Nights Out

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Dining Out

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Join the clan


Scotland has been making its mark in the headlines lately - and there's a tartan army on the march in our homes, too.

Seasonal touches


Lament the summer's passing if you must, but autumn always brings a harvest of new looks to delight decor divas.


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Get your coat...


Wave goodbye to the Indian summer. Instead, shift your focus to the serious business of buying a winter coat.


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Make your money count

a couple doing home improvements, See PA Feature HOMES Homes Column, Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Thinkstock

You, naturally, make improvements to your home to ensure it's more suited to your lifestyle and taste, but unless it's your forever house, you may also be interested in what would make it more valuable when you come to sell.

Playing by the rules


Last week, I explained the nightmare I've been having getting permission to alter my leasehold flat, despite owning half the freehold to the building, thanks to nasty neighbours. Owning a flat has other disadvantages because flats (and maisonettes), unlike most houses, don't have permitted development (PD) rights. PD means you can do certain work, such as extensions and loft conversions, without planning permission, as long as the work complies with the PD rules.


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