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Room for romance


Romance is a funny old thing; it can sneak up on you, hit you like a thunderbolt, or just be tantalisingly out of reach, but there's one place where it's all too easy to feel the love - at home.

Store and adore


Affairs might shatter relationships but household clutter, it seems, comes a pretty close second, not to mention the havoc it wreaks on decor, too.


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Figure out your perfect lingerie


Treating yourself to some lovely lingerie to impress that special someone has become a time-honoured Valentine's Day tradition. But with the array of underwear on offer, it can be hard to know where to start - and what suits.


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5 tips for exterior makeovers


1. The latter decades of the 20th century weren't our finest in terms of architecture, and some houses from the 1950s onwards just aren't that attractive. If your home is among those aesthetics forgot, an architect or builder will be able to help you transform the exterior. Detached houses are the best candidates for an extreme makeover, because there isn't an adjoining reminder of the old look, but properties of all shapes and sizes can benefit from an exterior redesign.

5 tips for choosing carpet


1. Consider where the carpet is going - bedroom carpets are subjected to far less wear than stair carpets, for example. Also think about your household - do you need something hardwearing because you have children and/or pets, or do you live alone? For busy rooms, go for a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon - the wool will make the carpet look good and the nylon will help it perform better.


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