St George's Day parade is saved

This year's St George's Day parade in West Bromwich has been saved after organisers hit their £10,000 fundraising target.

This year's St George's Day parade in West Bromwich has been saved after organisers hit their £10,000 fundraising target.

The Stone Cross St George Association had raised more than £8,200 through various events and donations of all sizes and now West Bromwich haulage company SLD Transport has pledged to make up the shortfall with a £1,800 handout.

This Friday's fundraising event at the Horse & Jockey pub will still go ahead, with organisers pledging anything raised above their £10,000 target will go towards making the patriotic march on April 25 bigger and better than ever.

Mark Cowles, of Stone Cross St George Association, said he could not believe it when he received a phone call from bosses at the Bromford Lane haulage firm, offering up to £3,000 to make up the difference.

"I just can't believe what we've achieved since November and It goes without saying how grateful I am.

"The unity it has brought to the community is fantastic and everybody has been brought together. "To have companies ringing up and offering that kind of money when we are still in a recession is amazing.

"There's other companies who have made sizeable donations as well and other people have rallied round, ranging from people who've sent cheques for £1 to people who have repeatedly come on our fundraisers.

"We can say it is definitely going ahead."

The 41-year-old, of Walsall Road, Stone Cross, added: "We've got one more do left on Friday and anything raised then will help improve it even more."

The final fundraiser takes place at the Horse & Jockey pub, in Stoney Lane, West Bromwich, from 7.30pm this Friday, with karaoke and competitions.

The parade through West Bromwich to Dartmouth Park is said to be the biggest of its kind in the country. Last year, it attracted 20,000 people.

Organisers have been forced to raise all the funds to save it from the axe after Sandwell Council withdrew its financial support before last year's event. Councillors claimed it had become hijacked by right-wing political extremists, instead putting funds towards a static park event the day before the traditional parade.

Last year's march was only saved by a last-minute donation from West Bromwich businessman Chris Kelly, from Keltruck, while organisers this year again faced a battle to raise the cash needed to pay for health and safety requirements, road closures and security at the event.

A knight on a white horse will lead this year's parade, which starts from Stone Cross and marches into Dartmouth Park.

There will also be a Punch and Judy show and clowns to keep youngsters entertained, while organisers have promised some surprises for visitors.

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Comments for: "St George's Day parade is saved"


Excellent. Good to see the parade going ahead; puts West Brom back on the national map again!


It puts West Brom on the map for having to go and beg cap in hand, as though this were for some local charade that is of little significance to national interests. I actually class it as a form of hatred, especially since the sums that SHOULD be allocated are virtually nothing compared to the sums paid to certain interests, including EU subsidies. The powers that be would rather England be wiped off the map, perhaps? Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hi..


Well said William, couldn't agree more. The local councilors concerned with the attempted cancellation of our national day should be named and vilified as the unpatriotic "persons" that they are.

Shame on you Mr Hi..


Well its elections soon.....they can keep their money and I'll keep my vote for someone a little more patriotic about our day.

The show goes on without their money anyway thanks to the dedication of organisers and kind donations.

Well done to all involved.

Sandwell Bloke

When was West Bromwich ever on the national map?! A small borough that was long swallowed up by Birmingham, struggling to raise funds for a jingoistic march for flag wavers and ironically, European beer fuelled revellers. Why not purchase some Elgar to show off your patriotism or plant a rose bush by a road side to leave a lasting print on the area you are so proud of rather than bringing it to a halt, further aggravating conflicts and tensions already rife?.

joe from sandwell

be careful what you say elgar will be on the banned list soon


LOL! That's what I love about being English; nice, happy, positive, outgoing bunch we are! Come on lads, this is meant to be a day of national pride and celebration.

Scyld Scefing

Sandwell Bloke and Matt.You typify the

typical self-loathing lefties who spend time abroad revelling in the "delicate wines,delightful food and colourful local customs and festivities",yet you can't extend this respect to your own kin.

Sorry if your feelings of superiority are hurt as we don't need your money to stage this day of fun for ordinary, patriotic English people,nor the loony left council's.

Hopefully your kind will soon become as irrelevant as Sandwell council is.Times are changing-and for the better.This is called people power in English or from the Greek you no doubt prefer- democracy.


Ahm feelin yer mayt. A owns diffculty abaht attendin the parade, az ahm ov viking desent und we slew meny Angles til driven north inna the seas. However also, the Saxons are ower cuzzans, and thay wer replased also. Bur a wan' tew attend, az a ahm shorned in the blac lake und me family 'av' bin seeted heer sinse ancient tymes, und we fort the civil war und at hastings.

Bur a admire Angles, und think thay shud parade.

Also, Eest Anglia iz sinse owned by america a om told

Frank Smith

I think the Parade should wind it's way through immigrant areas so they can see how proud we are of our heritage, and they could demonstrate their desire to join us.


I'm taking your comments from a positive angle mate, in that everyone is welcome to join the parade and march behind the Flag in pride!

Frank Smith

Your positive angle does you credit Vern. I had the vision of a Pied Piper in my mind's eye.


The parade has has not been saved in my opinion. This is a disgraceful way to recognise our day, and sends out the clear message that we, as English people, are worthy of nothing more than breadcrumbs at a time when politicians bend over backwards to throw insane amounts of money elsewhere. The elected bodies are English and THIS is yet another example of the reasons why we will be glad to see the back of them. I'm appalled over this, it's nothing but a begging bowel and we deserve better.


"Councillors claimed it had become hijacked by right-wing political extremists, instead putting funds towards a static park event the day before the traditional parade."

I think it has been hijacked by nothing more than your excuses..and you've had yet another year to plan this; what have you done? Don't you have an obligation to serve the interests of this country, rather than any resentment for the opposition? This static park you talk of..apparently it didn't seem to go down very well at all. Extremism, you say? Extreme selfish idiocy in my book, old chum.


Be loud and proud!!!!!!!!!!!

Martacus Red

Ten Grand? I bet the council lose more that amount every week on nonsense like fact finding missions to Papua New Guinea or Common Purpose courses.

Well done to the Organisers in raising the required money despite the fact you shouldn't need to


well done to all [but please do not allow booze that was the problem

in the past]

ste p

what did booze have to do with an IRISH loyalist flute band (who have paramilitary links) marching?

What did booze have to do with rosette wearing BNP candidates marching and handing out literature?

I suppose you could blame the racist chants on booze, personally I'd blame it on the people doing the chanting, who are the reason why this parade has faced difficulty.

Hopefully this year will pass off without these idiots.



i agree with a lot of your points ,The flute band turned up and marched (This year you have to have licence to march )BNP have been told as they were last year to keep away ,lets not forget that a few years ago The Labour Party put posters on the route saying vote Labour on the Cross of St George,We want a family none Political Parade were people of all Colours/Religons etc can come and enjoy,As last year booze will not be allowed and any one carring it will have it took off them we have to employ 120 stewards to oversee anything untowards

all we want his a Parade like the Irish have throughout the word,were people can come and for a few hours enjoy there selves but not at the detrament of others


Wow! What a cause for celebration.

A group of gormless shell-suited chavs marching through a depressing council estate to celebrate the "greatness" of a country that these narrow-minded, parochial morons have brought to it's knees whilst blaming anyone else who is different from them for the nation's problems.

The only surprise here is that these idiots have dragged themselves away from X Factor, Britains Got No Talent etc to join in with this pointless drivel..

As for the people who have put money in to keep this going I have nothing but contempt for them - just look at the photo of last year to see the human garbage that is attracted to this event.


Sorry Matt but if you think all ethnic English people are chavs and human garbage for celebrating their culture then I think you should live in another country as you are surrounded by them ever day. Many don't actual live on council estates and have good jobs. Every parade I have been too has been violence free, with loads of families and a great day out. It's the council that are dividing people by not not letting the majority celebrate their culture equally with the minorities. £10,000 is nothing, that amount gets wasted every day. How about spending money on cinemas and health and leisure facilities inside of wasting it on arts buildings that never get used. I have never heard chants against others in society and most people are more bothered celebrate english traditions than having a go at others. Yet what about the Irish, Divali parades - I don't see you saying these are pointless drivel as well. If you want a multicultural society then unfortunately for you the English are part of that as much as any other group and if you don't like it, tough!



has one of the organisers of the Parade may i reploy to your post in a more constructive way ,I myself own a medium sized business as do a lot of paraders .you blame these so called Chavs for bringing this country to its knees (your words not mine)who created this Chav culyure ,goverments ,left and right,Iam quite left wing if you want to know but i still love my country ,i love the fact that on the whole we all get on regardless of colour,religon etc .this one event more than any other lifts the people of sandwell out of there mundain lifes,What other event that the council put on attracts 20,000 plus for two hours, as for human garbage did these people spend 70 million on a Pink building in the heart of a once great town now falling to bits thats had no money spent on it for years ,I think i know who i would call garbage

Scyld Scefing

Many thanks to the Steadfast Trust for contributing £2000 to help to make this march possible and who were not mentioned in this article,probably because it is the only registered charity run on behalf of the English community, whilst needless to say there are literally thousands representing every other ethnic group.


Ahm tekkin part in the parade this yeer, bur a ay thar playsed wi it.

Yo see, a ahm ov viking desent, und we wir driven aht yonks agoo. Sow, tew me, the parade iz fer Anglii folks, an' norr us.

Sow a osks: worr duz the cross ov sairnt jorge or the werd Englond aktually meen?

We wicings spared nocht in ower slorter ov the Angle folk, sow a wud be supportin the end ov Roly's (HROLF) rule. Yet we ar fram south staffordshire since ancient times seated und trew blac country folk - shorned in the black lake.

We wud also be ov dragon race desent, sow ahm frettin abaht the appropriateness ov attendin the parade.

Comments pleese........tonny