Six of the best: Cycle gadgets

A lock-y find


Foldable Bike Lock - £14.99, see for nearest store

Number one rule of cycle club is, always carry a lock for your ride. Cumbersome as they may be, in the long-term they'll save you the the cost, and annoyance, of troublesome thieves. It is tempting to opt for lightweight locks but they're about as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot, while the bulkier versions can be backbreaking to carry about. Luckily, this special foldable number is tough enough when opened, and discreet enough when in space-saving mode. It's a keeper.

Making soundtracks

Energy Sistem Energy Bike MP3 Music Box - £18.99, from

This rechargeable on-cycle entertainment system will appeal to those looking for some power-tunes to get them pedalling at a quicker pace (also works for gentle ambles through the countryside). Load up the MP3 player with music from a microSD card and it'll play through the built-in speaker. When you bore of your own playlists, tune into the FM radio.

Be seen

Spokelit - £7.99 from

For safe cycling, you'll (hopefully) already have your lights facing forward and your lights facing rear-wards. But what lights to alert those approaching you from the sides? This tiny lamp attaches to the spokes of your wheels and, when you get up to a steady speed, it will appear to glow with a continuous ring of light. Better still, it can then cycle (sorry) through a spectrum of hues as you go.

Take tech

Lifeproof Bike Mount - £36.99 from

Seeing as we take our smartphone tech just about everywhere else, why shouldn't we have a dedicated safe place for it on our bikes too. Load yours up with all manner of fitness apps, route mapping and other useful cycling software, and it can sit on your handlebars in either landscape or portrait mode. Don't leave home without one.

Direct action

Ion Adventure - £270 from

It's time to create a documentary of your two-wheeled adventures. It doesn't matter if they're of the daring off-road variety or just your daily commute, it's all good fun (and invaluable content for your Youtube channel). The Ion camera has built-in GPS tracking to keep tabs on where you are going, so you just stick it on your helmet (or on the handlebars) and enjoy the ride, over and over again.

Signal manoeuvre

Winkku Indicators - £29.99 each from

This set of cycle indicators add another layer of safety to any journey on two-wheels, certainly in a city. Easy to clip onto your bike, one simple touch before you turn will get the LEDs flashing very noticeably. The indicators also feature an extra wide angle mirror and additional lights that operate after dark. An essential safety and confidence booster.

App of the week

Maynards Discovery Patch, explore and play free on iTunes and Google Play

The app is free,but you do have to indulge in the purchase (and therefore eating of) a pack of sweets. S can the front of it, then d ownload the app and find out stuff about animals, body bits and myths and monsters by enjoying augmented reality characters and games. Good fun stuff.

Top 10 Paid Apps

1. Notepad+

2. Tipping Point

3. Minecraft Pocket Edition

4. Lake House

5. The Chase

6. Plants vs. Zombies

7. Monsters University

8. Catch Phrase

9. LEGO Star Wars Microfighters

10. Plague Inc.

Top 10 Free Apps

1. The Highway Code

2. The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery

3. Jelly Splash

4. Family Farm Seaside

5. Township

6. CastleVille Legends

7. The Tribez

8. Empire: Four Kingdoms

9. The Sims Freeplay

10. The Simpsons: Tapped out

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