Sam Ermolenko picture gallery

Images from Sam Ermolenko's 'Flaming Farewell' meeting at Monmore.


Sam says goodbye to his adoring Wolverhampton fans. sam2.jpg

Sam in action at Monmore for the last time. sam5.jpg

Former American World Champions Greg Hancock, Billy Hamill, Sam Ermolenko and Bruce Penhall. sam4.jpg

The four American World champions. Back row: Bruce Penhall and Sam Ermolenko. Front row: Billy Hamill and Greg Hancock.


Sam bows out with an appropriate flaming farewell.

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Comments for: "Sam Ermolenko picture gallery"

Steve Evans

Behind Steve Bull, Sam Ermolenko is Wolverhampton's greatest sporting legend in the last 20 years. I thank him for the hundreds of nights of racing entertainment he gave myself and thousands of others. Sam was my childhood era and his racing and professionalism inspired me to promote speedway in California, where I now reside.

Thanks Sam, we add you to the list of Wolverhampton sporting legends such as Billy Wright, Steve Bull, Tessa Sanderson and many others.

Andy Brierley

Great photos of a great servant to west midlands sport.

Keep up the coverage of speedway!!!!


A great collection of photos showing the world champs looking so fit & well! We are justly proud of them.

Ian Bradley

Great Day, Good to see Bruce Penhall on the track again.


Sam is a true legend to the sport and will be missed as a great entertainer at wolverhampton, The photos are great.


Legend is a word used alot these days, Sam is a true legend in his own time. Wolverhampton speedway will never be the same without Sam on a bike racing.

Thanks to Sam.

Great photos.

simon thomas

what a fitting finale to the best speedway rider ever. speedway won't be the same without him. He was the best captain best team rider fantastic with the fans you won't find a better ambasador for our wonderful sport of speedway. All the best for the future for you and your family and thanks for 25 years of wonderfull memories.

Colin Kingston

Well done Sam Totally professional rigt up to your last farewell which i thought was fantastic and i am sure that your talents in every aspect of being involved with speedway will be greatly missed throughout the world. good look in whatever you decide to do but i hope you stay involved in some way


thank you Sam for two wonderful years of racing entertainment at Polonia Bydgoszcz. These guys would really need your racing skills these days:)


Sam is my favourit driver ever. Have seen him so many times in Västervik, Sweden.

Will never forget you. Thanks for every lovely heat!