Eight cup finals for Wolves' title

Stephen Ward is taking nothing for granted in Wolves’ promotion push after warning they face “eight cup finals” to claim their prize.

WOLVES V BARNSLEY 15 GD 13Stephen Ward is taking nothing for granted in Wolves’ promotion push after warning they face “eight cup finals” to claim their prize.

The Championship leaders host rock bottom Charlton on Saturday, aiming to build on their improved run of seven points from nine that has kept them three points clear – and seven clear of the play-offs.

Mick McCarthy’s side are also looking to extend their run of 359 minutes without conceding and make it four clean sheets in a row against the Addicks.

But Ward, who returned to the side for Tuesday’s 0-0 draw with Ipswich, acknowledges the unpredictability of facing struggling opposition after Charlton’s 2-2 draw at third-placed Reading - and is refusing to count any chickens.

He said: “The only thing we sense is we’ve got eight games to go and they’re going to be eight cup finals. We’re taking it game by game and up to Tuesday, Ipswich was all we were focusing on – not Saturday.

“Now Tuesday night’s game is over, we look towards Charlton. That’s the way it has to be from now until the end of the season.

“Every game is a stepping stone and if we can just take each match as one 90-minute period, I feel we’ve got the capability to pick up the right amount of points to get us where we’ve aimed for from Day One in July.”

Ward is warning his teammates they face a real battle to overcome Charlton, who will be without Wolves defender Darren Ward under the terms of his loan between the clubs.

The Irish utility man said: “No team makes it easy for you, trust me. Every game this season has been a battle and thankfully we’ve come out on top in most of them.

“We need to do that on Saturday. They will have come off the back off a good result at Reading which will no doubt give confidence.

“They’re fighting for their lives but we won’t underestimate them and we’ll prepare for them like we would any team coming here.

“It’s important now that on the back of a couple of good results we get three points.”

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Comments for: "Eight cup finals for Wolves' title "

Fed Up Fred

I'm sick of them saying this that and the other in the press, just get on with the bloody job and win the games.

George Berry's Yead

Hey Finchys, it's 359 minutes without conceding because of the Plymouth game when they scored in the first minute

John Holland

Let's hope we don't have to go into extra time!

willenhall wolves

Thanks for this so called NEWS story it really has enlightened me.

I'm so glad to hear that we are taking it one match at a time and not attempting to play all eight teams at once.

Shouldnt every match be a cup final regardless of what part of the season we are in and who we are playing when you are given the opportunity to put on a gold and black shirt.

Top of the League

Golden Balls

C'mon me babbies! We can do it! :-)


never thought i would say this, but ward has been a revelation at left back. Keep up the good work.


i believe in mick. just 8 games we can win it in 6 come on wolves do it for wolverhampton

Mark B

Please tell us something we do not already know.









dont be silly mate, the E&S need something to publish otherwise we'd just be sat here reading Transfer Rumours.

So are Man Utd still looking at Kightly?


Loving every minute!


I do not think that Ward - although he has had a good season - will have much of a part to play for the remainder of the season. Hill has done ok but his ball distribution is poor. The man for the left back slot should be Friend. He has been slated by quite a few but him and Vokes are quality young players for the future.

Two wins out of the next two would be nice.

Then to the Blues and as long as we come away with at least a point, we will be up!


You idiots expect massive stories out of this club everyday of the week! This paper need to fill column inches and players will of been told what to say by the press officer and not to wonder from it. DONT KNOCK THE PLAYERS FOR STATING THE OBVIOUS, AS THEY HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING TO SATISFY YOU PEOPLE, YOU WHO ARE SO SAD AS TO NEED TO CHECK THIS WEBSITE EVERY 5 SECONDS FOR SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT. PLAYERS READ MESSAGE BOARDS SO SUPPORT THEM BY NOT SAYING STUPID COMMENTS.

wolf at gate2

Agree with 9, but I would have jarvis if fit instead of friend. As for Ward not impressed on Tuesday, better off sitting somewhere in the stands. Tries hard, but just does not contribute. The defence & left back position looks much better with Hill - he knows what he is doing !


1. Shush.

Up The Wolves!!


Wolvesalltheway, 1-0 you say. Now that's confidence for you. Top vs bottom and you are predicting a 1-0. Can you imagine a Man U supporter saying they will beat WBA 1-0- you are having a laugh. I say at least 3-0 against Charlton. We have the team, the spirit and the fight to beat these guys comfortably. 3-0 to the Wolves. KEEP THE FAITH!


No 9 Wolvesalltheway. Braveheart 1 - 0

Someone is due a tonking it could be our next guests IWELUMO well overdue SEB a hatrick?

5-0 get your shirt on it!


Ward your not good enough to sweep the stands.

No way are you better than the Acadamy kids.


12 - you clearly didn't go to swansea away. Friend was so out of his depth at left back he was switched with Ward midway through the first half. Thank god your not manager!

JJ - the original

Friend and kights for me on the wings (i am not yet overly confident with Friend at left back on his reserve and first performances there) and still not sure on Hill (didnt see him against Ipswich though).

LB - Ward, LW - Friend, RB - Foley, RW Kights

Jarvis is great when he is on top of his game and fit so if not 100% i would keep him on the bench.

But i pray the midfield remains with Jones and Edwards and that big Chris gets the start.

ledbury wolf

somebody is going to get a big big big beating before long and i think if we play as we did against ipswich,i think charlton are going to be the unfortunate ones!

gotta feel for them as they are 'doing a leeds!' but i wouldnt expect anything less than 3-0.


Shut up just win WIN win WIN win WIN win WIN CHAMPIONS!


same old story one game at a time since crimbo

now i am getting worried


He's my Friend, he's my very best Friend..........lol if you weren't at Sheff Wed you wont get that...........

mad tunna

calm down lads,there,s 23 other teams in our league who would love to be in our position. lets keep the faith and leave the squeeky bum time to alex ferguson.deep in my heart i do believe we shall over come some day.


19) Yes I did mate. We had no recognised forward line and this I think was his debut.

You obviously was not at Blues, Palace and Sheff Weds. He is quality in the making!

Cornish Wolf

We really do need to work on the goal difference.

Remember what happened last season!

Even so, I really do think that keeping it tight at the back is top of the list for the next few games. Goals will always come with this team.

Up The Wolves

Big rich wolves

Keep it going lads,I am confident we will get in the big league,super gold and black will go up as champions.

Ron Davies

Blue to lose and Reading to draw - at best!

Wolves going into Blues game with a six-point advantage and then a win:-) 9 points ahead - job done..............we are PREM


I reckon if we can avoid defeat at the Blues then we could have it wrapped up in five games! Failing that the Reading Blues match last game of the season could be a humdinger!!!!

Micky moo

Friend has to start - he was gr8 at Palace and sheff Wed ..

Jones and edwards in midfield

Iwelumo to break his 3 month drought..

rock and Roll 4-2 ....Up the Wolves


Ward knows he is certain of his place MM Will make room for him one way or another,Seriously though every game now is a big one maybe three wins away from promotion.Lets look forward to a good win tomorrow.