishing to be insensitive but surely the motorway network was there when you purchased the house in the first place ?

The King of Bilstonia

£126 million to widen the M6 - and how much would it cost to take the M6 toll back into public ownership and do away with tolls?? About the same??


It cost about £485 million to build at 2003 prices, plus the interest payments, so the £126 million would probably only payback the interest payments over the life of the loan.

I agree though in principle, the M6 toll was built to take a lot of the burden away from this section of the M6 and it has not achieved its objective.

I would like to see the Gov subsidise the M6 Toll to relieve the M6. Even if it was just at peak times. I think if the toll price was half at these times £126m would go a long way. It could reduce jams and in time increase the time between maintenance and repair of the M6

Al Bobbler

The lane closures and speed limits have already started - they were put in last week. And how many workers have they been seen to be protecting?? Precisely zero. Non. Nowt.

Whilst I entirely accept that road improvements need to be made, its no wonder this country is in the pickle when disruption costing hundreds of thousands of pounds a day is created, yet the Highways Agency don't even commence the work. If you're going to close roads then the workforce should descend like an army of ants to get the work done as rapidly as possible.


Another £126m of wasted taxpayers cash down the drain from the utterly inept and wasteful Highways Agency.

The last scheme made exactly zero difference to traffic flow on the M6... it still takes me as long to drive into Birmingham every morning as it ever did. And the system is broken half the time with the Hard shoulder closed more often than it is open. Yet another public sector failure.


To Obvious - yet it was - but since I moved in the M6 has been widened up to J10A, the toll road built, and the noise has increased. There is talk of the M54 joining M6 (northbound)this will bring the motorway even closer.


Fact is decades of underinvestment in infrastructure has caused this country to grind to a halt. This has increased costs for everyone and put off foreign companies setting up here which has damaged the economy further. Not the mention the millions of pounds from business lost each year because of the congestion. Why do you think the had to promise to build a new junction to convince Jaguar to build a new engine plant here rather than India.

I'm not saying its the cause of all the problems in this country but its a contributing factor and we've seen countries that have invested in infrastructure over the last few decades catch Britain up and even overtake them in the manufacturing industry.

People who live nearby might not be happy about it but the fact is any money spent trying to sort this out benefits everyone and creates jobs both short term and long term. People just need to accept the fact that more and more roads are going to get built nothing is going to change that.

Also before you ask I also live near to the motorway. I moved there specifically so I can get to work quicker. Spending less time sitting in traffic and more time with my family is more important to me then it being a bit quieter on the 3 out of 365 days a year when you can actually get out in the Garden.

Also for those going on about the toll road. Has anyone actually looked at where it goes. How is it going to help people getting into Birmingham or onto the M5. It might relieve some of the congestion but not all of it.

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