Child killer Raymond Morris in EU court freedom bid

Cannock Chase child killer Raymond Morris intends to take his fight for freedom to the European Court of Human Rights, it was revealed today.

Cannock Chase child killer Raymond Morris intends to take his fight for freedom to the European Court of Human Rights, it was revealed today.

The 81-year-old's legal team is considering making an application to Strasbourg after his bid for an appeal was rejected at London's Royal Courts of Justice this week.

Morris, who has been in jail for 42 years for the murder of seven-year-old Walsall schoolgirl Christine Darby in 1967, is said to be "extremely disappointed" with the outcome of the hearing.

His legal team spent seven years reviewing his 1969 murder conviction but the independent Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) rejected his bid for an appeal back in June. The former engineer's solicitors then secured a judicial review of that decision - but his claim was rejected by Mr Justice Simon on Monday.

Morris is also the prime suspect in the killings of schoolgirls Margaret Reynolds of Aston in Birmingham and Diane Tift from Bloxwich found on Cannock Chase. Morris, a divorced father-of-two who used to live in Green Lane, Walsall, has maintained his innocence over the decades.

The killer's appeal is based on his claims there was evidence of alleged police misconduct in respect to his conviction.

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Comments for: "Child killer Raymond Morris in EU court freedom bid"


Well does his solicitor get paid buckets of money for continuing this charade, because that man Morris won't have any, unless he's being stashing it in his prison cell.

Oh I forgot, it comes out of the public purse again, these solicitors are no worse than the crooked MP's who got caught with their fingers in the till!

Remember Mr Justice Simon rejected the claim this last week!


Sometimes I can not decide who are the more crooked, the criminals or the legal professsion


I remember this case, Christine Darby lived only a few streets away from my parents I was 19 at the time. Christine's mother was a single parent and the little girl was all she had, he took her life and possibly the lives of several others, as far as I am concerned he has no rights, he does not even have a right to be alive I am not a violent person, but when it comes to it he cancelled his out when he murdered that child.


It all depends on what the issue is about police misconduct. If it is only procedural and does not amount to a miscarriage of justice, then he has no appeal. On the other hand, if his defence is suggesting cover up and/or stitch up, then that is something entirely different. What puzzles me is the fact that it has taken them 7 years to form their case.

Before people go on about letting him rot, it is not unknown for the justice system to be wrong. Don't forget Timothy Evans was "obviously guilty" when they hung him. Then the real murderer turned out to be Christie (10 Rillington Place)

He probably is guilty but let's see what his defence has to say.

carol fletcher

Theres a lot that this man done that has not been mentioned and as a relative of one of the girls involved, this man needs to stay in jail for his own safety. he ruined my families life from when i was 9 and i am now 55 this man was put away after being identified after being picked out of an id parade by a SURVIVING VICTIM who has not been named he thought she was dead !!! well no Morris you animal shes very much alive so stay where you are !!!! it is very much an open wound for my family and you will never walk the streets of walsall again rot in hell and may your soul walk in darkness forever you hateful hateful man. i hope you live for many more years so that you can suffer longer


Once again, the rights of the criminal seem to be more important than that of the victim. Or does this just make me a Tory bigot ?


Sorry 5, this man is scum and I totally agree and feel no.6 thoughts..

This man still haunts my mother who turns 60 this year,she is a strong and confident lady who has carved out a very sucessful career for herself and only crumbles when this beast appears in the media.

Trust me Morris you're better off where you are,I for one will be waiting if you walk and wont be intimidated by your "scary eyes"


he should die in prison!!

Michael Thom

In 1967 I worked for a short time in Oldbury at the same firm as Morris. I was only 15 at the time and remember him taking a shine to me.

I used to fetch his fish and chips and sit with him at lunch feeling all grown up that the "gaffer" would give me the time of day even though I found his staring humorless

eyes a little creepy.

One day another worker took me aside and warned me to keep away from this bloke and that he was a "nasty piece of work". I left the job soon after and never gave it another thought until the headlines in the E&S months later.

Today, after 42 years, I'm sittin at home in Canada thinking that perhaps it wasn't only little girls that he was interested in ?

We should have put this nutter out of his misery many years ago !!!