Politicians unite to fight Bilston boundary plan

More than 150 people packed out a public meeting to protest against controversial plans to split Bilston between four different MPs.

More than 150 people packed out a public meeting to protest against controversial plans to split Bilston between four different MPs.

Politicians of all parties came together to officially launch a campaign urging the Boundary Commission to change its plans so that the town is not divided and “cast to the four winds”.

The controversial proposals would see Pat McFadden’s Wolverhampton South East constituency abolished with Bilston divided between the two remaining Wolverhampton ones.

Parts of the town would also come under the jurisdiction of MPs for Walsall and Dudley.

The council wards of Bilston North and East Park would belong to a new Wolverhampton North constituency while Blakenhall and Ettingshall would go to Wolverhampton South. Bilston East would become part of Walsall West and Spring Vale and Coseley East would go to Dudley West.

Residents, councillors and civic leaders have claimed the changes would “tear up” Bilston’s proud identity.

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Comments for: "Politicians unite to fight Bilston boundary plan"

PJW Holland

The issue is not Bilston. The area of Wolverhampton South East incorporated the former UDC of Bilston plus as much again of Wolverhampton that was not a part of that entity.

The real issue is the under-representation of Wolverhampton and the gerrymandered borders of it and its neighbours that have enabled this. The history of contriving the unviable S Staffs constituency is the cause.

The Boundaries Commission is not going to listen to proposals to retain one particular constituency. They make it clear that proposals need to explain how the impact of such proposals will impact on the surrounding area and how the "rule of thumb" can be made to apply if that constituency is modified.

I have put forward suggestions that result in 4 Wolverhampton Constituencies. In order to present that argument I reviewed all the boundaries proposed throughout the West Midlands. In my proposal Sandwell has 3 constituencies etc. Brum gains one MP.

It is not difficult. The Boundaries Commission is clearly loaded with people with axes to grind. The proposals are not reasonable and they have no regard to history or community groupings.

Dave Regal

What is this , What is this PJW Holland

We already have enough MP's in this country

Its time to prune them and remove them from the gravy train

They should be cut down to 300 thats more than enough for all the good they do

PJW Holland

I agree the number of MPs is too great. However there is a minimum number necessary to ensure the relationship between communities and their representatives.

My suggestions are in line with the proposed reduction. I have merely suggested better boundaries.

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