Vision for new Wolverhampton market revealed as council submits Cleveland Street plans

Striking black and white stalls and an imposing main entrance – the vision for Wolverhampton’s new market has been revealed in this dazzling first image.

Black and white tops for the stalls and a dramatic entrance dominate the vision for Wolverhampton’s new proposed market which has been revealed to the public

The market is to move from Market Square to Cleveland Street on the site formerly occupied by Netto and a furniture store.

The image has been released by Wolverhampton council on the back of a formal planning application being submitted for the new site in Cleveland Street.

It will feature 48 tented stalls and 16 purpose-built cabins transferred from Market Square in phases.

The move will be completed in winter 2017/18 but not during the Christmas trade period.

Dozens of enquiries have been made from prospective traders interested in being part of the new market, according to the council.

Councillor Steve Evans, cabinet member for city environment, said: “This new image really shows off what an exciting prospect the new city centre market is.

“We are consulting regularly with the current traders over the relocation – and we will be announcing exciting new traders in the coming months.

“Their addition will provide a more varied range of sales lines to differentiate it from a traditional market offer.

“This ideal location, funded by the sale of Market Square as part of the Westside scheme, has loads of potential – and we want this to be the people’s market, where events are also encouraged. It will prove an asset to the city centre.”

The council believes the market’s new location will provide increased footfall from the Wulfrun Centre, rail and bus stations, as well as situating the market in a student catchment area.

It says enquiries have come in from the likes of bakers, jewellers, hairdressers, children’s clothing and cosmetics retailers, and a variety of world cuisine outlets.

The current city centre traders will have first refusal on obtaining licenses at the new market, which will boast the opportunity to trade from bigger cabins, CCTV, integrated lighting and power, free wi-fi, covered walkways, customer toilets and parking.

Traders have also been consulted over plans to move stock with a dedicated motorised truck, intended to keep on-site vehicles to a minimum.

The idea has been adopted from other markets around the country where the council said it has been a success.

The former Netto store and adjoining buildings were cleared from the Southside site last year, paving the way for the move.

The market’s current Market Square location is to be absorbed into the new £55 million Westside development, of which an artist’s impression was released last week.

That will feature a multiplex 12-screen cinema, restaurants and an illuminated public square.

The development, which will be on land between Penn Road and Salop Street, will also include 300 new homes and 50,000 sq ft of leisure space.

Restaurants will be spread over 40,000 sq ft and a 100-plus car park will be part of the scheme, on 6.4 acres of land.

Details of several other city centre schemes have been released by the council over the last seven days.

Greeting visitors to the city arriving by train will be the huge i9 office development which is intended as a national or regional headquarters for a major business.

Council bosses say work on the Railway Drive project could start around the end of the year and be completed by the end of 2018 at a cost of around £12 million.

Also revealed by the authority was a multi-million pound vision for a canalside development featuring 600 new homes.

It centres on the area close to the railway line and along the Birmingham Canal Old Main Line in the Cornhill area.

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Comments for: "Vision for new Wolverhampton market revealed as council submits Cleveland Street plans"

Olly the cat

I can't believe that those awful containers euphemistically called cabins are being retained. They look absolutely dreadful and maintains the Wolverhampton City Centre's reputation as being a tuppenny happenny destination for shopping. I thought the containers were a temporary solution while the market was being redeveloped. It seems I was wrong.

DJ Hughes

Yes those containers look absolutely dreadful. They look they have fallen off the back of a container truck and then painted with graffiti. Why can't we have more a traditional market look like the German Xmas markets?

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Go to Sadwell and those Containers literally do fall off the back of a lorry, if you know the right councilor!

Our ed

Okay, maybe we need a brand new poll..containers made entirely from unicorn horn? Nothing less nothing more. Except the best?

Any possible shortfall in funding is stumped up by you and yours truly? Deal?

We'll work out some costings together etc so please stand by. If you're a unicorn please get in touch. Please be quick! Else all hell could break lose...

Our ed

Let's hope all traders have a very decent wash too, for future reference? keep olly content? You know it makes sense. Future's bright future's 40c+ cotton fast cycle...

Olly the cat

Thank you for your concern regarding my contentment. I like to buy my food and services from establishments that don't employ people who look like they have slept in a rubbish tip all night, and with a body odour to match. If any establishment falls below my high expectations of customer service, which is my area of expertise, or personal hygiene, then I take my custom elsewhere.

PJW Holland

I would have built a multi-storey car park and devoted the ground floor to the market. An undercover open air market!

If it were located adjacent to the Wulfrun Centre then access to the car park could be from there.... Temple Street widened a little and a road connecting it to Cleveland Street and the market becomes a part of the City centre rather than a beleaguered island surrounded by traffic.

If only there were the seeds of imagination in the Kremlin!

Our ed

Undercover open air? kremlin?

Aye. We believe you. That's the one.....


Had no idea black and white is a colour for the future.

The whole idea looks to me as though it was completed during a lunch time break.

Come on Wolverhampton City Council, let's be a little more braver, can we not think out the BOX and be a little bit more innovative, get young archtects, designers involved.

Our ed

There's always white and black? Or even gold and black.


It would make more sense to put market stalls in Saint Peters Square, after all that is where the market originally was.

Our ed

Too small panda.

Our ed

Anyway to all the bemoaner's we've finally yes cracked it?

Log into wv market and go virtual (worldwide) shopping. Yes, buy what you like, from anywhere bar mars. For now anyway. Fill your virtual hand basket. See the locals feel the experience. Pay. Get goods delivered pronto no matter where you are. Apples or bananas? Hard wear or fancy footwear? Anything else in between.

Anyone else turn up and have a peek. No worries'r'kid.

PJW Holland

What language is that?

Our ed

Double Dutch :-)


Black and white stalls a zebra crossing in the air lol what next i think wolverhampton council ate still using the architects thats designed the metro and all the other shemes that looks a load of crap and not working to good and everything in the pipeline is about wolverhampton oh i forgot thats where all the decisions are made and the council offices are they got to look posh how about sharing the limelight with other towns you forgot them. as long as wolverhampton looks good