Tesco starts parking blitz

"Magic eye" sensors will be used to identify motorists clogging up parking bays at a Kidderminster supermarket and forcing shoppers to seek spaces elsewhere.

Tesco"Magic eye" sensors will be used to identify motorists clogging up parking bays at a Kidderminster supermarket and forcing shoppers to seek spaces elsewhere.

The new technology is going on trial at Tesco and bosses say it will improve the way the car park is monitored by the store's parking attendants.

It is the only branch in the West Midlands where the sensors are being piloted. If they prove successful, they will be rolled out to stores nationally.

The sensors will alert parking wardens when a car has been left for more than the two-hour limit.

They are in the form of small, flat, black discs, installed in each space.

The Kidderminster store has the company's "most stringent time limit" because there has been a history of people taking advantage of the free car park to visit the town rather than the supermarket.

Felix Gummer, corporate affairs spokesman for Tesco, said: "Kidderminster is one of a small number stores trialling the new technology.

"It means instead of using a number plate recognition system, we can use the sensors. The technology will sense when somebody has been in the bay for more than two hours and alerts the parking attendant.

"The benefits of this is the attendant does not have to go around recording number plates. They can also police the disabled spaces and the mother and child spaces more efficiently and make sure they are being used properly."

The new technology is expected to go live at the store, near the Weavers Wharf shopping complex, on Monday.

The store trialled an extra hour of free parking in December 2006 after shoppers said two hours was not long enough when doing a big shop and using facilities, like the cafe.

But after receiving complaints from customers unable to find spaces bosses reverted back to the original two hours free parking.

By Heather Large

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Comments for: "Tesco starts parking blitz"


Every little hinders !!!

James Cunnington

As the parent of a small child, i can say there is nothing more annoying than when people without children use the parent spaces. Or when they have a child that is clearly old enough fo them to be able to park in the standard parking spaces.

If this system helps to prevent these people from using these spaces instead of people that need them then i am all for it.

Philip John

Strange story...They say that Tesco is trialing this??? The storein Carmarthen has had this since October 2006. I wasn't aware that it was just testing it. I think it's been used in many near town stores to stop people who work in town using Tesco as a free all day carpark.

Chris Wood

Beverley Store. My wife parked in Tesco the other day at 10.40am and returned at 12.10pm to find a parking ticket issued by this wonderful IT system which is suppose to allow 3 hours of parking. She appealed and was told she had to pay even though we have an independant witness that she was at home when Tesco say she was parked in the store! Of course we all know IT systems dont lie!

amanda gwilym

i am the mum of a two year old and am really annoyed at people who use parent and child spaces who have no children with them.i think these people who clearly have no respect should be fined