Six of the best tech toys

Robotic builds

Teksta - £48.49 from

LEGO EV3 - £300 from

There are five different creations to be made from this LEGO set, each with very different skills and all of which can be controlled from any iOS or Android device. Featuring a powerful processor at its core, the EV3 features an infra-red sensor and can recognise, and react to, different colours. This is a big present buy, but rest assured that getting some of the most advanced technology LEGO's ever developed is well worth the money.

Robot rumble

Battroborgs Battle Arena - £69.99 from

Inside each set are two battling bots, controlled by you, via nunchuck style devices which mimic your movements onto the 'Borgs. The aim of the game is to land five strikes on your opponent, rendering their robot motionless and leaving you victorious in this fast and frantic face-off. You can pit up to 20 Battroborgs together in battle at any one time - the more the messier.

Puppy love

Teksta - £48.49 from

This adorable pooch is much more than a cute face. Teksta is jam-packed with technology to let it perform all manner of actions. Through your gestures, you can get your 'pet' walking, talking and reacting to sounds, lights and movements - or you can use an iOS or Android based app for even more fun. Our favourite robotic dog skill is its 360 degree flip - the perfect Christmas party trick.

Impressive illusions

HolograFX - £34.99 from

Offering previously unseen interactive entertainment play, this HolograFX set will make you the star of your own holographic show. Using a smartphone or tablet, it combines pre-recorded projections with your own image to create all new characters. It'll have your glued for days. Amazing.

Easy rider

Henes M7 - £999.99 from

We know the price tag is on the (very) hefty side, but once you see this ride-on car in action, you'll understand why it had to make the top six. Not only is this luxury toy packed with features including electric power steering, speakers, music dock, LED dashboard and all manner of lights, it can also be controlled by the rider, or parents, with a remote control. A highly polished, and extremely fun, piece of kit.

Blocks away

Bop-it Tetris - £24.99 from

The ever-frustrating, ever-addictive and ever-hectic plaything that is Bop It! has now joined forces with one of the top gaming brands of all time, Tetris. This light-up based game challenges you to match the iconic Tetris blocks with increasing speed in several challenges. Play solo or with friends, and there are hundreds of puzzles to provide near endless fun (and a little bit of frustration).

App of the week

Inkly - free on iTunes and coming soon to Google Play

If you can't find the time to make the trip to an actual card shop, rediscover the satisfaction of sending a personalised and hand-written greeting with this fabulous new app, Inkly. Create cards on your iPad and combine a high-tech hello with a helping of old-school handwriting.

Top 10 paid for apps for android phones

1. The Chase

2. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

3. Haunted Escape: Wrath of Victoria

4. Where's Waldo Now?

5. The Adventure of Mosaika

6. Camera for Kindle Fire

7. Fruit Drops - Match three puzzle

8. Fruit Drops Part II - Match Three (3) Puzzle

9. myPlayer Pro

10. Birds of Britain

Top 10 free apps for android phones

1. Candy Crush Saga

2. Daily Workouts

3. Perfect Kick

4. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

5. The Hunger Games Adventure

6. PICS QUIZ - Guess the words for all pics!

7. BBC Weather

8. BBC iPlayer

9. Airplane!

10. BBC Media Player

(Both charts courtesy of Appstore on

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