Man vs food: Norton Canes cafe in fry-up challenge

It’s a Man Vs Food challenge that would test even the heartiest of appetites.

Owner Shane Hodgkiss with the big breakfast challenge at Sparkling Sugar Cafe

The big breakfast at Sparkling Sugar Cafe and Cake Shop in Norton Canes was the idea of owners Shane and Amy Hodgkiss.

It consists of five hash browns, six sausages, four slices of bacon, four slices of black pudding, four bits of fried bread, four rounds of toast, baked beans, mushroom, tomato and four eggs. Mr and Mrs Hodgkiss took over the cafe at the start of the year and have big ambitions – and they hope their big breakfast will help pull in the punters.

Mrs Hodgkiss, aged 31, said: “We’ve been open about seven weeks now and wanted to do something as part of the launch to make people aware.

"It’s something different – no other cafes in the area are doing anything like it.

"A couple of customers have said ‘why don’t we try it’, so we did.

"It went down really well but only one person managed to complete the challenge.”

Mrs Hodgkiss said the cafe was now likely to host similar challenges on a regular basis.

“It’s different and a bit of fun. We’re thinking of doing something like this every six weeks or so,” she said.

Eleven have so far taken on challenge of completing the full plate inside 45 minutes.

John Hyden conquered it in a time of 38 minutes and 45 seconds.

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Comments for: "Man vs food: Norton Canes cafe in fry-up challenge"


Ugh,it's enough to make you throw up,just looking at this calorie-busting fry-up.No wonder you see so many lard -buckets waddling round the streets.

Our ed

Lard-buckets? All part of the long term economic plan.

Our ed

Will have to get in touch with my mate Mr.Creosote, heart of gold he has. Bit of a soft spot for wafer thin mints too apparently. Right up his street this is.