Do we need goal-line technology?

After the fiasco in Paris this week is it time for goal-line technology or referees behind the goals to be bought in by football authorities?

After the fiasco in Paris this week is it time for goal-line technology or referees behind the goals to be bought in by football authorities?

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Comments for: "Do we need goal-line technology?"


Electronic latest technology is an absolute must.

The football authorities have to move on. Football is such a big game world-wide, human errors must be eliminated. After all, using old style balls and boots as well as woollen shirts has moved on with no complain from the authorities, so why have all this unfairness and controversy relying only on the referee and his assistants?

Even using two extra assistants on the goal line will still not eliminate potential errors. Using the unerring eye of a camera and officials to view incidents on screen should over-ride any on-the-spot refereeing decisions.

Cornish Wolf



I dont agree with the arguement for goal line technology. Unfortunatly what happened to the Irish happened to England in 86 an more recently West Brom in the FA cup Semi final (Milan Baros). As hard as it is to take it is part and parcel of football. By having it at the top levels it is further seperating them from the grass roots!

The Hoff

No we don't !!

The kind of incident we saw on Wednesday night is just part of the game. Mistakes happen - sometimes you get the benefit and sometimes you don't. That's what makes football the game that it is.

I'm more concerned with the flood of players (current and former) who have been blaming the referee for missing it, whilst not attaching any blame to Henry. It just shows the mentality of these people who think that its a case of win at all cost - cheat as much as you like because it's up to the referee to spot it.

If players weren't so keen to surround the referee & contest every decision that he makes (virtually every goal that one of the top teams concedes seems to be the referee's fault in their eyes)then when there is a genuine error, the ref might be more likely to consider that their protests are genuine.


yes it should. its working in other sports at the moment ie cricket,tennis and rugby, and lets not forget gridiron football in the states with the replay judge having the final say.

Bob Jones

Use some of the money paid to overpaid players to pay for goal mouth technology !!!!

Golden Balls

By the time the kick-off after a controversial goal had been restarted the fourth official would easily have been told if that goal should have stood. If it shouldn't have the ball would then be rolled back for a goal kick. Not much of a delay....30 seconds max?


I would rather see referees consulting with the fourth offical who has the benefit of all those cameras at every game - or to use a "challenge" system similar to that used in tennis to allow managers to challange 2 decisions a game.

That way game changing decisions for anywhere on the pitch can be corrected immediately.

Steve the Saddler

totally agree with the 4th official using camera technology,wouldnt use anymore time up after all it was nearly 2/3 mins the other night of this time it could of been put to bed and the game re started. as for grass roots well you just have to go with basics as grass roots is,after all no stands and some places dont even have dressing rooms so cant compare.


The poll asks if the match should be replayed. I think this would be a wrong move on two counts - it would set a prededent so that any disputed goal leading to a disputed result in any future match at whatever level would lead to a demand from the aggrieved club that the match should be replayed (there won't be time for a close season!). Secondly, would the clubs in this particular match be willing to release their players for an extra international? Would Wolves release Kevin Doyle ?


Goal-line technology, replays etc will never be introduced anytime soon.

Maybe not so much goal-line technology but relpays and referees consulting will never come in.

Its because year after year, season after season, the Manchester Uniteds and Chelseas of this world get so many decisions like this in their favour.

Sometimes a genuine error, sometimes because the refs bottle it but also on several occassions because the refs and the F.A just blatantly choose to deliberatley favour the top teams! Even when they know in their mind the decision is wrong. They know its wrong but they do it anyway!

Goals crossing the line debates are a bit more of a rarity, but things like:

Offsides, fouls, penalty decisions, corners/goal kicks and other incidents often lead to these teams scoring or gaining an undeserved advantage. And I'd say Im not exaggurating when I say these decisions probably give these teams an extra 10 or so points every year!

Thats why the F.A will never bring these types of technology in... we cant have a level playing field, and God forbid a lesser team ever winning the premiership in the modern game. Its all about the top four and the bigger teams.

The same happened with World Cup Winners France and little old Ireland, how such a blatant handball can be allowed... to me just shows deliberate favouritism rather than an refereeing error.

So even though its about bloody time this stuff came in, even though it would bring the sport up-to-date, make the game fairer, and the competition a lot more interesting.... Im sorry it will never happen because the F.A like things a certain way