Hundreds queue for Wolverhampton TK Maxx opening

Hundreds of shoppers queued in the rain to be among the first inside Wolverhampton’s new TK Maxx department store, which opened its doors today.

Hundreds of shoppers queued in the rain to be among the first inside Wolverhampton’s new TK Maxx department store, which opened its doors today.

Bargain hunters from across the region descended on the new store, on the Bentley Bridge retail park, in Wednesfield. The company closed its city centre branch yesterday to move to the retail park. All of its 32 workers have been transferred to the new branch and 21 new jobs have been created.

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Shoppers queued around the building ahead of the doors opening at 9am. The first 500 through the doors received £10 vouchers to spend in store.

Store manager Tammy Williams said seeing the crowds gathering outside the store was “overwhelming”, adding: “It is a very emotional day.”[24link]

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Comments for: "Hundreds queue for Wolverhampton TK Maxx opening"


Its a bit sad really waiting for a shop to open. Its only the one thats relocated from town!!


Thanks, TK Maxx, for leaving a giant department store empty in the Mander Centre. What kind people you are.

PJW Holland

Wulfrun Centre!


Very sad really. But the world is full of them. Do any of them work I wonder? Social security wallas by any chance? They seem to have plenty of time to waste in life on queuing for a shop to open!!


Appears you were wrong then- very opinionated I've noticed and normally one of the first to comment on stories on this website- so why are you not working more often instead of posting messages on here. Well done to the dancers by the way and well done to all those who stood in the queue to watch them, I'm sure your proud of them


Sad people make the world go around I suppose!!!!Same as those who queue for I phones!!!!!


And what business is it of yours when I comment?I suggest you work more often rather than watching who posts comments on here!!


I suppose it is the one and only time this store will actually be neat and tidy and you wont have to climb over piles of clothes on the floor to get anywhere.


aww the girls act was great too.. shame for not mentioning that or putting a pic on. i can see a lot of little faces dissapointed!


I would just like to comment on the opening of this store, yes there was a lot of customers outside the shop for the opening but there as been no mention of the girls from beat dance who got up quite early to do there dancing, also waited in the rain to do there performance of the grand opening, and did the opening proud, not a happy mummy at all.

Ben Matthews

I think we can all agree T.K Maxx is the worst shop ever


firstly, we were not dole dossers waiting for a bargain, 75% of the crowd in this picture were here to see a dance troup open the shop, then got up early in this rubbish weather to perform for tk max and customers, they did an outstanding job, HOWEVER the reporter that attended took plenty of pictures of the girls, they were all excited about the prospect of being in the paper, all waited eagerly to buy a paper, only to find, NOT EVEN A MENTION, let alone a photograph,so the crowds you see where actually watching BeaT School of dance perform !!!!!

well done Miss laura + BeaT school of Dance !!!

amanda gough

Actualy most of the people queing outside were proud mummy's, and families of the kids from BeaT school of dance that bothered to come out in the rain and cold weather to dance for the opening of TK MAXX, shame they didnt get the mention they deserved..... no complaints from any of those children..... big smiles on their faces.. well done to you all, so sad that you didnt get the recognition you all deserved xxxxxxxxxxx


There is a pic of them. click on start gallery.

katie dale

First of all who are you all to judge people on where they wanna Queue and second there was prob only 5 there for the opening, we all stood there since 8am in the cold and wet to watch our children perform who were actually FANTASTIC even if the paper didnt mention, with beat school of dance it wouldnt of been much of an opening!

well done girls xx

katie dale

*without beat school of dance