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Bring the wildlife indoors


Inspired by spring blossoms, designers have opened the back door to find garden life is a rich source when it comes to brightening the home.

Blue-min gorgeous


At this time of year, even a glimpse of bright, blue sky, with its promise of spring, lifts the spirits.


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And the winner is...


Despite their endless assertions that it's "just an honour to be nominated...", you just know that deep down, those po-faced stars are aching to end up with a glitzy statuette to take home.


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5 tips for: choosing a wind turbine


1. The advantages of having a wind turbine are that any electricity generated by it is free, although you obviously have to pay for the turbine and installation, and your home's CO2 emissions are reduced because wind power is eco friendly and renewable. Your turbine should also earn you money through the Government's Feed-in Tariffs scheme - visit This pays you not only for the electricity you generate and use, but also for any you export to the national grid.

5 tips for: choosing paint colours


1. It's not advisable to use a paint colour you don't know without trying it first - don't rely on printed colour cards, colours on computer screens, the colour on the tin, or the colour of the wet paint, as these can be misleading. Occasionally, colour cards are painted and these are, of course, more reliable than printed ones.


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