Sainsbury's reveal vision for new Wolverhampton store

Sainsbury's today unveiled its multi-million pound vision to transform a Wolverhampton eyesore with a new supermarket, petrol station and homes in a move that will create 450 jobs.

An artist's impression of the new Sainsbury's store which is to be built on the site of the former Lord Raglan pub off Wolverhampton's ring road
An artist's impression of the new Sainsbury's store which is to be built on the site of the former Lord Raglan pub off Wolverhampton's ring road

Sainsbury's today unveiled its multi-million pound vision to transform a Wolverhampton eyesore with a new supermarket, petrol station and homes in a move that will create 450 jobs.

And it revealed for the first time that its current city centre store will be closed to make way for the planned new 90,000 sq ft superstore at Raglan Street in Graiseley.

Its creation will end more than a decade of wrangles over the site with Tesco, which owns a 10 per cent share of the land.

The two rivals have now agreed for the sale of the land as long as Tesco secures planning permission for a separate multi-million pound scheme to transform the Royal Hospital site into a supermarket.

Sainsbury's plans for Raglan Street include a new superstore with an 810-space car park and a petrol station, as well as 45 homes and 85 apartments with gardens and car parking spaces.

The locally-listed Attwood building would also be restored to create new homes.

Pedestrian links would be created to the store development and improvements made to Market car park. Bosses said the development would replace the existing Sainsbury's on St George's Parade. Staff there will be given the chance to move to the new branch.

Michael Adenmosun, regional development executive for Sainsbury's, said today: "We are keen to move forward with plans for Raglan Street and look forward to working with the local community to provide them with a long-awaited store.

"We appreciate that local people want to see the development come to fruition and with their help, we can finalise our plans, get planning permission and provide the community with a regenerated site."

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Comments for: "Sainsbury's reveal vision for new Wolverhampton store"

PJW Holland

and at last there will be real competition between the two major players in the retail market in Wolverhampton. This is the solution I and many others have advocated all along. Indeed there will be competition between all the major players. Each section of the ring road, it seems, will be attached to a major retailer... Waitrose, Asda, Sainsbury, Tesco... and one other yet to be decided... probably Morrisons.

This means that alone in the West Midlands people will be able to shop around the best selection of hypermarkets. The it is up to small specialist retailers and the department stores to make sure this new flow of customers can be attracted also into the City Centre.

Let us hope Wolverhampton's infamous council do not put a spanner in the works.... apart from telling Sainsbury to redesign and produce something more suitable in appearance.

Let us hope St George's Church can be put to a more suitable purpose too. How about a repertory playhouse? How about Sainsbury and Tesco clubbing together to provide funding for it?

mr sencible

well said PJW, have you thought about sitting on the council? we could do with somebody with a bit of sence on there.

Ray Darby

About time. it has taken to long by all concerned in reaching this stage.should have been sorted years ago.Lets hope the council get it wright this time and let sainburys get on with it.


PJW - nice idea about the old Sainsbury's but the word is the new improved transport link to the city will run right through the middle of it .... or where it once stood!

PJW Holland

Not on the plans I saw... but you may be right although only a lunatic could find a way to incorporate the church into the route.

Of course the most logical route for the tramway is along Cleveland Road, passing beneath the ring road... but commonsense is unlikely to prevail!


The existing St.Georges Building should be either a transport museum to showcase Wolverhampton and Bilston's contributions to various forms of transportation , or an ice rink/ ski slope; lets' have something popular in the town to attract people - the nearest ice rink is Telford and the nearest "snow" ski slope is Tamworth.

More variety in the town centre please, instead of alcohol related outlets... in terms of theatre, we already have the Grand, and the purpose built Arena theatre at the Uni (of which more could be made, certainly in terms of rep, plus the Lighthouse Cinema (again, more could be made of that)

Kate Neill

My concern is what will happen to St George's Church. Sainsbury's have ripped the heart out of it, but please, please will some one somewhere do something more suitable with it if Sainsburys leaves. A playhouse is an excellent idea, or a museum perhaps. I remember St Georges as a church, and worshipped there from time to time. It is historically important too.


I love the idea of a playhouse. It would bring a more upmarket positive image to the town. The coffee shop could be transformed into a bistro where people could eat before the show.


Good news.

Lets hope they get their acts together soon so things can be done to improve the town a bit more.

Bus stations going to be finished soon, Tesco are looking to start towards the end of the year and there are still decisions to be made on the peel centre down stafford for the other supermarket.

Where else in the country can you get an Asda, a Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose and maybe a Morrisons all pretty much on one stretch of road.

If they havent go what you want in one, just keep going clockwise round the ring road until you find it.


finally, some good news for Wolverhampton.

Let's hope that the council for one try and allow something to happen, with as little dithering and interference as possible.

Come on Wolves council, please just don't wreck it! Let it happen!


Another nail in the coffin for the city centre and wont do the market any good either. Its all great for us car drivers but not so good for those who rely on public transport.


I suspect the town centre will die ...

shoppers are likely to go straight to the supermarkets and avoid the city centre - unless they have plans for it ( unlikely)

we'll have a ring road of super markets and ghost town in the centre !

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