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Light bulb moment

Blue Glass Chandelier, George Home at ASDA,  PA Photo/Handout

How you light a room is - perhaps surprisingly - one of the most important factors of a decor scheme.

Designs on winter

Sainsurys Multi colour pattern crewel work cushion, 20GBP; wooden candle stick, 10GBP; Sainsburys, PA Photo/Handout

Winter's a time to hunker down, snuggle indoors and enjoy a home whose decor matches the season.


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Playing the field

a model wearing Alexander Wang x H&M collection, PA Photo/Handout

With a Chanel 'gym' just opened in swanky New York department store Bergdorf Goodman (sort of - you can't actually workout there) and Alexander Wang's collection touching down in H&M this month, it's official: sport has never been more stylish.


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5 renovation steps you can't avoid

a couple renovating, PA Photo/thinkstockphotos

When renovating your home, the final style and finish of your home is entirely up to you - where you have less free rein, however, is in these five renovation essentials...

Tap into a trend

the Mira Fluency tap ( See PA Feature HOMES Homes Column

Bath and basin taps are essential to any bathroom, but their beauty doesn't stop at function; they can also be a design statement in their own right.


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