Wolverhampton market moving to old Netto site in city

Wolverhampton market will be moved to a new city centre site under plans revealed today.

wolverhampton market site
Moving on – the site of the new market in Wolverhampton city centre on Cleveland Street opposite the entrance to the Wulfrun Centre

Traders will relocate from Market Square to a new home in Cleveland Street on the site formerly used by Netto and a furniture store.

It will pave the way for a £55 million regeneration scheme set to dramatically transform the western part of the city centre.

The Westside scheme includes a multi-screen cinema, restaurants, bars, hotel, multi-storey car park, apartments and public open space.

Members of Wolverhampton council’s cabinet are set to approve the market relocation next Wednesday. It will move a few hundred yards to a site currently used for car parking.

Wolverhampton market

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment, said: “The council is proud to have a legally-binding Royal Charter, which commits us to holding a weekly market in the city centre.

“Relocating the market to Southside will not only pave the way for a first-class leisure development on Westside, it will also allow the market to thrive in a new, prominent location. The feedback we have had from initial discussions with the market traders has been positive.

“The merging of the indoor and outdoor markets last year enhanced the customer experience. This will help with the transition to Southside and an on-going programme put in place to develop the market. It will prove an asset to the city centre.”

Wolverhampton market

The new market on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will front onto Cleveland Street, opposite the Wulfrun Shopping Centre, which it is hoped will boost the numbers of shoppers. The old Netto store and adjoining buildings were demolished last year.

The move will see 48 tented stalls and 16 purpose-built cabins transfer from Market Square and it is anticipated the move will be completed towards the end of this year, but not during the Christmas period.

Shoppers at the market

Bosses expect a boost from the proximity to the bus and rail stations, as well the high numbers of students in the Southside area.

Market traders’ representative Dud Malik said: “The new site is in a much better location for traders, nearer the transport links and the Mander Centre.

“We’re looking forward to a fresh start and additional footfall.”

A temporary market has been in place since April when the indoor traders joined the outdoor traders in Market Square to enable the demolition of the old indoor market.

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Comments for: "Wolverhampton market moving to old Netto site in city"

Olly the cat

Let's hope thet get rid of those dreadful containers that the council describe as " cabins ". They look awful. So cheap and tacky. It would be nice to have a proper market like we had years ago instead of horrible stalls selling almost rotten produce from their £1 a bowl range. How do they get away with that? I thought there where strict rules selling food from the weights and measures legislation. Wolverhampton market is horrible. Any change would be an improvement. Get the bulldozers ready. The market in it's present incarnation will not be missed.


The quality of the produce on sale at the market is a matter of opinion.

What I buy is mainly of good quality, I rarely have to throw any away.

As Supermarkets sell fruit and vegetables by pack price, rather than weight, I don't understand the objection to stall holders doing the same


Just returned from the market.

I bought 7 navel oranges, 10 granny smith apples, and 5 red peppers, all fo a £1 a go, and all excellent quality, and much better value than supermarkets.

Wheres your problem, Olly ?

Olly the cat

I don't have a problem, David. You shop where you want to shop, and I will shop where I want to shop. It's called personal preference.

Our ed

Good for you David!

Blimey, railway station expansion, moans...

Now this? I guess some folk are too hard to please or are just experts at moaning.

As for alleged rotten fruit etc. pretty much doubt they'd get regular custom and considering. Have had occasions when supermarket food had shall we say deficiencies.



Olly, of course you have a perfect right to shop where you choose, even if the decision is not entirely rational.

However, I do object to you unfairly denigrating what's on offer at the market, and don't understand why you make pronouncements that you do not defend.

Our ed

How many small holders etc have lost their livelihoods sometimes to the bigger players Olly?

You mention personal preference regards shopping below. The great news remains some prefer going to outdoor markets too. I'd imagine quite a few more use a mixture of both.

To summarise, we're all not like you although of course we're all entitled to our options.

DJ Hughes

Please do get rid of those awful cabins. They look like somebody has dumped them on the site and subsequently been vandalised. Wolverhampton needs a traditional market with traditional market stalls.


Hygiene regulations require covered spaces and adequate washing facilities in order to sell fish and meat. for example. The traditional open market is therefore no longer an option.

The use of shipping containers for similar 'pop-up' markets in the trendier parts of London is perfectly acceptable there, but apparently not good enough for Wolverhampton.

The suspicion is that it was known that the existing arrangements would be temporary. and that something more appealing will be provided for the new Market.


At least it getting closer to the centre of two. If a four weekly Friday market is good enough for Dudley St it should be there to be honest.


Yet another example of wasted time and money, how much did the car park conversion cost, and this was supposed to attract people to the town due the total lack of parking.

More money needed to redevelop again to make this a market space, council don't know what they are doing.

Feel the same about the super tip, no mention of costs of developing the new waste tip, only the "apparent" £500k savings they believe they can achieve. Really.... How long will it take to pay for the development, 2,3,4 or 5 years....

Council spending money without long term though...


I still smile when I think of the Christmas ad campaign for the market 'Experience the magic of Wolverhampton Christmas market', about as magical as a sweaty sock.

PJW Holland

Perhaps a better solution would have been to close Cleveland Street to through traffic... using Temple Street as an alternative... and construct a large multi-storey car park on the Clarkson/Jays site.... or perhaps use the ground floor for the market.

Short term. Cheap and Nasty attempt at a solution to a problem caused by Wolverhampton's council when it removed the thriving market to the outskirts of the City Centre. This is closer to the centre but far from satisfactory.

Our ed

Seems to be some positive feedback from traders as I presume there's a chance of more passers by potentially having a look in. Closer to more transport links as well.


very interesting and a very good idea close cleveland street and make it into a central park gardens area with toilets and park area for kids so moms shop and dads can sit with kids but no dogs no drinking a creche could be set up and a cafe on the green with the market also in situ you now start to have a focal point area that will then thrive