Godzilla a change for Cranston

Bryan Cranston has said he chose to take on Godzilla as his first post-Breaking Bad role because it was impossible to compare with the TV series.

Bryan Cranston said he was pleased Godzilla was so different from Breaking Bad
How many of you recognise this man?

The actor played Walter White in the hit television show about a chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who turns to cooking crystal meth to provide for his family, but was keen that his next role didn't draw comparisons.

He told GQ: "That's what ultimately helped [me say yes to the part]. Because it can't be compared. It's a Godzilla movie.

"And also, there's a lot of talk about, 'This is the best show ever,' and it would be a proud thing to say. But I knew the next thing, if it was a dramatic piece, would have to be that level. People would relate one to the other.

"So I didn't want anything next to have to face that mountain."

Godzilla is released in cinemas on May 15.

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