UFO spotted going to the shops

Images showing a UFO allegedly hovering over Dudley’s Merry Hill centre have been posted on the internet.

Images showing a UFO allegedly hovering over Dudley’s Merry Hill centre have been posted on the internet.

Jamie Gardner, from Wolverhampton, said he captured a video recording of a triangular-shaped UFO floating over the Black Country shopping centre while he was walking to a friend’s house near Netherton hill.

The sighting has echoes of the infamous “Dudley Dorito” which was seen flying over the area during 2007 and 2008.

Mr Gardner, who posted his recording online at www.expressandstar. comUFO spotted going to the shops said: “I noticed something hovering in the sky in the distance above Merry Hill, so I got my mobile phone straight out to film the object. After looking closely at it, the craft looks manmade.

“I’ve done some research and it might be called the Aurora Project, a hypersonic jet which the US government created in the 80s but denied its existence until recently.”

Mr Gardner claims the same craft has been seen throughout the UK over the past few years

However, paranormal expert Philip Francis, founder of a UFO blog The Multiverse, said he was sceptical about the footage.

“I found this video of interest,” he said. “Not because of its incredible nature but because of the lack of any witness statement to go with it. A full transcript of time day and place and situation is absolutely essential, otherwise it will be disregarded and automatically called fake.

“If the person is not prepared to swear the authenticity of the footage, then it should be put in the bin.”

And another UFO spotter, Mark Evans, believes the video looks the same as one which has been posted on YouTube for the last two years.

Last October, a photograph of the Dudley Ddorito was hailed as an important piece of evidence of alien life.

Details of other UFO spottings at www.phil-the-fish.blogspot.com

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Comments for: "UFO spotted going to the shops"


So Fake. Easily created in After Effects. Surrounding area blurry but 'craft' in focus. How come no talking? I reckon you would say at least a few expletives! Article is also right about identical footage of the 'craft' appearing years ago on the net. Nice Try


I am a complete believer in UFO's but even though I'd love this to be true I'm sure it isn't. There is no way that a mobile phone would have a zoom that good and if it was that close to the Merry Hill Centre there would have been a number of sightings and reports. Something this clear would have been a global phenomenom.


looks like it came from the Pendulum 'Granite' video

but as a precaution i'm moving the family into the shelter ;)


il est pas impossible que le lifter a été crée

de grande taille avec sa propre énergie

dans ces 50 dernières années il a eu plus de progrès fait dans aéronautique que dans l automobile ou autre domaine

Glyn Evans

Does anyone know the time this was spotted. I too spotted a very bright light over Merry Hill last night at around 8 ish. First thought was that it was a plane from Birmingham airport circling for landing but after watching the light for around 40 seconds it never moved the distance plane would or changed hape. I was going to video it on my mobile phone but as my pie and chips were on the table I followed my stomach more than my Mullder and Scully instincts!


I reckon it's that secret jet thingy... but I really want someone to announce disclosure, unless the alien life is severly hostile! Because I don't reckon I'm high enough up the ladder of society to be admitted into a government bunker!

Mark Evans

What wasn't mentioned in report was that this video can be found on Youtube under the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ-UUJPpLOM

the exact video was posted by 30 November 2008.

Check out the video and you'll for yourself.

I sorry to say but Mr Gardner is just having everybody on.

Myself and eight colleagues actually saw a craft similar to this on Oct 5th 2009, hovering over Wolverhampton in broad daylight at 10.45am. We can't explain what we saw but what we do know that this craft was accompanied by two other objects and was stationary for approx 15 mins.

A number of the witnesses were sceptics which makes this a little more unexplainable. We also captured one good photograph which clearly shows the delta shaped craft above the town hall, plus one of the other objects.

Mark Evans

What wasn't mentioned in report was that this video can be found on Youtube, search for calderonefrain or Aurora secret spy plane.

The exact video was posted by 30 November 2008.

Check out the video and you'll for yourself.

I sorry to say but Mr Gardner is just having everybody on.

Mark Evans

Check out Aurora Spy plane on youtube, you'll see the real video which was posted in Nov 2008


This is old, fake footage. The 'craft' looks similar to descriptions of the TR3-B aircraft that has been described by 'insiders'.


To Mark Evans post 7, I'd love to hear the details of what you saw over Wolverhampton, that sounds really interesting.

melissa hardwick

When I woke this morning at 5am I looked out of my window to also see 2 lights hovering in the sky above my neighbours over the road. At first I thought it was a plane then when I looked again the object had gone. As I drove to work this morning and read the billboard for this article I nearly crashed the car! was it a ufo I saw over Halesowen or just trick of the light and a very early morning start!!!


OMFG. Why is everyone so sceptical? Are you people STILL so naive as to think we aren't visited REGULARLY by other worlds???

What's unbelievable is the hillbilly scepticism ! ! !

rob finch

well if this the object i saw it was around 9.25pm cuz i was waitin for the bus to go to town i was standing by bantock park bradmore and i was watchin the fireworks going up then i noticed this thing in the sky at first i thought it was a plane but thought the lights were to big and the wrong colour, the colours of thi object to me looked orange like, and there was more than one light, i watched it going at almost snail speed it was going in funny directions so i then thought may be its a helicopter, but there was no strobe light,s on it and again i know that they dont have orange lights on them, this thing was there for a good 3 or 4 mins, then it sort of faded and went, i defo saw this and it was not a plane and im certain it wasn,t a helicopter

Paul Presley

I have allways been highly scepticl regarding anything out of the ordinary but seeing is believing, i am a 54 year old gent, of proffesional background and i dont consume alcohol. Giong back to Friday June 30th 2007 at 22.40pm i saw exactly the same as what the person saw over Merry Hill 2 tringular shaped objects with orange lights on each of the corners at low altitude that came over my bungalow i reported this to the police and just made to feel like an idiot, also reported this to the Halesowen News Paper and guess what, they never printed the story but on the following Monday the Express & Star printed a story regarding an RAF sergent had seen exactly what i had seen over Cosford shortly after my sighting, so now i rest my case, i believe that we are been monitored by something or someone from where ever.


fear not everyone ,its my wife trying to follow me again across the canal when i go out on me mountain bike , she will try anything to find me

mystery over im afraid

Simon Harris

This has freaked me out. In 2004 on a sunny summer sunday morning , i was on my 1st job of the day at appx 5.30AM on Middlemore Road in Smethwick , I saw this EXACT flying object appx 200 feet infront and above me. I stopped the car in complete denial as this huge object about 3 football pitches long hovered above me and then infront of my very eyes , accelerated away from me faster than anything i`ve ever seen before in my life. On getting back to the work place , comments were made that i was pale and the hair on the back of my head was literally on end. Everybody took the mick but they also agreed that i definatly saw something because of my body language. Yes this is very weird. Wish i`d reported it now but i was affraid of looking like a fool.


i dont believe in ufo's' but i saw a bright light in the sky when it was dark the other night which looked weird. Then today i saw another bright object pretty far away which looked like a star then it got less bright started flying off and as it was flying off it looked like 2 lights flying next 2 each other.it was weird

joe smart

And other camera or person has came forward... truely a mysterious event over any metropolis.

Saft bloke

UFO spotted going to the shops? I'd heard aliens are supposed to be the intelligent race so this is clearly untrue. What were they doing paying extortionate prices at Merry Hill? Somebody (or something) is dafter than me by the sound of it. I've heard enough, I'm off to play football with the werewolf up the Chase.

David Sheriff


Very common aircraft---Lockheed Martin TR3-C, nuclear powered with anti-gravity system look closely at rear can also fly like convention aircraft.

sandy w

I do believe in ufo's I have seen them, but people please with all the equipment available today... why can we not get footage that is always blury or shaky.

I carry my camera with me every where just in case I do see them again,I believe we will all see them in the near future,their time is coming.

Ricksta Deezy

Evidently, it doesn't matter how advanced your technology is or what galaxy you come from; finding parking at Merry Hill is difficult.

Ken Evans

This very video, including the "Jesus" comment, has been on YouTube for some time but there it's posted as a triangular UFO over Paris.


And here's the exact same footage but claiming it took place over Paris?


Does anyone do research these days?