Threat hanging over club

The futures of legendary music club JB’s and a bingo hall in Dudley have been thrown into doubt by multi-million plans to revamp the town.

The futures of legendary music club JB’s and a bingo hall in Dudley have been thrown into doubt by multi-million plans to revamp the town.

Key figures behind the ambitious scheme say each site in Castle Hill is likely to form part of the long-term masterplan, but have dismissed rumours that owners would be forced to sell-up in the near future.

The owner of JB’s, Sam Jukes, today said he had been fielding concerned calls about the club’s future from as far afield as the United States.

Plans include ploughing £100 million into redeveloping Dudley Zoo and Castle, with to create a modern “gateway” to the town.

But although there are no immediate plans to issue compulsory purchase orders on JB’s or Gala, regeneration bosses believe neither of the buildings are in keeping with the new image.

Dudley Zoo chief executive Peter Suddock said JB’s and Gala bingo had been excluded from short term plans for the zoo’s redevelopment, but the long term picture was less clear.

“If you are going to have a modern image, then something will need to be done to these buildings because they are not part of the gateway,” he said.

Read the full story in the Express & Star.

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Comments for: "Threat hanging over club"


Who gets to decide what the 'new image' is? Unelected or unaccountable idiots in these regeneration companies, most likely collaborating with businessmen obsessed with making a profit on land development. To hell with local history or tradition.

I can imagine the reaction when JBs gets replaced with a Starbucks or Subway.

Dudley Bloke

What a shame if it was forced to close, being the longest running music club in the Blackcountry/West Midlands, with many a famous act gigging there.

I was one of the first ones there when it first opened in 1970 at the Dudley football grounds clubhouse or should I say Hut.

I don't know about "to hell with local history and tradition" Ulysses, JBs is a part of Dudley's history, so I would imagine the Developers would take an account of these small venues. Well one would think so!

Sam, don't move it to the States. LoL

Local Girl

JB's has been a part of Dudley for so long and if it was to be shut down it would be shutting down a part of the history of the town!

I've been going there every thursday night since I was 17 and so have many others.

It's become a way of life for me and so many of the people of Dudley and the surrounding area.

I can't see JB's being shut down without a MAJOR protest being made by the people that go there.

I hope that this Peter Suddock and his money hungry chums realise that JB's wont't go down without a fight, and a big one at that!!!