Big budget blockbuster is plumbing new Depp-ths

lone ranger

Sometimes, a film comes along carrying enough baggage to fill a luxury cruise liner. The Lone Ranger, having laboured its way onto our screens after multiple rewrites and restarts, is just such a project.

Big interview: The Conjuring


When Vera Farmiga signed up to star in new horror film The Conjuring, she knew it was based on true events – but she didn’t expect to become the subject of creepy goings-on herself. The actress gives Keeley Bolger the heebie-jeebies

Get RED-y for a blast of daft, tongue-in-cheek fun


he dream team of Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren are back in business for another tongue-in-cheek spy romp. And this time, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones are intriguingly added to the star-studded mix.

Taking lessons from a Dame


She’s a four-time Oscar nominee and a Dame to boot but, unlike her latest movie character, Helen Mirren really isn’t so scary, says Susan Griffin

Brad Pitt: I'm the daddy

brad pitt

Family means everything to Brad Pitt. Once famed for being the most attractive man on the planet, these days he’s the A-list poster boy for family values, and the devoted dad of six is happy to admit that he’s prioritising his beloved brood ahead of everything else.

Superman: Flying into trouble


What on earth is going on? Superman’s lost his iconic red underpants, and come over all trendy on us. He’s striding out these days in an intimidating, figure-hugging onesie!

Wedding day blues for remake


Based on the 2006 French farce Mon Frere Se Marie, The Big Wedding chronicles the trials and tribulations of a fractured family on the biggest day in one young man’s life.

Epic: Time to turn over a new leaf


Maybe this is a spot of wishful thinking, but with a bit of gentle parental persuasion, this charming fable might even inspire the youngest generation to swap their video games for an invigorating spot of housework.

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