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Room for fun

a cosy lt, featured in Creative Family Home: Imaginative and Original Spaces For Modern Living by Ashlyn Gibson, published by Ryland Peters & Small

If your home is feeling like a battleground after the school holidays, as you and your children fight for territory, it could be time for a new strategy.

Don't let renting cramp your style

a sunny yellow feature wall and cheerful accessories cheer up a kitchen Image in Home For Now by Joanna Thornhill, published by CICO, £16.99

Our home should be a place where we can truly feel ourselves and show off our style and taste - but millions of us are living in someone else's property, with all the limitations that imposes.


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Watch the (pink) birdy

Tu at Sainsbury's flamingo motif jumper, £20 (available in stores)

Fashion is taking flight this season, with bird prints aplenty. But there's one species that's winging its way to the top of every wish list - flamingos.


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Up front


If you are thinking of selling and want to make a good first impression, or you simply want to improve 'kerb appeal' for your own pride, then making the front of your house more attractive is an obvious step to take.

Ready, steady, garden

men doing DIY work in the garden

After a wet and windy winter, the lovely spring most of us are enjoying is a very welcome sight - one that'd be even more welcome, if you could enjoy it by sitting outside in a bright, light and newly transformed outdoor space.


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