Walsall Council staff asked to go as jobs axe looming

Letters have been sent out to more than 1,300 workers at Walsall Council asking them to take voluntary redundancy.

Letters have been sent out to more than 1,300 workers at Walsall Council asking them to take voluntary redundancy.

A total of 427 jobs will be axed at the council over the next three years as part of hard-hitting plans to save £65 million.

Council chiefs say 187 of these will be posts that are already vacant, leaving 240 posts still facing the chop.

Now 1,324 of the council's 10,000 workers have received letters asking them if they want to express an interest in taking voluntary redundancy. Expressions of interest must be submitted by December 2.

The local authority's social care department must shed 149 posts, while 113 jobs are at risk in the neighbourhoods department, 71 in resources, 60 in children's services and 34 in regeneration.

In May last year, around 450 Walsall Council workers who bid for voluntary redundancy were left disappointed after just 19 people were accepted.

Council leader Mike Bird said: "The draft budget is now in place for consultation and during that period certain jobs are placed at risk.

"There may be people who would want to go under voluntary redundancy and those are the people we will consider first before we go down the compulsory redundancy route"

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Comments for: "Walsall Council staff asked to go as jobs axe looming"


And then our government pumps 6 billion into the Irish economy. Well thats not bad for a near bankrupt country!!


we seem to more interested in protecting jobs for other countries than looking after our own, The country needs to sort its priorities out!!


Well said Rob, it's about the government looked at it's own responsibility not to cripple this ecomony before deciding to rescue other countries. It mabe classed as selfish but we need to be looking after number 1 going forward!

joe public

Well you don't think Walsall Council would miss a few hundred people do you? And the rest?

Frank Smith

I'm very sorry for the workers that are facing redundancy but if the council can function without them I think we should look at the managers that hired them. Maybe it's the people that do the hiring that need to go.


This is an interesting "we are all in it together" scenario. Councillors arguing for grater allowances yet at the same time calling for redundancies. Somerset CC have reduced their cabinet by 33%. Will Walsall do the same? Both are Tory Councils. One may take being a Tory seriously where as the other one sways with the wind.


What do neighbourhoods and resources departments do?

I seem to recall managing quite well without them in the past.

As for Ireland, we're borrowing at 2% and lending at 5, should be a good deal.


You wouldn't have any libraries,leisure centres, refuse collections etc without Neighbourhoods, and Resouces provide administrative and professional support to the workforce. Both are critical Services too.


If Walsall Council peeled back and made redundant some of the many layers of management at the obscene salaries they are earning there wouldnt need to be as many cuts to services.


Paul Sheehan, Chief Executive of Walsall MBC, is the West Midlands highest paid Council Chief on over £200,000 per annum. Despite the fanfare which greeted the arrival of Mr Sheehan several years ago Walsall remains a poorly run council with one of the lowest ratings possible.

I wonder whether Mr Sheehan will be made redundant or asked to reapply for his job on reduced terms and conditions.

Don't be distracted by what is going on in Ireland - Walsall Council is cutting jobs because it is poorly run. It has lost millions of pounds in European grants through poor accounting procedures and has also had to pay large sums in compensation to former employees.

Anyone in Walsall who voted for the Conservatives in local elections has obviously never attended a council meeting and seen Councillor Mike Bird in action. Whatever your politics five minutes in the council chamber watching our council leader in action is enough to convince any sane person that Walsall is doomed under its present administration.

I agree with Frank Smith - the axe should be falling on the management within Walsall MBC. Many services, including education, are contracted out to companies paying high salaries to Directors and Managers who are completely unaccountable to Walsall taxpayers. It is time that local citizens started to attend council meetings in large numbers to let their councillors know that unless changes are made they can kiss goodbye to their allowances and expenses.

Frank Smith

In the report "Yob's reign of terror ended by traders" was the reason for not being able to name the third yob because he is not white and we don't want to offend some race or religion?

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