Merry Hill parking charge would damage region say critics

Parking charges at the Black Country’s Merry Hill Shopping Centre would spell disaster for the region’s economy, driving shoppers elsewhere, campaigners warned today.

Parking charges at the Black Country’s Merry Hill Shopping Centre would spell disaster for the region’s economy, driving shoppers elsewhere, campaigners warned today.

The free parking currently on offer at the Brierley Hill centre could be withdrawn in as little as two years under council-imposed restrictions which mean the centre cannot expand unless charges are introduced.

Critics say shoppers often travel from further afield attracted by the unlimited free parking – but that this custom could be lost if the incentive is removed.

Dudley South MP Chris Kelly has spoken out about the proposals, and said he will be meeting with senior managers at the Westfield-owned mall and bosses the the company headquarters in London in the hope of finding a way around the restrictions.

“I am opposed, on principle, to the introduction of parking charges at the Merry Hill and will be taking the matter up with Westfield’s management,” he said.

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Comments for: "Merry Hill parking charge would damage region say critics"


Not persuaded to go their for free parking but out of freedom of choice and the golf shop. I prefer Shrewsbury/Bridgnorth while the wife prefers Telford.

Car parking charges would make me think twice about going there though!


Too true - the cost of parking is THE reason why I won't shop in Birmingham City Centre. £8.00 to park your car for a few hours shopping is ridiculous and daylight robbery.

This is why more and more people are not going to Wolverhampton Centre too in my opinion - the charges at the car parks there are always rising but the number of shops is falling. The cost of parking on the Mander Centre car park has rocketed in the last few years.

I know people are bound to say use public transport, but with 2 young kids and bags full of shopping it's just not practical (or safe some days!) when I live in Birmingham.

Brierley Hill Mon

How can it be right if all the other shopping centres in the Dudley Borough have to pay for parking and not Merry Hill?

Chris Kelly should get in the real world and try and bring new jobs to the area and not jump on this bandwagon which has been going for years.


Council imposed parking restrictions seem to be causing a lot of problems in this area. Russells Hall hospital now Merry Hill.

I assume councillors do not have parking provided when they go to work.


So the council is telling Merryhill it can't expand unless it starts to charge for car parking. How petty of our councils. Perhaps they should do their jobs properly and try to bring the towns back to life instead of blackmailing the Merryhill centre. Why should we have to pay to park?

Brierley hill mon..What planet are you on? So Merryhill doesn't charge. Why should they?Just because The other surrounding towns charge? How backward thinking are you?

Jim of Bearwood

Brierley Hill Mon, your comment “How can it be right if all the other shopping centres in the Dudley Borough have to pay for parking and not Merry Hill”? exactly sums up what’s wrong with this country, we have this obsessional punishment mentality!!!!

What do you think would happen to the money raised from parking charges at Merry Hill? You think it would go towards helping the people in our country, naaaaaaaaaa it would be squandered away like most of our tax is already wasted or it would be used to give overseas aid to countries in Asia or Africa, countries who use their own money to build nuclear weapons.

Why didn’t you ask the question “if Merry Hill can have free parking, that attracts vast numbers of shoppers, creating loads of job opportunities for people, why cant the rest of Dudley give free parking”?

It isn’t the cost of the parking charges that’s the issue it’s the vast amount of money raised from penalty charges if you’re a couple of minutes late returning to your vehicle that’s the problem, I would never pay to park if I was going into a shop to spend my money buying their goods.

Dudley Council won’t rest until they have bought Merry Hill down to the level of the rest of Dudley, it’s a control thing with these councilors, and they don’t like Merry Hill being successful because it shows up how incompetent they are.

Jim of Bearwood.


If they start charging for parking Merry Hill will become a Ghost Town during 10 months of the year. people will go to retail parks instead and there will be a lot of people at Merry Hill out of work because of it.

It works well as it is so why try and change it?

Or are the council trying to justify how important they are?


@Jim of Bearwood.

I am always amazed at the most tenuous of links being used to blame those overseas for the ills we face here.

I do believe I have seen it all now.


I think what Jim is saying is where is the car parking money going? It certainly is not regenerating Dudley, or any town centres. So who is it supporting then?? The merryhill centre supports thousands of jobs around our area. Good luck to them!!

Steve Briscoe

Why should Merry Hill have the advantage over other shopping centres? Its not right that other local centres have to pay carparking fees and these centre have been hit the hardest too. I ask the qeastion Does Chris Kelly really support the rest of the Dudley Borough?

You can always have the first hour free and pay the secound hour, There are always ways around this.

Dudley Borough Regeneration party

Steve Briscoe

A flat parking fee needs to be introduced like £1 across the Borough. that includes all centres.

The situation is unfair at present to the other centres.


No Steve ..What needs to happen is town centres need to drop their parking charges and fall in line with out of town centres. They need to encourage business back. Why should it be the other way around? If you are Dudley Borough renegeration Party then take a look at your council first and foremost before blaming Merryhill. Remove your parking charges and then see who comes rushing back into Dudley. Merryhill needs to keep parking charges way completely and encourage people to shop. It has been said before..Why should the consumer have to pay to park to spend their hard earned money?? It is old hat and backward thinking.

Steve Briscoe

We want carparking charges phased out over a 5 year period to all centres, but you have to realise that MH is going to use the charges to reinvest in expanding the centre which im not totally against, but they are not telling people the whole story here, Some of the big corporations stores dont want charges so they are using Mr Kelly as there voice suprise suprise!

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