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Feast for the eyes

a gold table setting, Wilko, See PA Feature INTERIORS Festive Tables, PA Photo/Handout

There aren't many who'd disagree; the festive feast is the highlight of Christmas Day.

Deck the halls

Linea Meribel tree; Enchanted forest crackers; white apple wreath; enchanted forest decorations, House  Fraser,  PA Photo/Handout

Once upon a time, the only stress involved in decorating the Christmas tree was unearthing the bauble collection, untangling the tinsel - and trying to stop the children ruining the effect with their cotton wool and toilet roll creations!


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Five tips for better lighting

a modern lamp,  PA Photo/thinkstockphotos

:: Lighting should be at three levels in a room - the floor, walls and ceiling. Plan your scheme in advance - if you're having electrical work done, make sure the sockets are fitted where you want your table and floor lamps to be. Wall lights and target lighting should also be planned at this stage.


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