UFO alert - has the Dudley Dorito returned?

A triangular UFO dubbed the Dudley Dorito has been spotted over the skies of the Black Country and Birmingham.

picture of ufo caught over housing estate

A triangular UFO dubbed the Dudley Dorito has been spotted over the skies of the Black Country and Birmingham.

Quality inspector Munesh Mistry, aged 21, spotted the triangular-shaped object above the skies of his home in Andrew Road, Tipton, at around 10.15pm on Sunday.

His sighting comes just weeks after a UFO was spotted hovering over Sutton Coldfield on the eve of Bonfire Night.

That time the triangular object, which was said to be four or five times the size of a commercial airliner, was seen by David Allen from Bendall Road, in Boldmere on November 4.

The sightings have echoes of the Dudley Dorito which was seen flying over the area during 2007 and 2008.

Mr Mistry, who spotted the object with his friend Neil Martin, aged 21, who lives in nearby Wells Close, said: "Me and my closest friend saw an amazing fast-moving and silent craft in the shape of a triangle made up of what appeared to be three lights fly across the sky at a mind boggling speed.

"At first it looked like three birds flying in unison, then when seeing the triangle shape, we both were amazed and immediately discarded that explanation."

He added they promptly logged onto the internet and saw previous sightings on the Express & Star website.

He added: "We wondered if there were any other reports of a similar sighting, as we are both convinced that what we saw was either a spy plane being used by the military, if not, in my opinion is it is hardcore proof that it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft."

In February last year a UFO sighting was recorded by Sean Gibbs-Percival over the skies of Oldbury.

On April 16 last year builders working at West Midland Safari Park were shocked to see a flying saucer-shaped object  soaring above them, while on April 4, two bright orange UFOs shaped like Cornish pasties were spotted flying over Sedgley.

And in October 2008, a photograph of the Dudley Dorito was hailed as an important piece of evidence of alien life.

Previously top secret files were released by the Ministry of Defence describing hundreds of close encounters with UFOs earlier this year.

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Comments for: "UFO alert - has the Dudley Dorito returned?"


Looks like the real thing to me ... i think this is the start .... has anyone seen V?


So that who's voting for Wagner


Woooohooo! Flying Doritos ROCK!!!

Telford Wolf

Looks like a moth on the lens !

Stacey Wolves

It's Wagbo!


Looks like a conventional military stealth jet of some sort; certainly wouldn't be 4 times bigger than an airliner, so I wonder how was the size estimated ? It would be nice to see some pics of the previous sightings for comparison.

16-1 Badboy

Is that thing flying on its side ? maybe John W on-the-fence knows what it is.


Dorito's?Pasties? sounds like SPAR WARS???

john westwood

well 2 me its looks like a glider wiv some1 on it


I'm not sure about this as;

Don't know if the picture has been enhansed in any was as its very bright at 10:15pm on a November night.

The light at the bottom of the picture seems further away than the object.

the tops of the trees in the bottom right of picture seems at a similar distance to the object and

there seems to be too much detail (the markings )on the object

I actually believe in life out there, but in my opinion, it a fake.

Munesh Mistry

read below comment


sorry dude, did'nt read the artical properly. Thought it was your photo. My mistake

Munesh Mistry

To all the people who have commented you will see that this picture has been used previously on such similiar cases of the dudley dorito.

That photo must have been taken a few years ago

I did not get a photo myself, me and my best friend found out a similiar ufo was seen over California only 3 and a half hours later.

16-1 Badboy

Did it look like the one in the photo?

Munesh Mistry

youtube TR-3B

Make your own mind up, people have some good footage, especially the one in New York being followed around by choppers too.


i think its the mothership, finally coming for me


It looks like the spaceship on the old game were you shoot the meteors flying around,would explain the explosion in the corner.


I believe the game in question was 'Asteroids'. I remember it well, mostly the early vector versions.


....it just goes to show you can't be too careful.....


its a military aircraft.



afraid not, A Kite .The depth of field, looking at it says it All, and how come a nick pope has not made a big deal out of it. rich git.from nob heads esp,UFORM.BUFOG..and likes.

how come UFO triangles are seen when it's dark.and no proof,

Clubs Proof ,then i then believe in it.

John on the Fence waiting.again.


Since there's no source given for the pic, it may be a stock image from another article.

But something here rings a bell..the UFO's shaped like Cornish pasties. I've witnessed one such shape over Sandwell, about a year ago: a silent, fast, low-flying craft no flashing navigation lights. It was huge.big enough to get noticed, put it like that. I've also seen exploding clouds of green, like pulse, from one end of the horizon to the other. I was wide awake, and wasn't drunk or on any medication whatsoever.

I don't care what people label me as, I know what I saw and I only say these things to rule out the unknowns and further our knowledge of things we may have yet to discover.

worlds cleverest dog

I remember a couple of nights around the mid eighties when the sky would be lit by irregular flashes. I could not explain it then and have found nothing on the internet which has adequatly described what I saw. Thousands of people must of seen this, the once I was in a car driving through Wombourne and at times the flashes were occuring every few seconds. I wonder if any one else saw this, or if it's the same phenomena as the 'exploding clouds' you describe.

Robert WwfcKostur

William, I think I know the sort of thing you're talking about. It was around Bonfire night this year and I was just by my window looking out for fireworks.

Anyway, saw out of nowhere what looked like a low-flying aircraft just over the Aldersley/Oxley area of Wolverhampton. It's been bugging me ever since and I'm trying to work out what it was.

It made no noise, as there was pure silence in the air. Also, it looked big enough to be a jet of some sort, (either passenger or one of the larger military aircraft - I thought it might be from Cosford) but it was way too low to be a jet, particularly a silent one. It couldn't have been more than about 300-400ft in the air. However, this did have some sort of lights on it...

Any explanation?


Also, type 'Belgian UFO Wave 1990' into your search engine.

It should provide some interesting reading for anyone who saw that craft.


well that's real as the Airforce are not likly to fake, a Radar ,VIZ-and ground too. march 1990

John on the fence again.


Klingon bird of prey !

Illuminated One

1 Word ! DISCLOSURE !!! coming from a government near you soon !

RC Pilot

That particular photo looks very very similar to a multitude of radio control kites that are available. Night-time kites with LED lights are common and very eerie to look at, Google RC Kites and see for yourself.



it his I saw them fly the thing on Hartlebury common.

in 2001.

john on the fence again.

Gareth Coleman

I have footage from Sunday 14th Novembe at around 6pm at night of what I can only describe as a UFO the there were 3 other people that saw what I did they laughed it off as a weather balloon but seriously since when does a weather balloon shoot from right to left then back again remain stationary for a while the disappear completely I have seen this several times from various locations near in the last few years, Wednesbury, Bilston, Princes End and a number of occasions in Tipton the most notable in Wednesbury very low in the sky a bright orange glow just above the Woden

Munesh Mistry

any chance of seeing it?


On this so called Dorito UFO. well .

when i see something, that his real, not CGI. effects like today,

youtube and you find thousands of Vids,

.by Hoaxers, ones are the Clubs who believe in UFOs..like this one.

in the TV series the X Files.

there his a poster up in Mulder's room


I want to believe.

Me too.

john on the fence.

Munesh Mistry

Seeing is believing, I guess your not as lucky as I and plenty of others


OK, why did you take a picture then,

I carry always mine.

maybe you did. see them,but if you ain't, you are trying to make us look stupid,the Governments want you .they need a guy ,saying things he did not see.

when some are in fact Military' jets ,spy planes ,

and don't say they wont fly over a populated areas, they have been informed the Airports,

as I have a relation in the Raf- as a Radar ops.and he says ,can't name sorry. yes there are things that are not Military,and yes there his .out of 100/% 99/% are military,

John on the fence.

Gary Watson

Hmmm, here we go again, thought it had been quiet too long !!

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