Flashing signs to be rolled out in bid to cut speeds

Signs that flash up drivers' registration numbers when they are caught speeding will be extended to a busy Walsall road within months, it emerged today.


Signs that flash up drivers' registration numbers when they are caught speeding will be extended to a busy Walsall road within months, it emerged today.

A £60,000 Watchman sign will be installed along Sutton Road, where the speed limit is being slashed from 40mph to 30mph, by March.

It will be the fifth sign introduced by Walsall Council, which is one of the few authorities in the UK pioneering the technology.

A sensor placed on a pole detects drivers' speed limits, and anyone going too fast has their registration number displayed on a sign by the roadside.

Walsall's transport chief Councillor Tom Ansell said the signs acted as a deterrent, and that following its introduction in the Broadway it had led to nearby speed cameras being activated 73 per cent less.

The signs are also operational in Northgate, Aldridge, and could be expanded across the West Midlands.

The Sutton Road camera will be installed near Longwood Lane, and comes after residents campaigned for safety measures following a series of accidents.

"The Watchman sign in Sutton Road will be fully installed within this financial year," Councillor Ansell said.

"The posts for the cameras have been installed and we're now waiting for the utility company to connect it to the electricity supply."

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Comments for: "Flashing signs to be rolled out in bid to cut speeds"

Mark Smith

I am so pleased that I don't live there!


It will work for about 5 minutes until people tag on to the fact that it is not enforced. The best way to reduce speed on our roads is better training and harder tests, re-testing every 5 years and higher fines.


Retesting and harder tests won't stop speeding. All that happens is people Take more care on their tests then get into Bad driving habits later on.


we need these in sandringham avenue short heath willenhall,

one long road where 60mph + speeds are reached, asap before someones killed!!!

Worried Walsall

What is the rationale behind lowering the speed limit along the Sutton Road? Have there been a large number of accidents caused by speed along that road? Have there been a number of incidents of speeding?

Or is it like elsewhere in the Walsall borough, that the council see the motorist as a cash machine, and needlessly lowering yet another speed limit will catch more people out and allow Police to target "criminals" going at 35mph along the Sutton road?


They should have sound sensors to detect these loud idiotic exhaust systems that seem to be so popular amongst the chav community. Of course, this requires that they a) understand wording other than text talk, and b) understand what manners are. Like Richard said, I also think that displaying registration details won't last long either; all you'll see is a bunch of numbers and letters flashing like a national lottery advert. If there is a genuine problem with speeding and other forms of anti-social driving then I motion far tougher measures. Chavs don't really care about other people in general..why should we care about them laughing their way out of a fine?


and what about the bit of Broadway North from the Arboretum to Crescent?

Plenty of lunatic overtaking and racing and nary a flash of a camera.

If Mad Mike stood up to the motorists and enforced the speed limits he'd be quids in.

But he won't


How about forgetting installing speed bumps, red routes and watchman signs and spend the money on improving the surfaces of the roads in the borough.

Unfortunately there are many drivers who need to be further educated re their habits. Whilst you have the likes of car manufacturers and Clarkson promoting speed, and no retesting after passing your first test, we are going to see bad driving for some time to come.

North Carolina Wolf

Sixty grand could buy 3 cars that could be decked out in Police livery and parked in three different roads at different times. Even if they were empty some of the time, that would be a better deterrent because you could never be sure they were empty.....it works on the freeways over here.

Have a nice day.


I agree with North Carolina Wolf,,,

as an English lorry / Coach driver now living in Northern Ireland I have had the pleasure of visiting the states and have noticed that with the exception of a few (very few) idiots, the roads are generally trouble free compared to the UK and when things do go wrong the cops don't take long to do something about it.

I don't believe what I'm seeing when I watch so called real-life UK cop programmes and the perpertrators get away from the cops,, you would think the driver owned the police car,, they should be out there protecting the REAL owners of those police cars,,

THE TAXPAYERS,,, never mind all the camera's,, get on with doing a proper job !

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