Wolverhampton University opts to stay out of rankings

Wolverhampton University today defended its decision not to appear in a national rankings guide that gave its competitors in the region much to celebrate.

Wolverhampton University today defended its decision not to appear in a national rankings guide that gave its competitors in the region much to celebrate.

The list marks everything from academic strengths and research through to facilities, student support and satisfaction.

The table rates 115 UK universities in order of achievement but Wolverhampton is not among them. Aston University was ranked 17th in the UK and topped the section including 76 other universities for the best degrees related to Subjects Allied to Medicine.

Birmingham University came 22nd, five places above its position in the same rankings last year. The improvement was attributed to better scores for student satisfaction and increased spending on academic services such as IT and libraries.

Others from the region in the list included Keele (43rd), Birmingham City University (58th), Staffordshire (80th) and Worcester (102nd).

Wolverhampton University spokeswoman Vickie Warren said today: "From this year we will not be appearing in any league tables produced for newspapers because they disadvantage universities such as Wolverhampton and do not represent a fair picture.

"There are many published assessments of our performance. The quality of our teaching and learning is assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency, which reviews all UK higher education institutions.

"The most recent National Student Survey rated Wolverhampton as one of the best in the country for the quality of its learning resources and access to specialist equipment."

Birmingham University vice-chancellor, Professor David Eastwood, said: "No one league table tells the whole truth, but this result demonstrates Birmingham's growing status as an outstanding university.

Professor Graham Hooley, senior pro vice-chancellor at Aston University added: "This guide highlights to our existing and potential new students that they can expect a high quality experience at Aston."

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Comments for: "Wolverhampton University opts to stay out of rankings"


Come off it. Wolverhampton Uni is a glorified Polytechnic converted. It will not appear in the ranks because it's frightened of it poor performance. Wolverhampton created this Uni just to get the joke city status!


Degrees from Wolverhampton Uni are not worth the paper they are written on. University should be for the eilte, not those scraping in on two EE grades.

Wolves would come bottom of the list anyways.


Actually the degrees are worth something, they are all externally assessed by staff from other universities. You have to wonder why Wolverhampton are not in the tables though, surely its better to be near the bottom than not be on at all.

The teaching staff are dedicated professionals with the students success at the heart of everything they do. The management are muppets driven by money and use penny-pinching strategies to claw back the millions that they themselves have wasted, but of course it's not their fault - yeah !!!!!!!

Rob H

Problems for Wolverhampton Uni are many...

1. Too many sites

More should be put into having all subjects in Wolverhampton. If Walsall want a Uni then they can build their own. No other uni in the country is split over such a large distance. It is ridiculous.

2. Fixing 1 above would solve many issues and make more time for actual teaching.

and 3. The courses should be about teaching students, even reseach degrees should have a major teaching element so the degrees actually feel like you have done something worthwhile.


Nonsense Rob, most other universities are multi campus. Staffordshire University (Stoke Poly) has a campus 30 miles away in Lichfield! Manchester Met has a campus in Alsager near Stoke, around 40 miles from the (real) Second City.

Walsall and Wolves are conjoined towns just six miles apart, and let's not forget that Walsall could have had its own university based on the former West Midlands College of Higher Education in the town but it was snapped up by Wolves - now Walsall has nothing to base a new uni on.

Now Wolverhampton has its precious city status the uni should be renamed the University of the Black Country to reflect the identity of both towns. A new name might also improve its terrible reputation.


Whilst I agree the UoW should be renamed, it would be just as bad to rename it the University of the Black Country because as we all know Wolverhampton is not in the Black Country.


Maybe they could call it "Lady Wulfrun University" .....although this wouldn't solve the Walsall problem


The University isn't out of all league tables, just those published in national newspapers. If you want to see how the University fares, check out http://unistats.direct.gov.uk/

I also disagree with 1 and 2 above. I think you are just having a bash for the sake of it, something that happens on this papers website all to often.

1. Wolverhampton became a University in 1992, the city status was granted in 2000. The two events are not linked. Preston gained City status in 2001. Would you make the same comments about UCLAN? (incidentally, Rob H UCLAN has 3 campuses. Many former polys have more than one, so too many sites isn't a problem!)

2. If you looked at the Independent league table from last year (2009) you would see that the average entry standard was 195, which equates to a B and C, not the 2 E's you claim. If you were to look into the individual subject tables you would see that graduate employment for some subjects is the same as some pre-1992 (ie not former polytechnic) universities, and in some cases better. This would seem to indicate that employers do not share your rather dim view of degrees from Wolverhampton.


Well said TelWolf. Students from UoW graduate being able to actually do something and Wolverhampton is known as a Teaching University - one of the reasons their league position is always low.


You need a Uni or a cathedral or a river running through for city status. So why then did wolverhampton get city status?? the events in my opinion are linked even though thetre is a few years between them. Perhaps good planning from their council eh?? LOL


They don't legally need the uni or Cathederal, but it helps give their application the credibility it deserves.


They got city status as part of the Millennium awards. Disgraceful that Wolvo is a city. It should have retained its status as the worst town in the UK.


Yes, but itis a pity that the University seems to be hell bent on self distruction - moving out of Telford, closing Compton Campus (two less sites for RobH to worry about - not to mention it shut Dudley Campus a few years ago (which was an older Institution and Dudley has been trying to get a University back over the past few years - a true Black Country University (Walsall ay in the Black country either)

Its now not possible to get a degree in German, French or SPanish so Wolverhampton doesn't seem interested in Europe ofr in providing locals with an opportunity to get out of the godforsaken city.

Senior managers like jet setting though (not that they are from round here anyway

Martin Davies

As a mature student at the university I don't care about league tables. I like the facilities, I like the teaching, I love the fact that even though it has multiple sites still (City campus and Walsall now) it has a free bus service regularly between them. And far better course for my particular subject than either Birmingham or Kings College London!

A degree is worth as much as employers are willing to say its worth. Seems like employers still like Wolverhampton degrees.

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