Traps at house used to capture wild birds

A pensioner set up sophisticated traps to capture wild birds illegally in his Black Country garden, a court was told.

A pensioner set up sophisticated traps to capture wild birds illegally in his Black Country garden, a court was told.

Pigeon fancier Alfred Jackson kept one goldfinch caged for three years at his home in Coalpool Lane, Walsall using it to attract others. He was discovered with two male goldfinches and a female goldfinch when police and RSPCA visited his property.

The 72-year-old pleaded guilty to offences of possessing and taking wild birds along with having items to trap them at Walsall Magistrates Court yesterday, and must now pay up £800.

Mr Nick Sutton, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said a “significant set-up” for capturing wild birds which have a street value was found there.

Former pigeon racer Jackson had made spring loaded traps himself which included using a caged goldfinch as a decoy to attract others.

One of the most sophisticated saw a cage with a door on the side and a food container. A string was attached and pulled to capture the animal.

Mr Sutton told the court Jackson had accepted when interviewed that he knew they were wild birds and that it was an offence to keep them.

He said the one had been bought three years ago from a gipsy and the other two discovered at his address were the only others he ever had in his possession.

Mr Sutton said: “The trapping of them is of course cruel, they are a wild animal. They are valuable birds with a high price of up to £50 a head. There is a market for these animals.

Jackson denied the intention was to sell them. The RSPCA said they were concerned about such birds being in a caged area where they can break wings following their natural instincts to fly.

Mr Chris Loach, defending Jackson had pleaded guilty to the three offences of possessing wild birds, taking wild birds and having items for committing a wildlife offence at the first opportunity.

Magistrates fined him £300 and ordered him to pay £500 costs. There was also a £15 victim surcharge.

All traps have now been seized.

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Comments for: "Traps at house used to capture wild birds"

Newbridge Wolf

£15 victim surcharge??

Sorry but this seems like small bird feed

brigtet tonsy

Most pigeon fanciers feed wild birds Alfred Jackson is a disgrace to the flying club, also cruel to little birds weighing less than one ounce i mean to say he wants caging,

A little goldfinch in a cage

Puts heaven in a rage


he should have been caged !!!!!

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