Britain ‘seen as a soft touch’

Click here to read the full transcript of Nigel Hastilow's column which appeared in Friday's Express & Star. After the column was picked up by the national media Mr Hastilow was forced to resign as Prospective Conservative Candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis but has refused to apologise. Read the article and then tell us your views and don't miss Monday's Express & Star to find out why he resigned.

wd2136941nigel-hastilow-1.jpgThe full transcript of Nigel Hastilow's column which appeared in Friday's Express & Star. After the column was picked up by the national media Mr Hastilow was forced to resign as Prospective Conservative Candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis but has refused to apologise. Read the article and then tell us your views and don't miss Monday's Express & Star to find out why he resigned.

The woman on the doorstep speaks in sorrow, not anger. Her daughter has split up from her husband and is now a single parent with two young children.

They all live with granny because the daughter and her kids have been refused a council house.

And, according to granny, that’s because all the available accommodation has gone to immigrants.

The house is full. Granny looks a bit worn down by her new lodgers. The novelty of having the little ones to stay is clearly wearing off.

The family seems resigned to the fact that nobody will do anything to help. They have more or less given up complaining about the way we roll out the red carpet for foreigners while leaving the locals to fend for themselves.

When you ask most people in the Black Country what the single biggest problem facing the country is, most people say immigration. Many insist: “Enoch Powell was right”.

Enoch, once MP for Wolverhampton South West, was sacked from the Conservative front bench and marginalised politically for his 1968 “rivers of blood” speech warning that uncontrolled immigration would change our country irrevocably.

He was right. It has changed dramatically. But his speech was political suicide. Enoch’s successors in Parliament are desperate to avoid ever mentioning the issue.

It’s too controversial and far too dangerous. Nobody wants to be labelled a racist. Immigration is the issue that dare not speak its name in public.

Yet everywhere you go, you hear the same story.

There are simply too many people competing for the space, houses, benefits, public services and jobs this country has to offer.

It’s claimed we couldn’t survive without immigrants to work in our hotels, pubs and restaurants, to pick our fruit and clean our hospitals.

But that’s because we make life too easy for the five million or more people who could be working but enjoy life too much living off the state.

Why are 1.65 million people unemployed when it seems as if there’s a job for more or less anyone who wants one? Why are 2.4 million people claiming incapacity benefit when society is getting healthier?

In the past they would have been accused of “swinging the lead”, “skiving”, “scrounging” or “cheating”. Now we’re told they need “up-skilling” and then they would be only too happy to work (but for their bad backs).

We only need so many Polish waitresses because so many people who were born and bred in Britain can’t be bothered to work. This week we have seen a slight but important shift. Immigration has come out of the closet.

Even David Cameron, the most liberal Conservative leader for decades, has decided it’s safe to discuss immigration openly.

This is not about race; it’s about numbers. I have been lectured on this, on separate occasions, by several Asian Britons. They argue that their families came to this country to work hard, get on, pay their taxes, earn a living.

Today, far too many immigrants – they tell me – wheedle their way into Britain in order to benefit from the generosity of our welfare state.

Asian Britons resent this as much as anyone.

And no wonder. Does anybody in the country really want to see our population grow by almost half a million every 12 months so that in 24 years’ time it will have increased by almost 11 million?

Do we really want to see the country devastated by another three million houses or more over the next 12 years? Up to two thirds of these houses are only needed to cater for immigrants.

How on earth can we afford to meet other costs – council housing, roads, hospitals and schools – linked to this staggering increase in the population?

Do we really want increased taxes to meet the increased costs of an increasing population?

We must police our borders. Deport without debate bogus asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants. Abandon the “human rights” merry-go-round.

Tell the EU we won’t take anyone from Bulgaria or Romania or any other country which wants to “join Europe”. And get rid of the 11,000 foreigners in our jails.

Alas, the Government hasn’t got a clue how many people it has let in already.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, the MP for Redditch, humiliatingly apologised this week after claiming 800,000 migrant workers had come to Britain since 1997. Turns out the real figure is 1.1 million.

First we’re told immigrants took 30 per cent of the 2.7 million jobs created in the past decade. Then the official figure was increased to 40 per cent. Now it’s 52 per cent – making Gordon Brown’s promise of “British jobs for British workers” look pretty silly.

It’s all guesswork, and the Government has even less of a clue how many illegal immigrants there are.

Of course it’s right that we share the international burden of caring for genuine refugees fleeing persecution and death. But we’re being exploited. Britain is seen around the world as a soft touch.

We must remember that, as the grandmother I was talking to the other day pointed out, charity begins at home.

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Comments for: "Britain ‘seen as a soft touch’"


here here

so much of this speech is right, it isnt racism but its the immigrants who come here and live off the state taking council houses and using the nhs,

the EU is a shambles at best!

we should not be part of it and the human rights act is useless in this day in age!

John Rhodes

It's about time someone stood up and told the truth. Enoch powell was right then. so is Mr Nigel Hastilow now. It's about time something was done.


Such a pity that this guy has had to resign - he should be PM and we shouldn't be affraid to say out loud that everything he wrote here is true. We have all become to frightened of upsetting the "do-gooders". Time to close the gates and turf out those who have NO RIGHT to be here.


Good on you Nigel. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying.

For reasons beyond their control, my brother's family were made homeless. With 3 young children, they were put into a one room hostel. For 18 months they had to deal with low-lifes and depression brought on by their ciscumstances. This family were a genuine British family in need, and yet we saw refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants come and go before them. They never received an offer of accomodation from the council. After 18 months they could take no more, and found a privately rented property. The rent charged is very high, and though they work, times are hard. But the council's response now? We can't help you now either as you have 'suitable', albeit overcharged, accomodation.

This country is a joke.


hastilow is right, if our spineless cons leader had half as much backbone i would vote for him, it is a great loss for the con party, i could go on, but leave it at that,


Every single word written above by Mr Hastilow is the truth. For a long time now people of this country have known about this truth. The problem is if that you speak out about the truth, with a genuine worry about the numbers arriving and those that take advantage of our proud country, you seem to be automatically branded a 'racist'. Which is definately not the case. The government doesnt seem to be doing anything about controlling the numbers arriving, and while the government will keep handing out handsome benefits, then these numbers will continue to arrive. Something needs to be done now to control the immigration problem, for the sake of this countries infrastructure, not because we are racists.

We need more people like Mr Hastilow because of his guts to tell the truth.

up with it fed

I am outraged that Mr Hastilow has resigned. He has done nothing wrong.

I would point out that one of the reasons for Welsh and Scottish seperatism is the uk governments attitude to immigration. They do not wish to be swamped like England.We can no longer rely on any political parties to halt decline in England. It is now up to the public to organize and take the fight back to these traitors at Westminster.People power.


As an Asian Briton, who was born here in Wolverhampton I totally agree with Mr Hastilow. My Grandparents came to England in the late 1940's. My grandfather worked at goodyears from the day he arrived in this country until the day he retired with a state pension. My father also worked at various foundries within the Black Country and not once did either of them scrounge from the state. But to know see our local area and the country as a whole infiltrated by Immigrants who are milking the system, it makes my blood boil. I do not see how this Ex MP's Views are seen as racist, as the problems are not down to one race, they are not even to do the colour of there skin. The problem is that they are not interested in living the british way of life, they are turning our streets and area's into the shabby poverty stricken areas that they have come from............ Seems no-one has the right to have an opinion anymore. The Country is going to the Dogs......

adam morris

This guy should be PM and not resigning.

He's talking sense not PC crap to keep the do gooders happy.


Fair play.... At last someone who is willing to speak out and voice the concerns of the nation. Immigration is out of hand, and needs to be tackled. He should be applauded not forced to resign!!

Dudley Bloke

The forcing out of Conservative Mr Hastilow over mentioning a speech made in the 60s is a complete disgrace. It just shows you how free speech and democracy has been stifled by New Labour. The only word he probably should not have used in this political correct age is blood.

He is only raising the issues most concerning to the folk of the Black Country and in every County of England. Well done to him

If it wasn’t for “New Labours incompetents” in dealing with the problem the folk in these areas would not be raising the issue. In the 60s immigration was in the tens of thousands, in 2007 it is hundreds of thousands. There are reports of thousands of migrants waiting on the coast of France for there chance to get across the channel and what is New Labour doing.........NOTHING.

The only resignations should be from the incompetents in charge of this mess.


Did John Howard have to resign when he made similar points to the Aussies, did he hell.

We are not allowed to say what we think, that the country is being ruined by immigration. This issue has to be debated in realistic language and if this upsets a few then so be it.


Mr Hastilow, at last. A realist. Im not racist but England is famous for everything you have said.

Id vote you prime minister for your views and guts. Not the Ostrich in charge now.


Unfortunately in this day and age we are all to scared to say anything because we would be accused of being racist or politically incorrect. We are not being racist we are just saying it as it is, it is a refreshing change to hear someone state the obvious but because Mr Hastilow has done this he is now being frowned upon .It's a shame there are not more like this gentleman who are willing to put their neck out on the political block but unfortunately a lot of the politicians that have been elected by "US" the voter are to yellow to say enough is enough and stop England becoming the dumping ground of Europe with immigrants.

At the end of the day we are an island we cannot keep taking immigrants in, the government are clueless to how many are being allowed in and how many are coming in illegally .

We used to be Great Britain but it's not so Great any more unless you are an immigrant because you get everything handed to you on a plate .

We are a soft touch and we need an elected voice to stand our corner and be our voice before our island sinks !

Nigel (Scotland)

It's sad that the tone of this article is bound to attract the comments of people who have racist tendencies. Does it not occur to many that the wealth of variety of colours, customs and creeds actually enriches this country? If I were to leave the UK to find a new life abroad, it wouldn't be because of immigration; it would be because of the intolerance of many of the indigenous population. An intolerance that, quite frankly, sometimes leaves me ashamed. My fear is that kids today are going to pick up the unfounded fears of their uninformed parents, and use immigrants as easy targets for their perceived frustrations. Attitudes will change, as the older generations die away, but for now, more tolerance should be encouraged through education. I take, and judge, people as I find them, not because of their colour or origins.

Patricia Bright

What courage Nigel Hastilon has shown. If only our MP's had his backbone. I agree with everything he said. I would say in particular to the working class whose areas many immigrants to this country settle in..take heart, use your vote. You are not powerless to change the situation. Labour has not for one moment, considered the affect mass immigration has had in your communities. Think about how they live with all their perks at your expense, and how you live? VOTE THEM OUT FOR CHANGE. Patricia Bright


I dont thinks its all down to the immigrants because they do work hard and pay there taxes.They dont live off the goverment (Not ALL PEOPLE) and the government likes then all paying the taxes when it come to it. As the brits who where born here can not be bothered to work and do live off the state.


1000 somali's on benefit's in England make's Scotland's unemployment figures look not so bad.

A good example:

34% on unemployed in London are white british.

84% of unemployed in scotland are white british.

Andrew Popovitch

Why are you saying that what he's saying is the "truth"?

What evidence have you got? Have you yourself applied for housing and got it in writing from a Council or Social Landlord that "sorry, your house is going to an immigrant rather than you?"

No, of course you haven't.

So why are you willing to believe these things? Perhaps it's y our own prejudices?

Here's a word of advice for all the people whingeing about immigrants: stop reading The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and The Express & Star. Suddenly, your life will be lifted of the burden of oppressive gloom and scaremongering, and you will cease to be oppressed by the misinformation and sensationalism which they peddle to you, in order to outrage you so you buy their papers.

If you stop reading the nonsense, and use your eyes and your ears to understand the world, you won't be half so depressed, angry and you'll save yourself a heart attack.

Who do you think picks the vegetables that ends up on your plate each day? Who do you think looks after your granny in her care home? Who do you think is building the schools or roads near you? Who do you think is busy working away packing those parcels you've ordered online for Christmas? Yes, immigrants. Think about that before you start foaming at the mouth because of something you've read in the Express & Star.

Think some more about the fact that Britain is the 4th largest economy in the world - primarily due to the face that as an Empire we raped and plundered half the world and still haven't made amends. Don't you think it's the least we can do to give some of our ill-gotten gains back to the people we've robbed?

Then think some more about where British companies are investing your pension and insurance funds; about how British companies keep the costs of the goods you buy in the shops down by using foreign labour; about how can buy food all year round imported from overseas; about how shops can sell clothes for next to nothing because their made by kids in China and Bangladesh for peanuts.

You benefit from this global economy. You do very nicely from it. Our economy is still growing in the face of all this "crises", crime rates are at an all time low in the face of all the "outrages" you're reading about.

It is childish, immoral and faintly ridiculous to call bigots like Hastilow purveyors of "truth" when all he wants is your votes. Of course he'll say whatever it takes to get your votes - even if that means sensationalism, spreading lies, bigotry, prejudice and narrow-mindedness.

Shame on your for lapping it up, lapdogs.

Patrick Harris, English Democrat

Well done Mr. Hastilon, you would be foolish to leave politics with such a large following, I know one English Party that would be glad of your services. Keep at it.

Phil Burton

Well said Nigel, you are not a racist. I share you views and I am not a racist.

This country is now far too unbalanced:

Millions out of work claiming benefits, yet millions of migrants working here also claiming benefits - it simply doesn't make any sense.

Please Nigel, stand as an independant candidate, or even better, form your own party with the sensible notions of the majority of Britons, defending our rights, speaking for us, speaking sense, yet without the racist bigotry of the BNP. Such a party would prove a huge success as it would strike a chord with the man on the street who no longer feels labour or the tories are any more than bare face lyers.

Glenn Beckett

Enoch Powell was right at the time, and so is Nigel now, blatantly so. Why are the nationals and the political powers up in arms? Why deny the truth? Yet more pc crap again.


Well done Nigel Hastilow, pity he could not get to stand in Wolverhampton South West, I'm sure he would get it back for the Tories.

Ray G

What was said 40 years ago as been proven right,it's a pity that a man can't say what the majority of people think with out being called a racist by this bungling goverment


Although I agree with a number of the comments made in the above article, I strongly suggest that we should look at our UK born residence first. If we analyse all those on benefits and unemployed, I’m pretty sure that there will be a high proportion trying to cheat the system. Maybe the government should work towards reassessing benefits available and reviewing screening processes, to make sure cases are genuine. How much of our taxpayer money is wasted on non-British residence and lazy British residence. By reviewing this system, maybe we can get more British people out to work then we wouldn’t have to call on our neighbouring countries for help.

It’s always easier to point the finger at others, but the problem is that a certain percentage of this generation is happy to sit on their arse and claim off benefits and the system is happy to support them.

People that are willing to work and fund this ludicrous system will soon leave for a better standard of life… where will that leave the UK??


The word racist is used by the PC gang to stifle debate.Enoch forcast the future in 1968 with great vision of what this land would become.For his efforts he was sacked by Ted Heath,a true traitor to Britain,like the Labour party.In a true democracy the people of this land,Subjects not citizens should decide,while we still have a Queen.


This is nothing to do with racism, if people are willing to work and earn there keep and put in to the country they are getting so much out from then that is fine. However there are only so many people who can live in one country we are an island and very small compared to many countries. We need to not let any more in as we are bursting with people. Everyone in this country should work and pull there weight that includes the hundreds of british people who sit around doing nothing and living off the rest of us who go to work every day!!!

adrian perryman

Hear Hear just an extra comment a packing firm in Dover was employing English and eastern european workers from an agency when a permanant poision at this firm became vacant it was the eastern europeans that got the job because the firm was payed 5000 pounds to take on immaigrants .

Lee Hodson

Mr Hastilow is right and should not have resigned. It isn't racist to state a fact; but it is prejudicial to force him to resign for stating it. few people are concerned about those immigrants who arrive, pay for their accommodation and life style with their own funds and work for additional funds when needed. People object to those (including those (indigenous or not) here born) who expect tax payers to fund them and give them accommodation, education and care at the expense of those self same tax payers. When an immigrant arrives and attempts to claim benefits as-soon-as his (and his family's) feet hit the tarmac he (and his family) should be turned around, sent back then billed for wasting resources; immigrants who willfully commit crimes should be forced out too; and, an EU wide scrounger-and-time-waster notice should be served to other EU nations to prevent EU resources being squandered on that immigrant type. Our MP's should lobby this to protect the our interests by preventing the scroungers from ever being positioned to scrounge. Again, we should look to Rome and follow her brave lead with her immigrant population.

Immigration has been good for the U.K in many ways. It has brought variety to us. It has enabled us to liberalize our tolerances of our social norms. It has brought new ideas and new stock to our genetic make up. The downside has been caused by the poor decision making effected by our governors governing for their selves instead of the governed.

As for the EU, look at other member states - the EU is not the cause of the U.K's problems, our government, councilors and selves are...

Tony Cave, Hong Kong

My parents' generation fought a 6 year war against the Nazis so that we could enjoy free speech and also to protect our British way of life. The PC brigade has now so bullied and terrified our so-called politicians so that almost nobody now has the courage or the opportunity to speak out for the UK's best interest. Indeed if they do speak out in our "democratic" society (what a joke!) then inevitably what happened to Nigel Hastilow automatically happens to them; the PC Nazis bay for their blood like the UK-haters that they truly always have been. Nigel, thanks for being so forthright and caring about the UK; you wrote NOTHING for which you should be ashamed and I agree with a previous comment; we need someone like you to voice the truth and to lead the country at this desperate time.


Well done Nigel at last we have a man with the character to stand up and be counted.

Mr Nigel Hastilow should be reinstated.

Steve K

Mr Popovitch, meet me next saturday in any town or city in the area and I'll show you what Mr Hastilow is talking about. Take your rose tinted spectacles off and see the real dirty,shoddy world that is out there!

wall heath wolf

I was always lead to believe that this was a democracy and it was my duty to vote because of the sacrifices many made that I could vote. Now it strikes me that the voice of the majority is being "hushed" with the minority calling any one who doesn't agree with the agenda they enforce upon the majority racist. Totalitarianism in the name of the loony left? Let the people who make the decisions that affect so many of us leave their country piles (set in 500 acres) come and live in the inner cities and experience first hand the results of their idealogical crap!!!!!


in reply to some of these comments but how can we even begin to look at the british born people who do nothing when we cant even control those coming in who do nothing and live on benifits and who we cant deport because of the human right act? without this act the country could be run to a higher standard with police being able to do more, leaving teh eu would give us our rights back to deport those who failed teh immagration rules but sayed in the country


Nigel - You try and get an American visa. Very difficult. They believe in looking after their own before others.

What is wrong with that. If you dont do this first then you will end up with a country in the state ours is in today. Dont even get me started with tax.

Just because people have views which dont follow your own it doesnt mean they have "racial tendancies", the fact of the matter is Imigrants are everywhere, legal and illegal but England seems to be the country they target because of its lax laws.

You cant say the English people are racist just because they think there are too many imigrants.


He's the only M.P that has said what many people of this great country have been thinking and saying for years


Mr Hastilow you are correct. It is an absolute outrage that you are forced to resign. I am not a racist and unless the Government and so called 'do gooders' of this country wake up to what is happening, the consequences of uncontrolled immigration unfair housing allocations, overcrowded schools, extreme pressures on the health service and wilful neglect of the indigenous population, culture and heritage will result, as Enoch predicted, a mass uprising and the so called 'cohesion of society' will be lost indefinatley if it ever existed. 'Wake up' people and voice your concerns and support our politicians.


I well remember the furore that followed the original Powell speech that weekend in 1968, and it is a measure of the sensitivity of the whole immigration subject in the UK, that it still reverberates and echoes nearly 40 years later. The usual suspects in the left liberal tendency that control much of our media these days, and with their usual knee jerk reaction are once more baying for blood this weekend. I wonder however if this time they have shot their fox and this might mark a turning point in the whole debate - time will no doubt tell.


Mr Hastilow is not a racist just a realist. He should not have resigned but as usual in this country if you express your opionion and it can be seen as controversial but true you have to pay for it. This country has got no loyality to genuine english people. The migrants are allowed to act as they like for fear of reprisals of racism - racism is two way not one way. Wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late for this country. Mr Hastilow was only stating a well known true fact - well done for saying it. Most politicians are only in it for themselves and dont look after constituants like they should.

Fred Bishop

The Politically correct triumph again.

Only the English people can resolve this state of self-hating bigotry that pervades our government, institutions and education system..

Only by supporting non-racist, patriotic parties will we ever get rid of the people who are doing so much damage whilst pretending to represent the people of England.

Nigel was right to point out the problem, Enoch was not a traitor, you will find those among the current spineless amoebas that enjoy lucrative jobs and pensions in Westminster.

If Nigel wants to find a true home he should look no further than the English Democrats party who are fighting for their Country.


Have you noticed how everytime someone talks about immigration there is the statement that "I am not racist"...

If this isnt about race is there any need to point that out...ah I know why we say that, because the person reading it is thinking it and you are too probably.

Lets talk about honesty, you are all soooo quick to say you are not racist and this is really about numbers...why dont you start looking closer to home and UK born brits and the amount of tax payers money wasted! How many immigrants do you know binge drink and attack NHS workers when they have had abit too much? How many immigrants do you know get themselves locked up on a weekend for being too drunk, draining our emergency services? This country is SCREWED and you really cannot BLAME immigration for that, yes immigration is also messed up, but please, get a sense of realisation, its down to us, you me, your siblings...and thats the first problem that needs addressing.

Dudley Bloke

Here we go again!!

A couple of the messages above trying to make excuses! "The British Empire pay back! British Nationals Benefits!!! Daaaaaaaaaaaaa

The facts of the problems created by Mass immigration, it's simple folks; The NHS,Housing,Education and law and order....More people more resources, where are they coming from!!

Kenneth Turner

I agree totally with Nigel's comments.

We regularly receive requests from parents and grand parents in respect of housing needs and his comments, nor mine, when I am asked similar questions are racist but simply common sense. He drew reference to non workers of all races.

Well done Nigel and please listen to the members of your association and continue on your excellent campaign to gain elected at next General Election.


He talks like a journalist rather than a prospective MP. He (in the current climate, sadly, mistakenly) thinks an MP should communicate inwards the concerns and thoughts of his constituency voters. Nowadays, an MP is simply a mouthpiece for the central party to say what it wants people to think and little more.

Immy Grant

Don't worry Nigel, you can still stand for parliament. I'm sure the BNP would welcome your views.


Well said Amo - If people want to live and work in this country they should follow the British way of life, after all, when my friends moved to Spain a couple of years ago the whole family had to learn Spainish, work the same hours etc as the Spainish and live the Spainish way of life.

John N

If Cameron had had the guts to back Nigel - we would win back our "lost" voters who are currently voting BNP. Re-instate him now!

thomas chong

ExpreSS and Star readers - if you are not do-gooders, what does that make you?

An article like this always shows the deeply predjudiced town I used to be proud of, and the opinions shown make me ashamed to be british. What did the one guy above say, I must hate this country? joker. I love britain, I just find the british intolerable.


Steve k said. Mr Popovitch, Meet me next saturday in any town or city in the area and I’ll show you what Mr Hastilow is talking about. Take your rose tinted spectacles off and see the real dirty,shoddy world that is out there

Steve ,Wear a white coat and go in a black van ,take him off and do us all a good deed .

Rob Wolf

He his right.

Political correctness(lies) must end to get this country back to the greatness it once was.

pete smith

Dear me!! This has brought out the racists.

Do you notice that they always say "I'm not a racist but....."

The truth of the matter is we live in a global economy where people migrate around the globe - brits retire to france, spain etc, we move to australia, new zealand etc.

According to the racists this is OK because in some way we are superior to those who want to migrate to the UK.

Get real!.


We should be saying thank you to Nigel. He speaks the truth. I work with Polish and Albanian workers, we have Polish workers who are claiming child benefit and their kids have never been to England. They all have a flat or house to live in. Yet people who i know have marriage problems and need somewhere to live have been told there is no chance, yet they have paid into this country all of their life 45yrs + and now they need a little help they cannot have any. It stinks and it is wrong. Again well said Nigel, if the party had backed you they would win the next election.

John Reed

Despite the suppression of free speech,millions of indigenous British say Enoch Powell was ,and will be proven to be right in his 1968 reference to Virgils roman.

Bob Hossack

Well said, Nigel. Just because some find what you say unpalatable, doesn't stop it being true - and although you will be hounded for daring to say it, just ignore them. 'Racism'is just a meaningless catch-all word New Labour throw about whenever their policies are criticised.

red cross,white background

i'm from rowley regis & won't be voting tory now! the poor bloke was only telling the truth & it is an outrage that this has happened to him.i just wish there were more politicians like mr.hastilow.


thomas Chong said ,.I just find the british intolerable.

Move then and live with people that you can tolerate, have you told your neighbours yet.

Ken Johns

I hope nobody here minds a comment from overseas. I am British and have lived in Austria for almost 20 years. Watching the UK descend into a political mess doesn’t surprise me and even though we too suffer some politically correct nonsense over here, it’s nothing like the grip it has on British society. Nigel Hastilow’s comments were neither racialist, nor “unwise” (as some Tories are labeling it!). The immigration issue is affecting the whole of Western Europe and the fault lies primarily with the EU and its totally idiotic empire building and flowery visions, which are neither feasible, nor desired, by an overwhelming majority of the population. The free access to Western Europe by the Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles and whoever else, was an unmitigated disaster orchestrated by the EU without any idea what they were unleashing on all of us. The Deadly-Duo (Blair and Brown) actually encouraged the immigration and idiotically estimated that just a few thousand would arrive. Brown is now pushing for Turkey’s full membership against all the warnings from Austria, Germany and France that this is an even bigger disaster just waiting to happen.

The trouble with politicians today is that party political arguments take precedence over common sense and the constituents. It’s all so nice at election time when they are promising the earth, but it’s quickly forgotten afterwards when selfish ambition takes over.

I quite believe that if Nigel Hastilow stood as an independent Conservative, he would easily win! It would be a wake-up call to the likes of Cameron, and for that matter Brown as well. It would certainly stir a change of mood in the electorate to discover there may be an alternative way after all.

Neil Craig

There is nothing remotely racist in this. The people who come in for the slagging are Brits on the dole/disability.

I suspect the London media have chosen to make this distortion to make a scapegoat of Hastilow precisely to prevent future discussion of immigration.


Pete Smith said Do you notice that they always say “I’m not a racist but….

What are you on about, nobodys said that, you've posted on the wrong thread get reall and read the comments


At last someone say's what the man/woman on the street have ben saying for a long time. Resign ??? The man should run "our" country

Michael Pearce

In any democracy the need for the right of free speech and thought is paramount, as long as it falls in line with the goody two shoes and follows the 'butterfly patch' where everything is rosy, when clearly that is not the case.Mr Hastilow has chosen to put into writing what a large percentage of people think, and unfortunately the term 'racist' in it's literal meaning is no longer accepatble in our wonderful society. The term racist is now viewed as what anybody believes to be racist is racist.What a load of old tosh. The 1000's of persons taking part in the Remeberance Sunday parades up and down the country will no doubt be overjoyed that they have spent the majority of their life in pain, in darkness, with limbs missing, nightmares about dead comrades, for what?. For the blinkered, all is not well in this Country, we are in conflicts we do not want,and cannot win, are taxed to death, and the scrounbgers , liars cheats, drug dealers, and robbers live off our sweat and toil. So I remember what my old Grandad used to say. "Theres them that'll work, and them that'll let 'em" Mr Hastilow has his point of view, nobody said anyone had to accept it, but RESPECT IT! It is his right

Dave Philips

At last, someone with a good head on their shoulders. He gets my vote for Prime Minister!


Is what Nigel Hastilow has said any different to what Labour MP Margaret Hodge said when speaking on the same subject in May? She was not disciplined by her party leadership. Is what he said any more "inflammatory" than Gordon Brown crying out "British jobs for British workers". His party applauded him for uttering the kind of fatuous sound bite that could just have easily have rolled from the lips of Nick Griffin.

I believe the only way we will ever defeat racism and wipe out the BNP is to speak the truth about immigration - to tell it as it is; indeed, as the people of Halesowen & Rowley Regis see it. This I believe Nigel Hastilow sincerely sought to do. It is therefore sad that the leadership of his party has seen fit to publicly humiliate him the way it has.


I totally agree - its not a matter of racism, its time to say enough is enough. We have to use our resoucres for the good of our own county- get people off benefits that should not be on them put them in the jobs the outsiders are taking. Not only will it give them self eseem it give our own county a healthier outlook, less lazy in mind and body.

The whole dynamic of the country is being changed and we our in danger of losing our own identity along the way.

There is no other county in the world that would sit back in silence and give up its, culture, jobs, health service, housing and much more at the expense of its own people.


The only person who's made a racist comment is Mr. Chong stating he can't tolerate the British poeople!

I hven't seen one thread stating people can't stand or tolerate the immigrants/eastern europeans coming into the country can you?

Roz Wolves

I fear by stifling people's right to speech on this subject we are increasing the chances of a peoples uprising or revolt. Call it what you will, it is going to happen.


How on earth can this article be praised for 'telling the truth'? It contains a series of opinions and assertions that pander to people's stupidities and prejudices. Where is the evidence that the granny's family have been refused a council house because of immigrants? Nowhere. Where is the evidence for the claim that the U.K. is regarded as a 'soft touch'? Nowhere. This article is a deeply cynical bit of engineering. As for the comment from the individual whose parents fought the Nazis - remember it was the Nazis who hated immigrants the most.


For God's sake! This has got NOTHING to do with racism. After all, who wouldn't come to this country when it's so easy to get in and benefits are guaranteed? I don't blame people wanting to better their lives.

But the big issue here is that it is often the British citizen themselves who have to go without. Not enough jobs...Too few houses...Shouldn't we be helping our own citizens first, regardless of religion or race, before we help others?

Why should our taxes be spent on helping people who have just entered the country, when those who have lived here all their lives are in need?


this guy needs to be backed not sacked.the majority of british people are thinking what he has said and it is about time we all stood up and got behind this guy.without a war we have now been taken over by stealth

Chingford Man

It's a totally moderate article. His only mistake was to misjudge the new politics. The essence of politics may be honest, open and robust debate. But if your opinion runs contrary to your party leadership and you wish to remain a candidate then you will be forced to retract your words and accept the vetting of any future ones. No wonder Mr Hasitilow quit.


no no no, a majority of British people are NOT thinking what he is thinking, a group of people who share the same opinions as him agree, if you put this to the rest of the country you will be suprised how many ppl will say that Britains current problems are Britains own fault!

If we got rid of every illegal immigrant in the UK tomorrow do you really believe the UK will revert to sum amazing country...NOT A CHANCE!


nothing suprises me in this pathetic country anymore.

What a shame a man who is prepared to say what the majority think has been silenced.

Neil Sterrett

"Sacked" for speaking the truth and as we know very often the truth is unpalatable to some ie in this case the politicians of whatever persuasion.


Ben, if you are looking for evidence that the UK is a soft touch, maybe ask yourself why thousands of people have congregated in France attempting to get into the UK (...often by dangerous methods) when they were already in a rich safe western country with a good standard of living. Clearly those people think there is a huge advantage to being in the UK.


The Tory party have really shot themselves in the foot by letting Hastilow go. If the party ever want to get into power they need to end immigration. I am also totally fed up with the immigration policy in this country.


Why doesn't Mr Hastilow stand as an independent? I think he might be elected.

Andy Robson

Great Britain has always been an island so why on earth do we need a tunnel to link us with that Euro shower! Get it filled in preferably with household waste and do away with the fortnightly collections, two birds one stone!


Nigel Hastilow has a point but so does Andrew Popovitch.

Go into any job centre or agency and there are plenty of jobs to be had.

Many immigrants are taking them because they are not stupid enough to be unmarried parents. They have pride and have been taught to work hard and be self reliant.

Well educated and ambitious, they share rented houses and pool resources so they can live and send money back home as well.

Each household acts as one instead of a house full of individuals doing as they like.

Nowadays, our young people want to leave home and set up by themselves. They want a place of their own, no sharing and they want to do as little as possible to get it.

They are happy to sponge off the state any way they can and have been brought up to consider it their right to have a roof over their heads, heating, food and clothing all provided for them. All they have to do is sign on once a fortnight.

There is an idle underclass of spongers who are feckless, lead swingers and they've had it too easy for too long.

Incapacity benefit and disability allowance is being abused - issued for people who won't comply with treatment for treatable illnesses and conditions. As long as they stay sick they laughing.

We shouldn't get angry at the immigrants who come here. Many work extremely hard in jobs many of us wouldn't consider doing.

The immigrants who are here (either working or receiving state benefits) are simply exposing our "Shameless" generation who should be thrown out as no use to anyone.

Why blame the rats who come when the trap has been baited so generously?

david holder

Mr Hastilow is spot on, but of course he has to be silenced as his comments are not politically correct. The truth is not easy to accept. Only time will tell!


can you stand for dudley north your the only one i would vote for so hes had to resign for speaking the truth of the people the shower who are in westminster should be behind him good on ya

Nigel (Scotland)

Why are so many people so frightened of "immigrants". Why is "immigrants" such a dirty word? I have several non-indigenous members in my family, and nicer, more intelligent, kind, hard-working, respectable people you couldn't wish to meet. We all share one small planet - let's make an effort to get along and rejoice in, and enjoy, our cultural differences.

Mark Rogers

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Hastilows comments, but the people of the west midlands should've stood by their convictions 30-40 yrs ago when it really mattered.


i agree with what nigel hastilow has said but i think he has been a coward for giving in to these people who do not care one bit for the people of this country it was too late to take back what he said so why not stand has an indepedent i am sure he would have walked it into parliament thereby showing the powers that be what we all think come on nigel have another go stand up for the people of this country because we have not got anyone else to do it

samantha westwood

I agree with nigel hastilow, its about time our goverment stopped leting immigrants into this country.Mr hastilow should be able to voice his opinions without being forced to resign.


Mary should be Prime Minister, she is spot on, alot of you are blaming the state of the UK on one issue when you need to look at what we (the British Public) have allowed to happen to the UK...


I personally want to see more immigration, as long as we make sure that immigrants work then there is no problem. It will only make us more competitive on a global scale. Aside from that we also need to make sure that those British people who currently are too lazy to work also contribute to society, this can be easily achieved by removing benefits of those that make little effort to gain employment.

We have been slow in terms of providing housing, transport, health, and other associated infrastructure that is needed with a rapidly increasing population.

Britain has the space to house a much larger population, but we need to start looking more like Singapore and less like a 16th century village. The idea that we can compete against the up and coming Asian economies whilst trying to preserve some antiquated way of life is ludicrous, and likely to lead to our downfall.

We need to stop “renovating” sub-standard Victorian housing and start building 50 floor condominiums. We need to stop thinking about reducing car travel without actually improving other alternatives. In short we need to stop living in our glorious past and start looking into the future. The day we stop patting our backs for our previous achievements is the day that Britain will finally flourish and surge ahead once more. For instance, the London underground might have been a marvel of engineering; today it is nothing more than an unhygienic embarrassment!

I am by no means saying we should throw away our heritage, but we do need to be choosy about what we preserve.


Can someone tell me, explicitly and in detail, exactly how immigration has helped the economy? Yes, immigrants have filled many jobs in health care, retail, agriculture etc – but without immigration, wouldn’t these posts have been filled by British people, albeit for higher wages? Higher wages would have meant greater spending power for normal people – the nurses, cleaners and labourers of the nation. With reduced demand on housing from fewer people clamouring for a place to live - hence cheaper mortgages/rents - people could better afford to have a family, to enjoy a better standard of life and all the rest of it.

That’s my idea of improving the economy, not forcing us down to the level of sweatshop workers – this Great Economic Innovation lauded by Popovitch and others by which we must work for peanuts or be sacked, quickly replaced by a compliant migrant or with the job out-sourced abroad.

In fact, hasn’t immigration only helped to increase the profits of businessmen, who pay slave wages in return for higher productivity demands? Poorer people face the choice of working harder for less money, (at a time when the cost of living is massively increasing, due to greater pressure on limited resources) – or not working at all. And believe me, the dole is not paradise on earth – you live beneath the breadline, bereft of dignity, and even if you’ve spent years working & paying into the system you get idiots slagging you off as a drain on society. Any wonder the working class of this country is in uproar?

Comments from people like ‘Mary’ don’t help. I’ve been to job centres, many times, and the jobs I’ve seen pay so little that I could barely survive, with all the costs of living. She wants a reality check.

She says that many migrants “work extremely hard in jobs many of us wouldn’t consider doing” – but then criticises young people’s same reluctance to do those jobs for so little money. Hardly consistent, is she? And her comment that youngsters have been brought up “to consider it their right to have a roof over their heads, heating, food and clothing all provided for them” – couldn’t you say the same of pensioners, and they are hardly the most productive part of society, are they?

Young people these days certainly do not have it easy, with low wages, nil social mobility, impossibly-high property costs and criticism – just compare this to previous generations. It is the lives of the ‘baby-boomers’ that were easy. We will pay the cost for your extravagance and incompetence. The country is going to ruin, the climate is destroyed and world is in turmoil after your lot have had your turn at living in this world - yet you have the cheek to slag off the rest of us. Inter-generational blame-games can work both ways.

Adam Hughes

People aren't frightnened of immigrants. People are just fed up to the back teeth of double standards and inequitable treatment, by racist politicianns and people in power. Yes immigrants can be good for the economy and the well being of the nation, after all you will not find a more mongrel nation in Europe than England. We started with the celts, picts, Romans, then Saxons, Vikings Normans etc. However, when indigenous people who have lived here all their lives and paid taxes are refused the same rights and benefits as immigrants (just because they are indigenous), is this not racist and double standards? At least when the BNP are racist they are open about it, unlike the mainstream parties who are covertly racised against the indigenous population.

Steve K

I agree with much that Mr Hastilow has to say and applaud him for his courage and honesty. Mary is also right when she hilights the generations of useless spongers that have worked out how to use and abuse the welfare state that was once the envy of the civilised world.They treat benefits as a right and have no intention whatsoever in doing an honest days work. Unfortunately these young scroungers have been bred and taught by their parents and grandparents how to manipulate the system by feigning illness or producing babies on a conveyor line basis to recieve income. But don't be naive Mary, a lot of immigrant workers home in on the UK due to fact that we are a "soft touch" compared to our european "partners". For instance,how can someone who is a guest of our country claim benefits for family that are not here?? It is not a race problem, it is an economic one. There are simply too many home grown and immigrant spongers bleeding the country and its working population dry! MP'S.....leave your gilded cages in Surrey, Berkshire and the Cotswolds and come into the real Britain. A country that is split between workers and the shirkers!!!

Neil C

Well said Nigel

It's funny that people scream "racism" yet the article is nothing to do with race. Immigrants are all colours. Had he said "there are too many black or Asian immigrants" THAT would be a racist comment.

He has stated a fact that UNCONTROLLED immigration is dangerous. He's right of course.


I think we should have a directly elected Prime Minister

I'll nominate

Nigel Hastilow


I used to work as an immigration/asylum lawyer.I think I know the field. Would someone explain to me please how an illegal immigrant claims state benefits? Or indeed a legitimate (non EU)entrant who has not lived here and paid taxes, NHI etc for his first 5 years here. Is Mr Hastilow after cheap publicity and the BNP vote?

Anglo Jack

Nigel Hastilow should stand as an Independant MP. I have no doubt he will be elected with a massive majority. He might be the first stone that starts the avalanche against NuLabour, mass immigration and the EU. I'd vote for him.

peter henry (notts)

I seem to have missed the 'racist' content of Mr. Hastilow's article, or is it that I am a racist by association/implication. The article is simply pointing up the obvious. There is certainly a place for immigration, and not only for 'white europeans', but it has to be properly managed and debated without the false cry of racism.


Nigel Hastilow - at last someone who speaks for the vast majority of ordinary people. Back him not sack him!

Megan Fitzgerald-Plummer

Mr Hastilow would get my vote, many people would love to stand up and say what He said, but are too afraid to say anything.

A half pint glass will only hold a half pint, then it overflows...

Bill (Bilston)

No one is frightened of immigrants.....and I'll join the 'Im not a rascist' group because ...funnily enough I'm not racsist. I just resent people who dont think they have to play by the rules that are laid down by society.

The people commenting in response to Mr Hastilows comments are just concerned at the numbers of people, immgrants or indiginous population, that refuse to play on the fair side of the tracks.

No one begrudges any one who comes here to work hard and play fair.

If the Government and the Councils did not have to spend so much money on the immigrants then they can spend the money saved targetting the indiginous spongers, supporting libraries and not closing down our schools.

Its like the Police, if those they arrested, received half decent sentences then the Police wouldnt have to clear up after them again 5 minutes after being given a slap on the wrist.

Imagine how many millions are wasted rearresting criminals over and over again. This money could be used to better police our streets.

Realists are just seen as extremists in this Country with an agenda of Mediocraty and misplaced social welfare.

Megan Fitzgerald-Plummer

Why on earth resign? you should be standing for PM

ask the joe public for opinions you would get the majority of votes. He said what most people are too afraid to say

you can't put a pint into a half pint glass


Nigel (Scotland) - no one is suggesting that most immigrants are anything other than decent, honest, hard-working people. Given how many Blair and Brown have let in, it's just as well for us that they are! And yes, you're right, we all share one planet; and I'll happily invite Poles, Romanians, Nigerians or Filipinos to tea any time to enjoy a piece of cake and chat about our different cultures. However - unlike Britain today under New Labour - just please don't all turn up at once (or eat my slice!).


Everyone we know, including people from ethnic minority backgrounds, agree that immigration is a huge problem and has got to stop. This country has deteriorated and services such as education, health and police cannot cope, let alone the financial implications that affect everyone. Benefits are being paid to people who have been refused permission to stay here. Yet years afterwards they are still here. Why aren't they deported immediately? Why are they receiving benefits? When I have travelled to other countries the people there have wanted to know why we are so stupid here and why we allow everyone to take advantage - they don't. We have rights too, so why does no one listen to what we have to say.

Sad boggie.

Instead of moaning about immigrants , which in my view are at to high a number at the moment, get the dole scroungers off there back sides & make them find jobs.If this happenend ,this would slowly halt the working migrants due to no jobs being available. If most of the comments listed are totally based on having no immigrants at what ever cost, then we are living in double standard society look at how many Brits move to Spain! , the spanish are moaning exactly the same.

Black Country family says:

Having read all the comments made it makes us think of all the british lives lost during the two world wars for the freedom of Britain ... where is this freedom now? Totally agree with what Nigel has said ... we need OUR country back!!

paul hazel

I have been a labour supporter for years but i totally agree with nigel and as always the doo gooders have got their way, freedom of speech, my foot, it is ok for people to knock the normal everdsy hard working public but when someone says it as it is then all hell breaks loose, these doo good newspapers are terrified of the truth and will not write what the majority want, yes nigel get some backing and and start a proper peoples party, and not the thugs of the bnp !


I think what most people are trying to say is that 'We don't like scroungers' People who can work, should work regardless of where they are from.

hooray someone who is not afraid to say what we know is true . I have worked all my life .when i had my first daughter my partner and i were told because we both worked we could afford to buy a house .Also at this time i wanted to have a year off too spend with my baby as i wasn't wiling too look for work i was not entitled to benefits my partner had to support me.We did eventually buy an house , but i have watched Englanddecline over the years .We decided to migrate to Australia and it is no easy process you cant just walk in and claim benefits here.My partner had to provide evidence that he had a trade .We all had to go fro medicals and then put an amount of money into a bank account which we could not touch for 2 years .This you would have to use if you fell on hard times. You cannot claim benefits for 2 years .We didnt mind doing all this as we chose to migrate.But i have always wondered why England have always been an easy touch and let anyone in .I would never come back

Mary Jenkins

Good on him for speaking out.

These young immigrants will be our pensioners in 30 years or so then see how the do gooders like it when the money is all gone. I won't be here then, but my kids and grandchildren will be, what a heritage we are building for them! Is it too late to stop it? Somebody has to.


this man should be knighted by the queen

wolvo wench

what he is saying is only what the rest of the country is thinking so i dont think it is right that he had to resign all he is doing is telling the truth but to make a good mp you have to be a lair as they never do as they promise and sprout lies all the time. good for this man that he had the guts to speak the truth even though it cost him his job


Nigel Hastilow has done the country a favour by highlighting a major problem.A rational debate on the matter is needed, but unfortunately our politicians prefer to "sweep the matter under the carpet" which will only benefit the BNP

John Shackley,Lancs

No-one should be sacked for speaking the truth.What has happened to free speech in England.Mr Hastilow is quite correct.Too many politicians are only interested in political correctness to the detriment of common sense.It is time to change direction before the immigrants take us over.


I remember Enoch's speech and I for one believed him. I look around today and see Britain as the dumping ground of the world. Layabouts claim benefits, and get plenty of it, illegal immigrants and alleged assylum seekers get protection, yet the born and bred British who work and pay their way through life are treated like dirt, like second rate citizens who are afraid to speak how they feel for fear of being called racists.

Commonsense says that as an Island we can't take any more, in fact there should be a clean out, but unfortunately, because we have sat back on our backsides not thinking of the future it has allowed left wing luvvies, people with no idea of the 'real' world and loud mouth hooligans to take over the Country, and we are paying the price now.

Until a strong willed man/woman stands up and leads a good Party forward, Britain will sink further into the myre.

God Save Britain, because by heaven we need someone to.

Anne Palmer

I have read Nigel's article in today's E&S and he resigned for the right reasons. The Conservative 'powers that be' no longer live in the real world, they really are out of touch. They have lost far more votes, if they did but know it, from their reaction to his Article, but they have no one else to blame but themselves. The conditions laid down by them, were far too high a price to pay. Sadly, under this present Government and obviously there would be no change with a Conservative Government-although they have blown THAT now-free speech is dead and buried. To have expected Nigel to have the Article's he writes checked by them. WELL! A very sad passing of free speech and journalism which would surely have been missed by us all.

I very foolishly have voted Conservative in the past, yet now I ask myself WHY! WHY did I vote for them when they clearly want to remain in the European Union? "In but not ruled by them", and as long as we remain in we cannot close our borders yet a Country that cannot close its own borders, is no longer a free country. I really cannot understand WHY I have been so stupid to vote for them. I think I hoped they were just naive and that they would wake up "and see the light", but I have to admit now that their quest is quite deliberate, they want the EU to govern this Country, they want the EU to become one great United States, like the USA but it never will for two reasons. There are too many different languages spoken in the European Union, our cultures and laws and way of life are too different. We do not understand one another. The EU was never intended to become a United States like America, but one GREAT STATE. Our MP's also think that that the people of this Country will STILL Vote and pay MP's and their enormous expenses, even though foreigners will be doing our MP's job. For just rubber stamping the EU Orders, laws etc, no chance!. Had I not already made the decision never to vote for the Conservatives ever again, Nigel's little run in with them, would have brought me to the same conclusion anyway.

Colin Crook

How many immigrants and asylum seekers would come to this country if we didn't have a benefit system?

When are we, the people who are born of this country (regardless of their colur or creed) going to have a leader who will put his people first above all others.

Nigel Hastilow, your the man. Get back in the ring and show them what your truly made of!

PJW Holland

Much has been made of one aspect of Mr. Hastilow's article by some. The issue over benefits. It is a pity he chose to vilify a section of this community in support of his argument which otherwise is sound enough. Benefit fraud is recognised to be very minor. The so-called "fraud" initiatives cost many times the amount they ever recover.

Meanwhile the import of cheap labour, in order to undercut our own wage rates, has made it significantly more difficult for people to return to work as and when they do find themselves fit. You might consider the position of those who were persuaded to become "sick" at a late age (in order to fiddle the unemployment statistics) and who now find themselves confronted by institutional ageism coupled with a record of ill-health and a considerable period out of work. What employer is likely to take them on?

Tackle ageism and other forms of prejudice and the problem might well resolve itself. Make compulsory retirement unlawful and a further source of useful labour would become available... with the added advantage that working longer tends to keep people fitter into old age.

Enoch Powell has certainly been proved right. Yes he was dismissed and by the man who committed the most vile act of treason ever perpetrated on this nation.... the fraudulent and illegal entry into a so-called Common Market (in reality a EuroState) and the surrender of vast tranches of our national assets to pay for admission... especially our fish.

mrs edwards

how dare [mary] speak of disability benefits and incapacity benefits being paid out to people who wont comply to treatable illnesses, if you can get in a hospital bed without waiting or see a doctor without waiting then we wouldnt need incapacity benefit tell those whom abuse the n.h.s the drunks

Hong Kong Wolfie

N0. 67 Ben: exactly where did I criticise immigrants in my previous message (#30 so you can find it)?? I am merely asking for the people of this country to be given back Freedom of Speech; something that terrifies the PC Nazis. The very last thing those people want is a free and open debate; bullying is their style. I would be happy to debate with you so long as you don't try to claim or infer offensive words in my statements that simply don't exist. So; do you have the courage to apologise for your unfounded comments??


The right honourable Mr Hastilow (despite his obvious flaw - being Tory, thats another discussion) has my vote. Finally a member of parliament prpepared to respresent the opinion of the majority (the job he was democratically put there to do) and not afraid to speak out for them. A politician with enough backbone and conviction of his beliefs to stand up, be counted and not bow to the PC brigade and do gooders. I am and have been a labour voter but the integrity he has shown as a politician has my respect. My own action against the - illegal immigrants,do gooders, PC brigade and health system cheats was to leave the sinking ship HMS Britain and live half way around the world to a country that frowns upon dole benefit cheats and their ilk, illegal immigrants and believes in a system of equity ( a bit like Britain used to be pre PC if you will).

Jane in Spain

When can we celebrate and support people who are willing to speak the truth about the state of the UK today. We need people in parliament willing to put brits first (no matter what colour or race) We can be a country open to immigration but surely to suit our needs and not just a neverending flow of immigrants we can neither support or account for. No wonder so many brits are leaving the country (me included) In Spain you get nothing for nothing, no welfare, no benefits, no accomodation, unless you work first and pay into the system.


Hastilow is right in as far as immigration has changed Britain irrevocably, as Powell indeed foresaw, but it is the rivers of blood comment which did for the latter. Unfortunately, the linkage has done for Hastilow and I have to conclude his political instincts let him down here. Immigration is a very difficult issue Ask the Spaniards on the Costas who cannot afford all the hip treatment, etc, for ageing (almost all white) recent British arrivals!


Hastilow is so right.

Im In canada at the moment with my partner and am seriously thinking of staying on a perminant basis.

I get no benefits and am having to wait for my work permit to come threw, Do i complain,nope I live by the rules of the land and respect the way of life, Lived in wolverhampton for 29 years, yep i miss the place something real bad, but for me the government are realy letting the british people down im sorry to say.


I agree with the vast majority of the comments posted here. Mr Hastilows article was neither false, inflamatory or racist. I urge you not to stop at just expressing your feelings here but to write or e mail your MP, it doesn't matter what political party, and let them know that Nigels isn't a voice in the wilderness but rather a voice that speaks for the vast majority of the indigenous poulation of these islands. Then maybe they will no longer be able to deny and ignore the justifiable concerns that we have. Who knows if it appears to be of sufficient public interest the BBC may even want to associate themselves with it and then we would have the mic.

Miss Opinion

Comment no 19. Andrew is right, maybe you should get some facts first to back up what you are all saying!! No I dont agree that the man should have resigned, like the Asian Brit who commented I too am a Black Brit whose parents worekd hard in this country etc etc,never had hands outs or council properties and to some extent my parents do resent the fact that eastern europeans and the like are coming over and "sponging" off the state. But let me let you from experience.....

Most of the immigrants who are re-housed are housed into already "ghettoised" areas where they have difficult to let properties - why do they have difficult to let properties? - because they have been refused by White Brits in the first place, instead of knocking these places down they have been offered to immigrants.

Secondly this sponging lark, my parents had a lot of racial abuse when they cam over nearly 50 years ago, saying they were "lazy" etc etc, but they worked, if they was the odd "lazy" caribbean they would all get tarred with the same brush, which is what you lot are doing. How many of you, have your car washed by an "immigrant2? How many of you refuse to work 12 hours shifts - so they give the jobs to immigrants, how many of you accept pay below the minimum wage? - immigrants do. How many immigrants have died in private rented housing because of poor living conditions?

Yes immigration needs to be controlled, but you lot need to get your facts right before you go sprouting off about things you dont know about.....I work in local government - I have the stats.


Miss Opinion, you have the states do you? When the Government itself does not know how many legal or illegal immigrants there are in the county? Well done, maybe you should tell them the answers.

Also I would like to say that I have absolutely no problem with immigrants coming to this country to escape death or persecution, neither do I have a problems with immigrants needing benefit support, housing help, NHS etc for the first couple of months that they come here. What I do object to is the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that come here and scrounge of us, how can the UK be the first safe country for them? Why are we safer than France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany? Because we are soft and give them furnished flats that they do not have to pay rent for, give them grants for cars and clothes; give them travel passes, give them free medical treatment.

I was unemployed for a long time and find it almost impossible to get a job as I lived by myself in a council flat and although the rent was not that high, the shear cost of buying a bus pass, clothes that are suitable for working and then paying all my bills meant that I felt extremely stressed and depressed at the thought of being called a scrounger. Basically what I am trying to say is that nearly everyone needs a helping hand at one point or another in their life, but we British (black, white, brown, yellow - whatever colour/race/religion/sex we are) need to sort out or own country first and give helping hands to British people who do want to work but are finding it hard because of personal or financial problems, before we open our doors wholesale to every newcomer who things that the UK is an easy ride.

This will not be easy, but hopefully we will put the Great back into Great Britain and also help not only ourselves but also people from other countries who are fleeing persecution.


The funny thing is all the morons whos every other sentence consists of "political correctness gone mad" actually think they are the true voice of Britain. Well sorry, but if you were surely parties like UKIP and BNP would be making massive breakthroughs at Westminster? Even during the "golden age" of Conservativism under Thatcher 56% of the UK voted for parties who were committed to increased taxation and immigration. Sorry guys but the rest of Britain is laughing at you!

David Bartley

Comment 47 really does hit the nail on the head.

P Sharma

An excellent column, inspirational in fact; MR Hastilow's voice should be at the forefront of a more open minded society. As a British Asian myself, i am so pleased to hear someone speak clearly about this difficult subject. In my opinion, unfair to have been forced to resign.

Miss Opinion

Fanny - " I have the stats" not the states!!! - the stats on social housing and immigration - NO I DONT HAVE STATS ON HOW MANY IMMIGRANTS ARE IN THIS COUNTRY - I DID NOT SPECIFICALLY SAY THAT! I work in local Goverment and have soe statistics on where immigrants are re-housed which are normally the s***ty areas that no one else will live in. For years Wolves have have hundreds of empty properties in Heath Town, Low Hill etc etc. Now immigrants are displaced there. Oh and before you say there are 10,000 people on the waiting list, ask those people where they are on the waiting lsit for? - probably areas likel castlecroft and finchfield.

Fanny - would you work a 12 hours shift 5/6 days a wek if you were desperate? Why were you unemployed for such a long time??? I have a reasonably good job, but if i lost it tomorrow, I would take a cleaning job or work in the ASDA if i had to!! - GET REAL!


Miss opinion, you mock my spelling, yet you have put 'areas likel castlecroft and finchfield' what happened to the capital letters and what does likel mean?

Also how do you know that I do not work for an organisation that also has answers? Not all of us brag about where we work.

For your information they are waiting list for ALL areas of Wolverhampton, so why are there empty properties? Surely you are not going to say that every single 'White Brits' has refused every empty property? If I was going to take you on your word, then there should be no 'White Brits' anywhere in the 's***ty' areas of town?

Get real and get off your soap box.

Miss Opinion

Fanny - I am not bragging bout where I work- I am just stating a fact and backing up my argument!!! - I already stated I would work in other places if I had to... yet you were moaning about being out of work for a year - do did not seem to respond to my comments about that!!

..People seem to make comments and they do not have any evidence to back up their argument - if YOU LOOK AT THE STATISTICS for deprived areas they are high percentages of ethnics minorities and particularly migrants. A lot (NOT ALL) of people on housing waiting lists DO want areas that are high demand - when there were empty properties elsewhere - some people have claiming to be homeless, but yet state they wouldnt live in a hostel or take a house in Low Hill!!! - Then they have the cheek to moan about asylum seekers taking all the properties.

Dont get me wrong I do agree that immigration has gone mad....But blame the government - not the poor folk who are fleeing war torn countries and famine - thats when the racism starts...






I do not think that I was moaning, and I agree with you about the homeless situation, it is


But I do not think that this is about racism, we need to look at the UK and all its people and get that sorted out before we go wholesale on assylum seekers.

Charity should start at home.

Miss Opinion

Here we go - I'M NOT RACIST BUT........


You're not racist but....

"Comment no 19. Andrew is right, maybe you should get some facts first to back up what you are all saying!! No I dont agree that the man should have resigned, like the Asian Brit who commented I too am a Black Brit whose parents worekd hard in this country etc etc,never had hands outs or council properties and to some extent my parents do resent the fact that eastern europeans and the like are coming over and “sponging” off the state. But let me let you from experience…..

Most of the immigrants who are re-housed are housed into already “ghettoised” areas where they have difficult to let properties - why do they have difficult to let properties? - because they have been refused by White Brits in the first place, instead of knocking these places down they have been offered to immigrants."


You people should not blame the world wide problem of mass population increase on immigrants. If you had a tough life you would want to make it better. It is only fair that they should have the right to come into this country without abuse. They do all the jobs that you would not dream of doing. Jobs that are essential to England's economy and not enough poeple are willing to do!It is an outrage and wrong that all you people believe in this mans upper class rubbish. If you needed to go somewhere for a better life you would not want to be welcomed by people like yoursef? would you?..

Miss Opinion

Fanny and your point is???


That you are the racist one, not me.


If you want to see racism and hatred, visit other countries. This one is a soft touch and enemy no.1 is the white, middle-class, educated citizen..or, to coin a recent political jab: 'too white, too English'. The problem is the people pretending to offer solutions and speak on our behalf. We don't need their lies.


'You people should not blame the world wide problem of mass population increase on immigrants. If you had a tough life you would want to make it better'

..third world populations double every few decades. Britain, Europe and the US are seeing dramatic changes as a result. The environmental impact alone is catastrophic..even worse when borders are virturally non-existent. Propose a solution.


'If you needed to go somewhere for a better life you would not want to be welcomed by people like yoursef? would you?..'

You're stating the obvious. That has no bearing on the fact - fact - that most of the population increase in the US over the next few decades will be due to immigration: 100 just decades. It's time to live in the real world and stop shooting the messengers.


'They do all the jobs that you would not dream of doing.' can only dream of doing the jobs certain staff agencie ARE giving to immigrants. Rubbish I think your name is most fitting..simplistic arguments to appease liberals.

Christine Mason

Andrew Popovitch said "Why are you saying that what he’s saying is the “truth”?

What evidence have you got? Have you yourself applied for housing and got it in writing from a Council or Social Landlord that “sorry, your house is going to an immigrant rather than you?”

No, of course you haven’t"

Yes I have, the son of a colleague of mine has just joined the police force and as part of their training they have to attend an asylum-seekers centre. The lady in charge openly admitted that when she first started the job she enjoyed helping people but was now very disinchanted and said that it was policy to give asylum-seekers priorty. I have also had personal experience and am sick at the way the government turns its back on people who are born and work in this country. Well said Mr Hastilow, you should not have been made to resign and you should be reinstated with immediate effect.


Actual facts: 1) 81% of new jobs had gone to people born abroad (source: DWP latest report). 2) The UK population could almost double to 110 million in less than 75 years (source: Government's Actuary Department).


And something else people should worry about..before long the views on here may be considered as hate. This in a country with the most cameras per head than anywhere else in the world. It is becoming a prison - a prison for those who hold views contrary to the corrupt, the deceiptful..the dangerous. We didn't stand for it in 1939 and we should remember the risks should we fall silent now. It's an economica war.

diane cardwell

i do not feel i am racist, but i do have feeling about all the immigrants coming into this country my belief is if they work for there living as everybody else does then ok my motto work hard reap the rewards, but they dont they automatically get social security for themselves and are able to send child allowance over to their country for there siblings i thought we got that because we were born in britian and what about the dole queue why can we decide if we dont want to work ok plenty of jobs are not brilliant paid but its a stepping stone to a another job as the saying goes if you dont work for years and no work history how can aan employer know your suitable for the job and then again school is suppose to help you get ready for work qualifications to get better jobs we have more resouces today so there should not be people on the dole we have colleges etc for extra learning i went back to college to get educated to go to university it was hard but rewarding i am now at university my ist year and i am 45 years old and there is more who are single parents doing the course too so no excuse. need to stop the social and go back to how it was suppose to be in 1945 if out of work get unemployment benefit for 6 months to 1 year to help you live untill get job then people wouldnt want to come to england unless genuine for work.pp good luck with your quest.


Economic immigration - yes. Mass immigration that causes a massive strain on Local Authorities. The Police, The NHS, the benefits system and Council Housing by people who have not contributed by way of taxes and national insurance- NO!!!


WOW!! ....... What a furore! .. Mr Hastilow's comments and actions have certainly provoked a most strenuous and fervent response ... most UnBritish .... as they are usually complacent and apathetic.........

As an immigrant myself .. I left the UK forty years ago .. for reasons that are many and varied ... suffice to say I was an economic refuge so I have firsthand knowledge of what is expected of an immigrant.

For starters no one should belittle or denigrate a Man or Woman who legally arrives in the UK willing to work and be intergrated into British society ... the numbers involved is a question of logistics and management or as seems to be the case in the UK right now "Mismanagement".

There has always been a "Scrounger Culture" in the UK but never as much as that, that exists today .. exacerbated without doubt by the policies of a too long in power Labour Government ...... if you want to shake of the perception that the immigrant is taking all the jobs then to the countless thousands who are living on benefits who rightly should not be doing so .... go out and grab one of those jobs .. you might be pleasantly surprised to find that working also brings it's rewards and as a bonus discover that the number of inductee's into Britain's population will decrease.

For those in this thread who so obviously want drastic change their is a quote from a man who also diplayed Nationalistic Pride.....

"Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget.

For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet."

G K Chesterton.

Guto Evans

A man twisting facts to suit his own hidden agenda, this attitude reminds me of how Nazism arose in Germany, just substitute Jews, Gypsies etc for immigrants. Don't let history repeat itself. People also haven't picked up on two completely false statements in his column:

1.Why are 1.65 million people unemployed when it seems as if there’s a job for more or less anyone who wants one?

Because there isn't a job for everyone that needs one, everyone who has studied basic Economics knows that in a free market society there are always less jobs than people or the system wouldn't work. It's a bit alarming that a prospective MP doesn't understand basic Economics.

2.Why are 2.4 million people claiming incapacity benefit when society is getting healthier?

Who said society is getting healthier, if it was why all the concern about fast food, obesity, salt levels, 5 portions of fruit and veg etc. We have better treatments for medical conditions but we are certainly nowhere near as healthy as we were during the 1940s.

If people put trust in this ignorance who knows where this country will end up!


Iam 50 years of age and have worked for 34 years

paying taxes and nat inc.

I count my self lucky to have always worked

but not so lucky seing immigrants and other none

contributing persons bleeding this country dry

I think of my own children what chance will

they have as true BRIT"S


What really annoys me about people like Miss OPINION is that she has fallen into the trap of thinking she is right because she has got a bit of information. Ever heard of the famous quote, "..there's lies and statistics..".

Immigration is disrupting the harmony of people in this country who do not see it as their country anymore. Who is speaking for the White Working Class here. You certainly aren't.

Why the hell should an immigrant who's been in this country for 2 minutes get a council house above a young couple, not in well paid jobs who cannot afford a house, who have paid into the system all their lives and have been on a waiting list for 5 years. That is warped morality whichever way you look at it. Charity begins at home and we should look after our own first.

Mass Immigration has pushed the cost of housing up (because they are getting most of the council houses), pushed my Council Tax bill up (to cover the cost of putting these immigrants in council houses), congested our roads (because we have an extra 50,000 cars on the road each year through immigration - and we are going to have to pay a congestion charge because of this), destroyed my countryside (through the extra housing that is being built to cover the immigrant population), destroyed my freedom of speech (political correctness is a form of Nazism), and destroyed my cultural identity (because the politicians and councils give priority to what immigrants want).

But you, Miss OPINION, do not care about that because you do not care about Britain and what it means to people like me.

My culture has given the world Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, the English Language, The Beatles, Football, Rugby, Cricket etc etc etc. I do not want it obliterated by idiotic people like you who encourage what is going on. Just because you are an ethnic minority does not preclude you from being a racist. Racism is not a unilateral thing that only applies to white people.

Mr Hastilow was right and there was nothing racist about what he said.


Thank you ANTHONY for being so eloquent.

Miss Opinion

Anthony - READ MY POSTS - i DID NOT Ecourage what was going on and I dont take very well to being called idiotic..... I already said imiigration was a problem - but you read what you want to read!!! - Not every immigrant is offered housing- get your evidence and your facts right - its not just abou stats, its about legislation - an imigrant cannot get social housing unless they have been given the right to remain in this country indefinately or for a certain time period. Why do you all generalise - I am not defending all immigrants - but you are generalising that all immigrants get council housing benefits etc......I've seen immigrants expolited through work and extremely poor housing. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT FIRST AND STOP SPECTULATING!!!

I I didnt say being ehtnic precluded me from being racist - many ehtnic minorites are - but they have their reasons - AS DO YOU!!

Fanny - GET A JOB!!!


Miss Opinion,

I have a job thank you, once again you have to fall to the lowest common denominator.

Perhaps you are concentrating too much on what you personally feel, IE that you do not feel part of Britain, maybe you should look at that and your anger before you start accusing people of racism and being the enemy?

I am not going to justify myself by telling you what colour my friends, family or in fact I am, other than to state that it is a sad person who thinks that the colour of a persons skin is more important than what is underneath.