Review: Roy Chubby Brown, Civic Hall

He bounds on stage to a chorus of swear words from the well-rehearsed and loyal crowd of fans.

There’s no doubt it’s a Roy Chubby Brown gig.

Patchwork suit, goggles – and lots of explicit gags. The crowd laughed on cue to his trademark adult humour.

But even the veteran of stand-up showed he can’t always hack the hecklers – as he marched off stage following repeated insults from one outspoken audience member who was promptly evicted.

Brown’s format is one that’s kept this comic on the circuit for decades – and one that will probably keep him there for years to come. He pushes the limits, and that’s why he keeps drawing in the same crowds. But, as he admitted, many of his best gags are still the ones he’s used for years.

In an interview with the Express & Star, he accepted the tag “blue comedian” but added: “It’s easy to put me in that bracket, and sometimes critics are lazy, and so that’s what they do. They don’t see that I change my act constantly to stay topical and try to find humour in all situations to give people a laugh.”

But, while his loyal fans will still be laughing along, it’s unlikely he’ll be attracting a new generation of fans.

Simon Stone

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Comments for: "Review: Roy Chubby Brown, Civic Hall"

hav been goin 2 c roy chubby brown 4 many years he always has a brill show! The civic needs 2 stop sellin beer 2 people who cant handle did not spoil it 4 me he was great!!!

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