Snow hits West Midlands

People across the West Midlands are waking up to a winter wonderland today following overnight snowfall.

The earliest snowfall for 17 years arrived in the Midlands today amid warnings the worst is yet to come.

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Up to 1.5 inches of snow fell in parts of Staffordshire overnight while residents in the Black Country also woke up to a covering today.

Yet there are warnings more is on the way with blizzards expected in the region on Tuesday and Wednesday and up to eight inches of snow.

Snow was causing problems on the M6 through Staffordshire this morning with a lane closure reported both ways at junction 14 for Stafford.

Gritters were out in force across the region overnight with vehicles covering the major routes as temperatures dipped to -3C (27)F.

They were taking to roads again this evening, as temperatures are expected to drop to -6C (21F).

Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan said the cold snap would last for the next week at least.

"Snow showers are expected on Tuesday and Wednesday in the West Midlands and they could be fairly frequent," he said. "It will remain very cold."

He said that most of the snowfall last night was in Staffordshire with showers in the West Midlands and Shropshire at around dawn.

As the temperature dropped last night a number of accidents were reported across the region including a cyclist killed in Erdington, Birmingham at 9.10pm.

The AA,which has its national base in Oldbury, was also called out to deal with breakdowns. It is estimated to have dealt with around 15,500 calls yesterday.

Temperatures will reach no more than -1C (30F) tomorrow.

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Comments for: "Snow hits West Midlands"

English Exile

Very pretty picture..... just makes me even more glad to be here in Spain

Paul Edwards

lol oh dear, i guess its all grinding to a halt. Long winter ahead. I have no complaints as enjoying a cooler than usual Brisbane Summer again. A balmy 27c.

johnny dukes

living abroad and still reading the E&S.... home sick?

English Exile

Yes I live abroad and yes I read the E&S on line but no way am I home sick.

I have returned to Wolverhampton a couple of times since I left and each time I got more aand more dispondant.

Wolverhampton and it's districts are in serious decline and the difference in 4 years is really startling.

So much so, I have decided not to return again, until I have to, as I would sooner remember Wolverhampton as it was and not how it is now.

Gaz Malks

Loving your reply Johnny Ha!Ha!


i was in wolverhamton last week first time for a while and enjoyed it compeared to westbromwich it was great

Charles Cole

Get some winter tyres for your car if you don't want a prang.


im over in staffordshire and yes we have had a fair bit of snow fall over night last night.. in about 4 hours we have it deep enough that it covered my ankles this morning.,... i really hope we dont get anymore just yet


Totaly agree Wolvo is on the down fall, i live in Walsall and the town here is near double the size of 4 years ago, its a shame that wolves is not being invested in. When i was oin my early 20s Walsall was a dump and we all went to Wolves for a night out, its the other way round now. Also it is fine to read the E and S when abroad. Its still your home and why shouldnt you be able to read whats happening.Very jealous though its freezing here lol


I live abroad also. I miss the UK, even with all its porblems! The pictures of snow make me think of my childhood and wish my daughter could go make a snowman


English exile - I used to live in Spain but the opposite to you I missed the things at home. Sure some parts of wolves are not great but my area is.

Spain is somewhere I now go on holiday sometimes. If I were to move abroad again, the Far East would be my first stop.

Stuart H

Bet You It Won't ??

Allan Ward

I have just spent 4 months in Wolverhampton with my parents and still love the place after 28 years living in Sydney Australia. However the last few weeks before I returned on Friday have not been pleasant due to the cold and damp weather and now I see that you have even colder weather with snow. What a relief to be back in a much warmer albeit somewhat rainy and overcast Sydney. C'est la vie.

captain Spalding

What the deal with the my country's better than your country dialogue, I thought the point was we're having really bad weather at the moment, not glad I'm not there...not very helpful really

floirda wolf

best tell you folk were I live !!!