West Bromwich to have a cinema again

A six-screen cinema is set to open its doors in a Black Country town next year, it was revealed today.


A six-screen cinema is set to open its doors in a Black Country town next year, it was revealed today.

Reel Cinemas will open in the centre of West Bromwich as part of the new £200 million Tesco development.

Once home to 11 different picture houses, there has been no cinema in West Bromwich since the Kings, in Paradise Street closed down in 2002.

Reel will be based close to New Street and will open its doors to the public during October half-term in 2012.

Bosses at the supermarket giant described it as a "significant signing" for the Tesco development, which will also include shops, restaurants, car parking and a petrol station with work due to start on the development in May.

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Comments for: "West Bromwich to have a cinema again"

Martacus Red

This is some more good news for the town, I hope it will be a success


It is great news but I cant see how it will make profits with Showcase Cinema just down the road in Walsall and worse still I can imagine the "clintele" that will hang around outside it that will just put people off going there.


wolfie I can see your point about the clientele. You only have to walk around West Brom any day of the week to see that kind of mentality.

I also think it's sad to think that the only way to compete with the competition is to show expensive Hollywood blockbusters. Without naming names, I was gob-smacked at the large entrance prices..same for the snacks and coke. So I don't see how local people will be able to pay that kind of money, especially when they have the Internet or digital TV channels showing the same rubbish. Whether Tesco and the town itself can draw people in, hmm..I doubt it.


Absolutely John, I was born and bred in West Brom just in case anyone reading felt I was having a dig at a town I have no connections with. Lets hope its not just another "The Public"


Clientele even

PJW Holland

Which leaves just the CITY of Wolverhampton devoid of cinema facilities... OK there is the tuppeny halfpenny Lighthouse and a cheap and nasty warehouse affair in one of the outlying districts.... but no proper cinema facilities in the City Centre. A City that used to boast tens of cinemas!


There's nothing wrong with the Lighthouse. It is by far the best cinema in the Black Country. No other local cinema screens such gems as "Live From The Met". Sadly most people like LCD fair.

PJW Holland

Capacity is the issue... and comfort. As an adjunct to larger outlets it has its place.


I hope it is a success. I recall frequenting the large cinema where the bus station now stands (especially when they screened 'E.T.' and all the kids were crying at the end xD).

I hope the price is right (including food and drinks), the atmosphere is good and there are ample independent and European film releases. The incessant Hollywood/Bollywood trash really bores the pants off me and I think people will need something different, something unique to bring them back.


Everyone should welcome this. One of the things everyone moans about is the fact there's no cinema. Well, the cinema is on its way!


I think this is great news for West Bromwich.Everyone on here always gripes about the fact that there isn't a cinema in the town..... I frequently visit the Reel cinema in Quinton, they have special offers on entrance similar to 'orange Wednesday's'and general admission is reasonable too. The snacks and drinks, although not cheap, are not such a rip off as at the larger multi national cinemas.


I know it's Birmingham but if you want to see classic films in nice surroundings you should try the electric cinema


at last finally something to bring the life back into west brom and about time too and john why moan if u dont like it then u dont have to go do u some people really should get a life


good news like other comments if the price is right forget show case we old uns havent got cars good luck to the sceeme


You know gladys I really think there is a market for older films. I tire of most modern media and don't really feel like I'm getting value for money. So I'd much prefer to watch some silent movies or blockbusters from the 50's - 80's. I bet the atmosphere would be better..different generation, etc. For older people it could be a real social event..something to look forward to. Mix films with old TV shows, adverts, features..all the stuff the trendy broadcasting people won't show. Alas, the rents, rights issues and 'legislation' would probably be enough to halt such a venture in its tracks. If it were feasible I'd deck the place out to create an older, different feel..something different.


it will be nice to see another reel open the one at quinton is a fair price compared to the big boys


i live right next to where its being built.

good news for me :D

English Exile

Should have called it Mecca in preperation......


It comical reading some of the comments on this page from people who havn't got a clue. Tesco is one of the biggest retailers in the world FACT. They would have done their fesibility study prior to ploughing a load of money (millions) into the area FACT. Geographicaly West Brom is idealy suited for a major development of this size and will creat jobs (2000+) that will bring wealth and increase disposible income into the area FACT. I'm from Dudley and lived and knew what it was like around Brierly Hill before the Merry Hill Shopping Ctr and believe you me it was as bad if not worse than West Brom is today!FACT

Don't rubbish what will be a fantastic development for all who live, work and who will be attracted to the area once its all up and running FACT!!


Why does West Bromwich always get the development in Sandwell. West Brom used to be a fantastic town, but no matter how much money they put in to it it will never be the same again. It is an haven for immigrants and dole/ benefit dossers that are just making the town an absolute disgrace. The only saving grace is that if they can isolate all the scroungers to one town then all us good working folk wont have to mix with the likes of them.


Damned shiny! I used to love the kings cinema, as kids we went to try to see Ghost busters on a Monday (when it was cheaper on Mondays) and the boss came out and told us it was full and we had to walk home.......

Lets hope its better than the one in Dudley, to make up for its lack lustre sound system they must have cranked it up to air burst level, my ears were ringing for an hour afterwards.

I'm gonna go and catch a film at this place though, as for European and independent films, try the electric in Brum (if its still there?)

Someone mentioned prices, now i don't know the prices at this cinema chain i hope they are cheap as for food don't eat leave it till you come out.

I still miss the intermission so you could take a whizz, and cinema seats are crippling but im still going cos its just up the road......WOW something good in west bromwich.

Victory dance!!