Wolves reveal Molineux redevelopment plans

Wolves today revealed £40m plans to redevelop Molineux into a 36,000 capacity stadium over the next four years.

Wolves today revealed £40m plans to redevelop Molineux into a 36,000 capacity stadium over the next four years.

There are however plans drafted to extend the ground to 50,000.

Work is to start next summer on phase one, demolishing the Stan Cullis Stand and replacing it with a two-tier structure which will take 12 months to build to continue round to the Steve Bull Stand.

Click on the images on the right to see more pictures.

As soon as the new North Stand is finished, phase two sees the Steve Bull Stand flattened to make way for a replacement taking two years to construct, which will be another two-tier stand with 42 boxes including a 600-seat banqueting hall.

Phase three sees an extra tier added to the Jack Harris Stand and joined to the Steve Bull Stand, thus creating a horseshoe-shaped Molineux with the two eastern corners filled in.

The new stands will be built within the minimum six metres of the pitch, achieving owner Steve Morgan’s desire to bring fans much closer to the pitch.

A fourth phase to increase capacity to 50,000 will be added if there is sufficient demand by rebuilding the Billy Wright Stand and filling in the western corners.

But the club are initially seeking planning permission for phases one to three.

The new Stan Cullis Stand will incorporate a club museum and new megastore, with the ticket office moved to the current club shop.

Chief executive Jez Moxey revealed the money for phase one - £15m-£16m – was already in the club and he said the club’s financial future would not be put at risk, although he said there may be some short term borrowing to complete phase two.

Moxey also insisted the work depended on Wolves staying in the Premier League next season, when owner Steve Morgan will decide on when to “push the button” to start.

But Moxey stressed the development would not be at the expense of investment in the team.

“One of the things we’ve said all along is that we want to do things sensibly and cautiously and we’re not going to get ourselves into financial difficulty,” he said.

“We want to be smart buyers in the transfer market and that will continue.

“We haven’t got an open chequebook and we don’t envisage that being the way to proceed.

“We need to get value for money and I think Mick has done a great job in identifying us players who have given us that.

“We want to continue that as it goes forward.”

Roofs on the new stands – which will be half as high again as the existing ones - will suspended from iconic 45-metre high masts, while the club’s gold and black colours will feature heavily in the unique design.

The redevelopment will create a minimum of 300 jobs in the city, Moxey revealed.

But any work on Peal House, bought by Morgan several months ago, is a seperate development to the plans drawn up for Molineux.

Moxey said it was still being decided what to do with the former Tarmac office block.

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stunning!! what a vision absolutley gobsmacked so proud to be wolves, thank you mr Morgan its what wolverhampton needs

Golden Wolf

About time looks awesome.

Cyril Randle

Sounds brilliant Wulfies and best wishes for it. Let's all hope we at The Hawthorns can do likewise. The West Midlands deserves it and it's time to break the Chelsea/Man.U. stranglehold. If you aren't old enough to remember a Wolves/Albion match with 50,000 inside, you haven't lived!


Well, it looks fantastic, but also sounds like a lot of upheaval to increase our capacity by less than a third.

Good to see that the current success on the field will bring some extra development and investment off the field that everyone can benefit from.


My thoughts entirely David. All that expense for an extra third. All reports in the press indicate that sponsorship from TV will become less and more cash will be needed from fans in addition to less player wages. 36000 does not look like a particularly big increase when you consider other grounds approach double this number. I know space is at a premium at Molineux but I think they could have done better than this. At the start of the week the hype was 40000

On a positive note the picture looks fantastic


"I think they could have done better than this." Honestly, that is a daft comment. They are doing it in phases, it's impossible to do it one go. As it is, if we can stay in the Premier League for ten years we'll be up to 50, 000 and will hopefully be where Villa are now. I think Morgan and the board have done a magnificent job.


exactly....lets hope this will also attract a better calibre of player too as it will show we are going places!!


Lordy lord someone has always got to find something to whinge about!


I sometimes wish people would read all the story 1st,...phase 1 and 2 with is the north bank and Steve Bull stands will increase the capacity to 36,000...phase 3 which will be putting a 2nd tier on the south bank will make it 38,000 and if the fans are there and we are still doing well phase 4 is the Billy Wright and will take capacity to 50,000!! come on dont just look at headlines then comment!!


Brilliant, thank you steve morgan


Fabulous news...

Is there still time to weave the interlocking Wolves badge into the stadium roof design?

brisbane wulf

i reckon the steel beams that stick up holding the roof up need to be painted gold. i could probably sort a price out for em and bring my ladders.


that looks fantastic! like already said so proud to be WOLVES if this is pulled off. we are actually going places on and off the pitch which is superb! as long as they get planning permission starts next summer, exciting times!


Well done all at Wolves..

Great step forward...

looks cool...


great to see the plans, a massive thankyou to Mr Morgan.

great time to be a wolves fan.

Daniel Potts

Amazing can't wait to see it. the ground might look a bit lop-sided without the Billy Wright stand completed as well though


Looks truly stunning - something for the lads to play for over the next couple of seasons then!

Quick question, isn't it the case that the current stands (North and South banks) were designed all those years ago with adding an extra tier in mind?


kilkenny wolf

The image from outside the ground looks brilliant, although bit concerned about having the corners filled - could end up looking like any number of the new identikit grounds...


To be fair, the plans and what it brings to the area, and the jobs are great.....

but c'mon guys, it's still bright blooming orange

Golden Balls

Absolutely spot on! Just hope it actually goes ahead.


Absolutely fantastic! What a great time to be a wolves fan. Were really going places.

Thankyou Steve Morgan!

Alex Rae's Butler

may be people will now stop believing that morgan still wants to buy liverpool !


I want it NOW !

...and to think I used to pay 1/9d in the Waterloo to watch Broadbent, Murray and Mason !

Well done Morgan and Moxey


So proud as ever to be a wolves fan, a great manager, great young core of british players and great ambition from the owner



The plans looks awesome. This stadium will be built by 2014 which means Wolves needs to remain in the premiership for the next few years to achieve it. Relegation would mean disaster so Wolves fans, players alike know whats at stake. So I think we need to bring in quality players to achieve our long term aim.

Again I am impressed with the plans and although it may look like one of the other stadiums in the country,,, who cares about them we have more of a head start of them now because wolves can install the very best and state of the art technology in the ground, would be good to see the BillY Wright stand to be done after 2014 because it would have been up to 50000. Roll on 2014.

Mick is God

Wow what can you say about that oh my god. WOLVES FOREVER!

chris hoggard

Southampton,Leicester,Derby, Coventry,Forest,Reading all hampered by debts due to ground improvements.I can remember Harry Marshall quoting week after week the new Molineux stand would not interfere with team improvements.That was a couple of years before we went into Administation.We have a perfectly acceptable ground all paid for.The £15m for phase one should be spent on the team.Do you go to the cinema because they have comfy seats or for the film?


I think the point is that you don't build a cinema with too few seats to be able to afford to hire the biggest films. Hopefully in the end this will have two effects - 1 to increase revenue to the club and 2 to reduce the currently inflated ticket prices (as we won't get 36,000 fans paying £550+ a season)

chris hoggard

I think the point is most people go for the Movie.If people think spending all this money on ground development will not detract from team building they live in cloud cuckoo land.Even Arensal with all thier resoures and muli millionaire owners have still been restricted in the transfer market after building their new place.When Sir Jack,bless him,built the current Molinuex team building was put on hold.We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make real progress on the pitch,to get back to somewhere where we belong and there is a serious risk we shall blow it building a new stadium with only a marginal increase in capacity.Don't people want to see quality footballers on the pitch wearing our colours?

chris hoggard

Sorry a few typos,I banged it out without checking.

Cuddly Dudley

Wrong ! the two things have to be built together, the team and the stadium. The team is a transient thing anyway, even a fortune spent doesn't guarantee success and by the way, Arsenal have spent a lot of money on transfers.

The ground however is the long term future. It'll attract bigger crowds and we won't lose revenue sticking the away fans in the South bank with all those seat lost and the cost of the stewards and police.

Have you seen those poor sods in the corner in their rainhats on a cold wet night ? They're the guys without season tickets who come to enjoy the occasional match. Will they come again ? Would you ?

It's right and proper that the ground is developed over and above the 28,500.

Finally, don't overlook the fact that prospective players also cast a glance at the stadium.


I posted something similar last week. I remember when we had the first all-seater job when non one asked for it. No cash was spent on the team and we got relegated. Then we had the jibes about "nice stadium - shame about the team" Hope it doesn't happen again.

lone wolf

I understand the cynicism but Morgan has surely proved by now that he understands what this football club needs. He will hardly look to weaken or fail to strengthen our team with building plans when their success is dependent upon doing even better than we are currently. Where are we in comparison to what he said he would do. We are on a path and it excites me and makes all that frustration worth it for me because I'm able to say that THESE are the glory days my friend. IN 1986 I wondered if Wolves might ever return to the top flight and be showing this kind of ambition. Morgan knows we come to watch anyway but who knows what a sustained period of success might do for wolves attendances and support. I live in somerset where I meet plenty of fans, but if we did ten years on morgans plans we would be a top ten to twelve premier side certainly. Best name and colours and massive support with huge humour. IF we could match our potential we could be the club many believe we have always been. I'm for living the dream of greatness again.

/Do you go to the cinema because they have comfy seats or for the film?/

It's only about love and devotion for a sports team. Remember that some of us used to stand and still do!

Oh and all abino fools demonstrating their prowess with the written vocabulary of english relax. You can shout bingoboingistripeytopboing bingbangbong every time you win a corner next season. tell the old lady round the corner that her parrot will be stsrtled in early january when you score a goal


The new plans look fantastic. Well done Steve Morgan. I'm pleased the video screens will be positioned underneath the roof of the stands enabling more seating area to be accommodated. Also like the look of the stadium from outside. Plese please please do complete the Billy wright stand as well at the end of the development as this will leave the stadium looking unfinished if you don't. Once again congratulations on a great design and vision. Up the Wolves!!!!!


This is a great opportunity for wolves, as we are a well run club, with half of the league in terrible debt.

Teams like Everton and Liverpool have been trying for years to get a new ground, this is a real chance for us to march on and be in the top 10 clubs in the league within the next 5 years.




First we have to stop up next season. This we will do.

The new stadium if it comes will make us the envy of the midlands.

Thank U Mr Morgan

Wonder what the Liverpool fans make of this


Well the ground looks stunning but wouldn't it make more sense to build the Second Tier on the Jack Harris first? This would mean that the capacity wouldn't be reduced all that much for when the Stan Cullis was redeveloped.

Malvern Wolf

Welcome Cyril and thank you for your thoughts. Like you I am old enough to remember such matches and it would be wonderful to do battle in front of so many fans again. The fixtures will be so much more special this year because you will be on them.

Have a great summer!


WOW! Can't wait for the mexican wave. SJH, SM, JM, MM youve done the city proud.


A lot of work to initially get 8000 extra seats, when the Billy Wright rework gets an extra 14000 seats?


Great Plans looks absolutely fabulous.

Just one question from a historic point of view what happen to the traditional old clock at the North Bank End????

Kford Wolves

Seems a well thought out plan - steady and pragmatic, in line with the club's on the pitch progress.

Not too sure about the roof though, looks a bit liks a plastic conservatory!

Will the stands retain their names? And I for one would resist the idea of naming rights. This is Molineux!


Fantastic looking design, can't wait for it. It's great that we have a chairman who is willing to invest in overall club development as I realise this is not all about the football, its largely a buiness exercise but still I'm all for it. WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED!

Eastwood's Rubbish

22)Nice bit of cold water at a time like this Chris Hoggard !

Steve Morgan is of a totally different calibre to Harry Marshall and the days when the local butcher, baker and candlestick maker ran the football club disappeared long ago with dubbin and the old First Division... and who would question the building development expertise of a man who was behind the Redrow empire ?

Development of the ground has to go hand in hand with building the team.... AND THE FAN BASE. Having seen the way Steve Morgan has worked since he's been here, steady but resolute, I don't think we should have any worries.

To dwell on your cinema analogy for a moment. Why did film goers dwindle in the 70s and 80s ? Because the cinemas themselves were fleapits. Enter the multiplexes with creature comforts and hey, bingo the crowds came back! (or rather NOT bingo !)

The films coming out of the UK and Hollywood have always been of a high quality depending on taste.

Fantastic step forward Wolves...well done

ben burke

great idea hope it can pay off and hope next season can pay off and we can stay in the premership and i hope the ground can be redeveloped and it looks great and come on the wolves!! role on 2014 to see what happens

Gornal Wolves

Stadium looks great but a dead ringer for the britannia!! Lopsided and the Billy Wright cut adrift.


Could be a fantastic move, not only to make the ground look better, but to bring in even more money for the club. Obviously this is long term, but im sure, if we can continue to improve under Mick and become a force in the premier league, the stadium will pay for itself.

Cyril Randle

Cheers MalvernWolf. Respect mate, that's what we old gits have for each other. I'm a Baggie through and through but I'm sick to death of seeing other areas in front of us in the West Midlands. I hope you get your new, beautiful ground, then we shall HAVE to do likewise. Keep your Billy Wright, Steve Bull stands, but fight like heck to add Sir Jack's name to one of them. You might not exist were it not for him. You once had one of England's greatest geniuses as a fan, Sir Edward Elgar, who rode his bike all the way from Worcester or Malvern to watch the Wulfies back 100 years ago. The A449 was a cart track then!


Cheers cyril nice to see some positive black country vibes!!!



i hope that you and your developers use local companies(builders, electricians, plumbers etc) to build the new stadium

bring work into wolverhamptons struggling & dying construction & engineering industries



Looks brilliant!

Who knows in 10 years with the right results, 50,000 could be a reality.


Impressed that people on expressandstar.com get excited over the stadium being rebuilt, but when it comes to roads, bus station, hospital, library, etc. there's a load of bitching and moaning.


36,000 capacity due to redevelopment of Phase 1 (Stan Cullis/North Bank) and Phase 2 (Steve Bull/John Ireland). That will be next 4 years. Then after the Phase 3 (Jack Harris/South Bank) will increase capacity to 38,000. Thereafter, Phase 4 Billy Wright would increase this to a potential 50,000. Planning. So seems 38,000 capacity for the 3 stands, i originally thought 36,000. Think this is correct.

Paul Norman

Chris Hoggard, SPOT ON as usual.Looks great but the plans have echoes of the then John Ireland stand which was isolated from the pitch and you needed a telescope to see the players.GET the team right first.We could get 50,000 Every home game.The fan base is already there WORLDWIDE.The history at the Wolves is a MASSIVE drawing card.


All looks fantastic and as others have said a great time to be a wolves fan.

It would be nice to see bars for the fans in all areas of the ground- the terrace bar is a real asset to the stan cullis and would also like to see the club invest in the surrounding area to make it a bit more cosmopolitan with mayve a subway, coffee shop, wine bars and integrate with the uni more to target what students want in the area too.

Would also like to see somewhere where away fans- particularly with families- can go and get a drink and bite to eat in comfort.

Metal Wolf89

Remember, this will only happen as long as we stay up next year!!!


22- Chris Hoggard, I understand your caution after what happened to us thirty years ago, but I believe Moxey and Morgan are cut from a completely different business cloth than Harry Marshall. I know it was the stand that did for the club, but I always wondered why we didn't keep some of the Andy Gray/ Dave Thomas/ Alan Birch money back to help pay for the stand - we didn't need to spend nearly £2m combined on all three of them.

But I think it's fantastic of us to be showing such ambition. We aren't just happy to settle for a 29000 all-seater, and the roofs have already been rusting for the last ten years - bit of a damning indictment considering the ground in its current state is less than 20 years old.

Simon in Oklahoma!

It was the interest rates that killed the club. In 1978 intersomething like 20%. That was just unlucky timing, not irresponsible overspending.

...Unlike so many clubs now that can't stay afloat even whilst interests rates are at steady record lows!

Simon in Oklahoma!

Sorry...that didn't come out right.

Should have read...

It was the interest rates that killed the club. In 1978 interest rates were around 5% but by 1980 had risen too something like 20%. That was just unlucky timing, not irresponsible overspending.

…Unlike so many clubs now that can’t stay afloat even whilst interests rates are at steady record lows!

Percy the Wolf

Am very impressed - it will look totally awesome and just what the city, team and of course the fans deserve.

I commented on Wardy getting a new contract and stated that it is all part of a big but steady plan for the next few seasons. It all seems to have been well thought out and no-one is rushing into spending too much money too early.

We will buy some quality players for next season but not those just yet that will cost the earth and possibly produce very little. MM is being very shrewd in looking to buy some real grafters.

However, those more exciting times are not far off and neither is the improved stadium!!!

A mega-big thank you to Steve Morgan and all associated with the club.


PJW Holland

I sugggest it should be all or nothing. Planning Consent should be granted ONLY if they make a firm committment to do the whole job. If they create only a three sided stadium it will be an eyesore.

Bournemouth Wolf

Bournemouth Wolf Here. Replied in much the same vein reply 63. I think it will look very odd to just do 3 sides.. :-)


Already looking into the future. Supporters are only a few feet away from the pitch, creating an intimidating atmosphere from one corner of the ground to the other! The mantra that comes to mind, in support of our chairman's endeavors, both on and off the pitch, is "slow and steady!" A good way to deal with things in this day and age. UTW!


SIMPLY AWESOME oops sorry guys caps lock off, brilliant news, utw

English Exile

A fantastic vision of the future.

BUT just be aware that if you haven't got a season ticket for the next 4 years whilst the ground is redeveloped you won't get in.

Knocking the Cullis down will take us below 24,000 for 12 months.

The 2 season's after that the capacity may be reduced even more because at the moment the Steve Bull is the biggest stand and holds 9,600.

So if you want to watch Wolves LIVE over the next 3 seasons GET a season ticket NOW.

John Howell

Well said, "Eastwood's Rubbish"...why anyone has to add negative thoughts when such brilliant, progressive plans are announced is beyond me.

My first match was the opener in 1946 when the league restarted after the war....50,000+ in the ground....and we beat Arsenal 6-1!!!! Finished 3rd in the league and I've been a Wolves fan ever since. Several times I have been at the Molineux with 55,000+ inside so extending to 50,000 in future is a very good decision.

Well done to everyone at Wolverhampton Wanderers!


Make the trophy room bigger!!

The big lads are back.

Oh, and don't let anyone from Birmingham do the Block paving!!!!!


This should mean the pitch this year will be pushed next to the billyright, temp stand.

Steve bull spectators may need to bring the zoom lences.

Thank you Mr Morgan!

jon phillips

absolutely fantastic i will be visiting wolvo at christmas time COME ON YOU WOLVES!!

steak queensland


How sloppy of me with my spelling, Billy Wright not billyright,

amy phillips

I live in australia. my dad told me to allways be a wolves fan. great news for the wolves fans.

amy down under


amy phillips

i think it will be a great idea to have basically a two story molineux who would of ever believed it COME ON YOU WOLVES !!!!


Better be somewhere to hang flags. Currently I only get mine up at away games, would like to do it at home games too but was told I could not by the steward


I hope there is somewhere to put up my flag. I currently only get to put it up at away games. Would like to get it up at home games but have been told by steward I am unable to.


What??!! Why not? Not even over the barrier down the front?


It is great to read some civilised exchange between Cyril and MalvernWolf. Our club is built on its heritage and history and we should be proud of that and not - as in many of the exchanges in these discussion boards - focus on Albion and abusing their players/supporters etc. Great to hear a couple of anecdotes from some true fans.

The stadium looks great - fairplay to Morgan and the much maligned Moxey for running a tight and successful ship these last few years.

Up the Wolves!!!!


I think it's utterly bizarre.

Why make it 36,000 ?? That's only 7000 above our current capacity.

Admitedly, We will all be closer to the pitch ( I HOPE) but if you are going to spend so much money, then why not make it bigger so we can pack in more people ?? For the big games, we could easily get 45,000 + so I would have expected a minimum of 40k.

I guess cynics might say, its all about making money from other commercial activities not related to Wolves, but to a certain development company :)

Bournemouth Wolf

It all looks great except that only three sides of the ground look likely to be done. Making the stadium look a little unbalanced and odd!!

Lets hope we can get Fletcher and Hunt. We don't want to see him dressed up like a Tesco do we? and even worse playing against us!!


Where will all the current season ticket holders from the Stan Cullis be housed whilst the new stand is built, will all away fans get reduced ticket allocation, and will we still have a new terrace bar.


Thilled to bits, looks fantastic. Come on the Wolves

wednesbury wolf

No.1 Well said mate can't wait till it's finished and it's about time we all thanked Steve Morgan for what he has done and is continuing to do instead moaning about stupid things like will we still have a terrace bar. UTW


No 12...You are correct, the north and south stands were constructed so further tiers could be added! This could have been done costing a lot less and the stadium would still have looked great.

I wonder if the clock will be kept?


I thought so....

Not knocking the plans or anything, as they look stunning, but it was just what I'd heard.

Mind you, I'd also heard a rumour that the pitch was to be lowered in order to be able to fit extra seating in in all of the current stands - thereby bringing the fans closer to the pitch - shows what rumour-control can do!

Just got to keep on renewing my season ticket in the JH...


Ad Singing Mant

Hi Ho Wolverhampton...


Proud to be a Wolves fan, bring on the sell out crouds can't wait to see 36,000 of my fellow Wolves fans in the same ground just like at Cardiff a few years a go!!!


Yes the three stands can have another tier on but that won't bring the crowd closer to the pitch i recon that is a major factor in having it done from scratch its a more intimidating atmosphere with the crowd being rite ontop of the pitch.

As it is our stands are to far away from the pitch.

Wolves Proud

This is fantastic news for the supporters, the club and for Wolverhmapton. Now we have even more reason to cheer really hard next season and support the team.

It has also got to be a good selling point to attract the players we need.

Mat Cole

Looks fantastic. However, I sit with two mates in the Steve Bull and have done for years. I wonder if we will be allocated seats but not together once the Stevie Bull is demolished? What about families who go together - there will need to be some planning on where supporters are allocated seats during redevelopment work.

Simon Danks

I think the lob sided look isn't that ridiculous. It will look similar to how the Bernabeu used to look. Who know's, by 2014 Real Madrid might be playing here...


How about Celtic Park or St James,s Newcastle. They are still fantastic stadia!

Simon Danks

There's another stadium with a smaller stand at the side. What's it called now? Oh yes, Old Trafford!


Only if the top 14 in the premiership are banned from europe with dodgy finances!

Capello to replace Mick in 2 years time?

Simon Danks

How about Mick to replace Capello....?!


Now that is what I am talking about!

That looks awesome! I'm a total stadium geek, love design and watching them being built, so this will be incredible to see.

Glad Mr Morgan is willing to help the club move forward, excellent news!

Some new signings now and all is superb!

Proud to be a wolf!



62) Richwolf64 The report clearly states PHASED development over and beyond 36k

As for you last paragraph....yes your being entirely cynical !

A developer he may be and it may well have been one of the reasons he bought the Wolves, nothing wrong with that he clearly has the club at heart. One things for sure, he ain't the Balti Brothers


very nice mr morgan,but i think you should put things on hold for a while till things are sorted first like a team good enough for the prem, also a new manager and director.

Alfred Camilleri

This is surely fantastic news. The designs look magnificent and all Wolves supporters must feel proud of the new stadium although the present one doesm't make one's face red as everybody who sees a game there all say that it is fantastic.

So roll on the years so that we will be accommodated in better surroundings to cheer on the boys in Gold and Black.

If in the past we thanked Sir Jack for rebuilding Molineux as it is now, we must also thank Steve Morgan for making it a better one and this in just over 20 years.

Brian Greenfield

Looks very impressive. Well Done Wolves FC.

chris hoggard

1Cuddley,Pehaps you havn't noticed it is a lot harder to do both things at once.I bet you the admission to Dudley Zoo that Jez tells us within 3 years'of course we are restricted in the transfer market due to our commitment to rebuilding the stadium'.As for Arsenal you try asking North London fans if they have spent enough on transfers compared to the other big 3 .

2 Simon in Okkie, You are right it was interest rates that did us in the 80's.But what about all the other clubs who have hit financial problems since developing their grounds eg Derby,Leicester, Forest, Southampton.Despite what anybody says it is a risky business.What happens if Steve Morgan falls under a bus on its way to Dudley.


No 79 on his way to LIVERPOOL.


Cuddly Dudley

You're on. Admission to the Zoo and an ice cream thrown in

Aresnal ? They have spent money but,Wenger has been stubborn, almost blindly so, about bringing in too many new players because he's been hell bent on winning trophies with the wonderful generation of youngsters he's developed. Half the Gunners fans in North London are as impatient as half the Wolves fans in the Black Country

chris hoggard

Cuddley, Of course I hope you win.I would love us to be able to do both.But the reality is clubs of our size who spend on the ground usually do so at the expense of the team.If you buy the right players and stay in the Prem the return is £40m every season.How long will it take to get a return on the stadium at a cost of £40m, at £500 a season ticket,it will take at least 10 years,even if we sell all the seats.


loving the images ive been waiting foe them ro be released for years ever since the whipsers of a new ground was heard. it looks amazing and cant wait to get in thei. i dont know why people are worrying about the financial side they have said 40m so obviously moxey already has this money to spend moxey wont buy a cup of coffee unless its covering its self so i think he would have thought of everything that could go wrong and people moaning about 36,000 that is the end of phase 3 phase 4 is 50,000 nearly doubling our cpacity why cant people just start living what we have all been dreaming about instead of wanting to kick sand in everyones faces UP THE WOLVES


We have never averaged 50,000 attendances.

Top five average attendances at the Molineux:-

1. 45466 - 1950

2. 43690 - 1949

3. 43254 - 1947

4. 39636 - 1948

5. 39616 - 1951

CUtHbErt cRinGeWOrthy

Valid point- i remember games in the early '70's when we might have got 19-23,000 for games against clubs like Burnley and Norwich.We would however attract gates of around 34,000 for the visits of Leeds,Liverpool, Manure etc.But gates up to 50k in the FA Cup were likely.I saw games against Grimsby and Shrewsbury which had around 40k.I think it is good to have extra room available for big games,as long as it does'nt compromise atmosphere when we attract smaller clubs like Wigan,Birmingham and West Brom.

John De Wolf

Looks good but wouldn't it be possible to just join the corners of a new three tier Steve Bull stand with the north and south bank, then at a later date add a second tier to the north and south bank? I think this would achieve a greater capacity and not be as disruptive.

I agree with a few of the above comments, that it looks like a lot of effort for an extra 7,500 seats.

However, a bigger capacity will increase the revenue which is important with the new FIFA rule coming in about living within your means! The stadiudesignes look good and if it gets built we really have the potential to bring back the golden years!



I think you are missing the point here. It is not just about getting more seats in, it is also about increasing the commercial side, conference facilities etc. AS much as I dislike it corporate hospitality brings in more money than us ordinary supporters!

Eastwood's Rubbish

76) Why do you have to keep saying your name three times ? We'll all understand it if you say it just once once.

....or should it be tescotescotesco ?


I am a wolves fan, please don't get me wrong, I'm not being critical of wolves, just the design and artist's image. I am a Senior lecturer of architecture myself, and have failed worse undergraduate student projects. Seriously it's beyond amature. Surely if we dragged in off the street the first random, blind armless alien and asked them to come up with a design in 20seconds whilst holding their breath and standing on one leg we could do better. Really!


Why dont you put up your own designs in the way you think it should be and we can all see which is the better. Dont forget to include details of what the stand will include on the inside facilities wise.


Two thirds of it look world class, wonderful, something for us to be proud of. Shame about the other third that looks like it should be somewhere else but good luck. It looks a million times better than it does now. Shame we don't have a team that's worthy of it, come on Mick, prove us all wrong, please!


Great times ahead I hope along with every fellow Wolves fan. The new design looks fantastic however I disagree with the views from the Martin swain and Steve Morgan that a stadium being closer to the pitch will make a successful team. If that’s the case why didn’t Liverpool win the Premier title two seasons back, they dropped too many points at home even if the atmosphere was huge, Molinuex has produced great atmospheres this season but still we have had a poor home form.

At the end of the day a great team will always over come a noisy crowed and that required character is what makes the difference, I’m sure travelling teams wouldn’t of liked the atmosphere and conditions of ground like Portsmouth’s but away teams have won there, and in these times it’s up to the players to get the fans rocking for such a term. I’ve seen grounds packed out with only one section of fans making noise like Derby County, Everton (during our first season in the prem), Blackburn and also the away supporters of Liverpool this season were quiet like wise Man Utd fans and there have been others.

We Wolves are one of the loudest and certainly the wittiest bunch of supporters in the Premier League home and away. No doubt at helps the players hugely but this idea we need corners filled in to stop the noise escaping to make us win more at home is stupid in my opinion.

Anyway lets hope we stay up for the required time then we could, perhaps, start competing with likes of Spurs, Villa, Everton and maybe Liverpool with there debt, if we could get 50 thousand and surely the club will make the ticket pricing structure more fairer and fill the stadium and still make the money we need we might be able to compete with the Arsenal and Man Utd.


I'll also add that we had topped the bottom half, 11th spot in attendance averages this season, according to sky.

Cyprus Wolf

83. Sam, if you are a senior lecture of architecture, ask one of your students to learn you how to spell amature (amateur), and stop whingeing about someone elses wonderful design, although they are only artists impressions.

Dave the south bonker

Absolutely stunning, a superb modern design. Looking at some of the comments on here though, i wouldn t blame Steve Morgan withdrawing the lot. There are alot of short sighted people arond here, read all the facts before criticising. 50,000 will be the eventual capacity not 36,000. A BIG THANK YOU MR MORGAN Dave the south bonker


I agree, too much negativity but as I highlighted in 80 we have never achieved 50,000 average attendance. I think maybe phase 4 should be reviewed and amended depending on future attendances. Cannot wait to see this built.


Its only a 7,000 capacity increase initally, but its about so much more than just the extra 7,000. We have to have more income from hospitalitys and on non match days.

Not every penny of a football clubs money can be spent on the first team, and nor should it be.

Building the stadium will of course cost money, but it only has to be done once, and only once. Buying a player is different they can get injured so the club would have to get another one.

At the end of the day spending ALL the money on the team still doesn't guarantee staying up. I hope we have something to show for being in the Premier League in years to come, unlike Portsmouth who put all their money into wages and transfers, but not the stadium, and will probably struggle to avoid relegation to league 1 this coming season.


this is heaven i can remember one side of the golden palace open in div 4, now this! nice one wolverhampton wanderes beat that baggies


Looks great wonder where the away fans will be put ?