Government rejects Wolverhampton station funding plea

Hopes of securing funding for a £154million new railway station in Wolverhampton have been dashed after the Government refused to force train companies to pay for it.

London Midland train

Hopes of securing funding for a £154million new railway station in Wolverhampton have been dashed after the Government refused to force train companies to pay for it.

Work on the train station including offices, a hotel and an extended car park providing 1,000 spaces was meant to start after the first phase of the £176m Interchange project, the £22m bus station at Pipers Row, finishes this summer.

But the Government has so far refused to fund it, despite a £1.8m glass footbridge currently being built over Ring Road St David's linking the new bus terminus with the railway station.

Wolverhampton City Council and developer Neptune had hoped to convince the Department for Transport that whoever runs the West Coast Main Line from next year should be made to pay for the rail development.

There are four possible winners, including current operator Virgin Trains.

Council transport chief David Orton said today: "Representatives of the council and Neptune travelled to London to meet with the senior DfT officials handling the franchise tendering process.

"The purpose of the meeting was to persuade the DfT officials to include the redevelopment of Wolverhampton Station within the new franchise for the West Coast Main Line. The reaction received was disappointing.

"The officials set out the process for the franchise tender but emphasised that Secretary of State Philip Hammond had stressed that the final franchise would be granted only on the best financial offer.

"In other words, although they would expect the franchise bidders to put forward investment plans to improve stations, if there was a business case, this would not particularly influence the final decision over the financial offer."

Council regeneration chief Councillor Peter Bilson said the authority would continue to lobby the bidders.

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Comments for: "Government rejects Wolverhampton station funding plea"


Yet another cock-up by the city planners. Why leave it this late to find funding. As for the bridge currently being built yards from the existing one ,well another waste of money.

Two bridges 10 mtrs apart doing the same job.


Well what a suprise! The council have left it too late again! And the government won't help beacuse it's not Birmingham! If they wanted to start more or less straight away, the funding should have been there months ago!


Another pie-in-the-sky publicity stunt by the councillors and MP's hits the buffers! Any fool can tell you that sort of business practice is wholely against many EU trade restriction laws, but it got the Numpties in the KREMLIN and the 'parachuted' in Parliamentry Representatives in the headlines prior to the local elections. When are the folks of Wolverhampton going to rid the town of this useless lot and get the place out of the hole it has dug for itself since the late 60's. A solid and wide ranging approach is required to get us back into a top ten City posistion before we are subjugated into a Birmingham suburb; The Western bypass; the airport @ Bobbington for low-cost flights, fantastic convenience and cutting car journeys by the millions of miles; strict planning start and finish caveats to stop farces like Tesco/Sainsbury and all the never /barely started projects. Cut out the war on cars, dual carriageways on all 'A' roads into the city;free 2hr parking in every 12 hrs, get rid of the Kremlin and bring the markets there; make the ringroad one-way clockwise, 3 lanes, the inner part anti-clockwise for buses to do a complete cicuit stopping every 250m; the bridge over to Molineux alley; no-more digging up the centre for 5 years out of six to put down ever more expensive paving; get in to see Cameron and Demand a new 10 platform station with a link to the New HS2; Do we ever see 'funded by the EU' signs? No because like £100's of Government grants, no-one ever applied for them.Look at the infrastructure in the area, every week a new project is started everywhere except our town, good infrastructure is the only way to get new business' to come here, get rid of the gateway squalor whilst wer'e at it! If you dont try, you dont get, that's why Birmingham has had 90% of the investment in the area over the last 25 years, they have MP'S,Councillors, Council Officers who care about their City, it's image, it's people and it's future long term propsperity!


Another example of a completely incompetent council

lord Wolfie of Chapel Ash

Well said Annie No3, have you thought of being on the Council because we need forward thinking people like you, people with ambition and vision for this great City of ours thats been left to rack and ruin in some parts for many years.


Annie, are you a mind reader or have you a copy of a letter I sent to sent to the Council in 2006 ! Great minds think alike, although I would add taking the tram along Garrick St, Cleveland St, past the old Weights and measures office, right across the Fold St carpark ( tying into the Court Complex if they ever decide to fund it), up Darlington St, lichfield St, to a hopefully new Rail Station, then split back to Bilston Rd and a link to Wednesfield/Willenhall/Walsall:We also need a Nationally admired shopping area, the Mander Centre was out of date before it was finished, much too small and enclosed,with the loss of the the beautiful parade too boot: The 'Kremlin' by I think you mean the Council offices,I do,they should stop parking for Councillors and staff, a park and ride in Stafford Rd should be set up for thses people and aren't buses, trains and trams not good enough for them? I find it incredible they reserve two levels of the car park under the Kremlin for their senior staff and that outside carpark for Councillors, free of charge, even if they are not working at the place that day:The Descision to construct the Carbuncle in St Peters' Square was a disaster for the Markets and meant the destruction of a great open area, not only for for the markets,but for concerts,fairs, summer sizzling etc, not to mention the demolition of the old Wholesale Market halls. Are people aware Public spending per head in the Uk not including Bank bailouts,( £1000m+,mainly benefitting London, Edinburgh, Leeds ), are London approximatley £15,000 per head, Scotland £15,000 per head, Birmingham £10,000 per head, Wolverhampton and the Black Country ? £5000 per head, ie a third of London and half of Birmingham, not to mention London has soaked up half of all Lottery grants, Wolverhamton got half of it's share based on population %. Annie as regards grants you meant 100's Millions of pounds not 100's of pounds!


RE: with regards Bank bailouts, the figures are £71 Billions directly in buyng shares that were effectilvley valueless and another £900 Billions in offering financial guarantee/ Quantative easing and implied support, ie like yor parents guaranteeing your mortgage repayments, though not necessarilly having to stump up; If my previous comment has not been displayed, this will not make any sense !


Just two points for last two comments

What planet are you on "back into a top ten City position" It's never been a top ten city! It should never have been a city in the first place.

As for using public transport to get to work instead of driving - public transport in this" city " is a joke, over priced, infrequent and filthy, - no wonder people use their cars.

Lastly - its always someones elses fault - if you can do better get your self elected and do it. The people in this city just stand on the sidelines and at any opportunity - slag the place off. If the people who live here can't stand the place why do they expect anyone else to want to invest here!

`and as for Bobbington - the one thing Wolverhampton has going for it is its proximity to stunning countryside - so yeah lets trash that as well

PJW Holland

Some good points made by Annie. Pure rubbish from blue.

I would disagree about the solution to the ring road problem. The answer is to construct the flyover from St John's to alongside Molineux which was originally planned... underpasses at the junctions with Stafford Road and Snow Hill/Birmingham Road and then the section between Broad Street and Bilston Road can be eliminated... releasing valuable land just where it can be put to use profitably.

This project was announced, surely, as a funded project. That clearly was a lie. The present Minister of Transport is no fan of this City. He has been thoroughly conned by the Brum lobby... and our own "representatives" who have stupidly tried to sell Wton effectively as an adjunct of Brum.

It is not an adjunct of Brum. It is a distinctly separate City which any idiot can tell simply by looking at a map and the network of principle roads radiating from the Centre. Only the artifically created motorways do not.

Meanwhile Mr. Carver's team have proved a disappointment. Rather than concentrate on promoting business they appear to prefer to make petty political points... recommending the authority breach its contracts of employment. Not exactly inspiring stuff.

The local authority have the power to put most of Wton's problems within their own hands. The City is a unitary authority. It should re-take its delegated powers, especially transport. The Centro domain acts deliberately and flagrantly against the interests of the City of Wolverhampton.

PJW Holland

NB... The flyover solution enables the reopening of the traditional through routes, such as Great Brickiln Street, Salop Street, Cleveland Road etc.

andy G

Just a few words of support to Annie, Tony & PJW; Good on ya for being brave enough to upset numpties; But PJW, your solution to the ring-road congestion is way too expensive, the fact is it should have been designed 200/400 further out, going from Fox's Island, a new rail bridge, past the incinerator, through Springfield, across the Wednesfield rd, another new rail bridge, around the back of the Royal, down near to Pheonix Park,to the back of the Merc garage, out by Charles Clark, a tunnel from there to joining Waterloo Rd near the Asda, Waterloo becomes one-way out of town. However Annies' idea makes financial sense for what we have been lumbered with, no buses would ever have to go into town, people could get on/off anywhere to shop, ban traffic inside the ringroad during the day except for access to new multi-storey's on Sainsbury's, a new one for a much needed shopping revamp, a multi storey in fold street etc), get rid of badly placed one's. Access via Stafford St- Snow Hill one-way and a southern access from Penn Rd Island through to Waterloo Rd.Add this to the tram idea of Tony's and then do away with lights at Bilston Rd, Chapel Ash and wherever possible to speed up flow and therefore capacity, cutting delays dramatically. Ps Negative comments aren't helpfull, you know who.

power to the people

Andy g some good points about the ring road, that outer ring road is a great idea but would also be expensive because of getting compulsary orders to knock down existng properties. PJW Holland has the best idea for keeping the traffic flowing around the City with underpasses and flyovers, i drive round birmingham every day and the traffic on the inner ring road flows with no problems and i think Coventry has a similar ring road with the same system.

PJW Holland

Thank you Power.. Indeed my proposal for the ring road could well be self-funding given the release of land capable of being profitably developed... enough land, for example, to construct what had been proposed for New Summer Row... and better located strategically.