Severn Trent losing 109 million gallons of water a day

Severn Trent  is losing enough water in a single year to fill more than 83,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, due to burst and cracked pipes in the West Midlands.

Severn Trent  is losing enough water in a single year to fill more than 83,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, due to burst and cracked pipes in the West Midlands.

Severn Trent Water is now being monitored after failing to hit targets – and could could even face a fine if water continues to be lost at such a rate.

The figures are revealed just days after a drought was declared in the West Midlands and Staffordshire and householders told to use water sparingly.

The latest figures from watchdog Ofwat show that in 2010/2011, Severn Trent Water lost 497 mega litres every day – the equivalent of 109 million gallons.

It is enough to fill 72,562 average Olympic swimming pools in a year.

South Staffordshire Water’s daily leakage was was some 73 mega litres, just under its target of 74. That is enough water to fill 83,000 pools if combined with Severn Trent.

Ofwat spokesman Benedict Fisher said Severn Trent Water was being monitored after it exceeded the 2010/2011 average daily leakage target set by Ofwat of 483 mega litres. Severn Trent insists it will meet its targets this year.

“It does sound like a lot of water – especially as the area is now in drought,” said Mr Fisher. “But it has to be balanced against the fact leakage has reduced significantly since the 1990s.”

He said it would be impossible to reduce the amount of leakage significantly without hiking up water bills.

Severn Trent spokesman Roger Clark said: “The main reason for this was the winter weather, which was one of the worst for 100 years and caused a lot of bursts."

Meanwhile, South Staffs director Colin Wayper today said leakage management was a priority for the firm.

By David Lumb

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Comments for: "Severn Trent losing 109 million gallons of water a day"


Severn Trent Water is now being monitored after failing to hit targets – and could could even face a fine if water continues to be lost at such a rate

thats right a fine that will then be passed on to the customer utterly pointless


and we are forced to save water under the threat of heavy fines or more,

Jacques Cousteau

This company is taking the Mick.I will continue to freely use it how i please.If i want to continue scuba diving in the bath,then so be it.

ray pearson

Yes and some of that water is being lost in wyrley road wednesfield its been running out of a hole since friday they dug up where it was and just left it and we have a water shortage as in the saying of JIM ROYAL...MY A*@%E


Little confused why you've bought out this story now. It's a year out of date, the year which was the coldest for over 30years when most water companies struggled to reach their target. All water companies are now in the process of reporting THIS years leakage performance which surely would more relevant? In comparison, Severn Trent offer the cheapest water and waste water service in the country with an extremely large network to maintain 24/7.

Incidentally, fines imposed by the regulator are NOT allowed to be pass on/paid for by customers, is comes out of the companies profits.

Also, please bear in mind that no one 'forces' you to conserve water, but it is one of the worlds natural resources which we all have a responsibility to care for better.


so the fine comes out of the company profits well they will just put the price up a little to cover it


No. I would reccomend you read up more about regulated companies. They have to comply to extreemly restrictive rules and are only allowed to charge what they are told to charge by Ofwat. The bill for fines are effectivly paid for by the staff and share holders.


Stop 1p for every litre lost out of the CEO's salary and the senior managers wages. Leaks would get repaired quicker.

English Exile

Shareholders first

Customers very much second.

Repairing leaks reduces dividends and they can't have that....


God bless thatcher and co for selling it off.


Leakage was massively higher back then - in fact was hardly managed. Leakage levels are now the lowest ever, this is the same for all water companies.


Tividale Expat

How can one have "lost" it when they seem to know exactly how much they "lost". Have the person, who calculated the ammount of Olympic pools it would fill, do some footwork get out there and find the ruddy stuff!!

Stop building these big pools - just build small wader ones for the kids :)


Mr Insane

WHAT A JOKE Severn trent are, i remember reading that if you used a hosepipe when there was a ban on you faced a possible £1000 pound fine. Why can't Severn Trent have the same threats against them and have a £1000 pound fine for every customer they have let down with these leaks. Everyone is sick to death of these greedy companys bleating poverty and putting up bills and justifying it by saying they need the money to improve the service. Sack the lot of them i say.


I agree 100% well said


Don't recall the company 'bleating poverty' and as for share holders - many are pension company investors. A company needs shareholders to improve, progress and grow. If the company made no profit then there would little interest from investors, be less opportunity for those pension company payouts, fewer jobs and most importantly a degrading water network.

I’m rather perplexed why you would want a company to provide jobs for the country, pay taxes and make a profit?

Do you work for free?

Cyril Randle

This happens when you PRIVATISE essential commodities like water, gas, electricity. The only thing Severn Trent really care about is DIVIDENDS for shareholders. Nationalisation had its faults, but this wasn't one of them.


The privatisation of the utility companies has been a fantastic success story. Most utility prices have been driven down compared to prices in our European neighbours, while efficiency and environmental standards have increased dramatically and taxpayers no longer have to pay for capital investment (nuclear is the exception to that). Do you really want the Post Office running our entire telephone communications system again? Complain about the railways, by all means, where there is no competition and regulation by chaos, but gas, electricity, water, airports, ports and phones have all been transformed for the better.