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Designs on winter

Sainsurys Multi colour pattern crewel work cushion, 20GBP; wooden candle stick, 10GBP; Sainsburys, PA Photo/Handout

Winter's a time to hunker down, snuggle indoors and enjoy a home whose decor matches the season.

Best seat in the house

Zeppelin two seat Sa, in Deep Turquoise, 1,245GBP,, Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Handout

You just know when you've found 'the one'. Supportive, and always there for you when you need comfort, a snuggle or just to relax.


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Following suit

Red Herring notch neck jacket, 40GBP, and black trousers, 22GBP, Debenhams (, PA Photo/Handout

Cast your mind back to a time, not that long ago, when the only reason you'd pull that tired old trouser suit (black, of course) from the depths of your wardrobe was for a job interview - or a funeral.


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Tap into a trend

the Mira Fluency tap ( See PA Feature HOMES Homes Column

Bath and basin taps are essential to any bathroom, but their beauty doesn't stop at function; they can also be a design statement in their own right.

Brighten up

a white room, PA Photo/Handout

North-facing rooms are always a challenge to decorate, because they get little or no direct sunlight, and any little natural light they do get is cold. For this reason, it's best to avoid cold colours like grey and stick to warm ones; go for yellows and creamy neutrals to make the room feel lighter and brighter. If you want a bit more colour, you can also embrace darker ones as long as they are warm, perhaps choose a moody, dramatic colour like purple.


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