We are being smeared, says Ukip leader Nigel Farage in Midlands visit

Nigel Farage today accused the three main political parties of ‘smearing’ Ukip as he launched an assault to win a haul of seats in the Midlands.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage on the campaign trail in Dudley has hit out at the three main party leaders, saying they were ‘running scared’
Ukip leader Nigel Farage on the campaign trail in Dudley has hit out at the three main party leaders, saying they were ‘running scared’

The Ukip leader, who was on the campaign trail for the European and local elections in Dudley, hit out at David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband saying they were ‘running scared’ after controversy erupted over the party’s new billboard campaign,  which featured staff from the party posing as voters.

He told the Express & Star that the other parties were ‘desperate’ because of Ukip’s high poll numbers and impact on the street the Eurosceptic party  is making.

He said: “We are criticised for using our staff, for using actors. Who do they want us to use, robots? The political class is desperate to attack us because they are scared.

“Yes the billboards are blunt, yes they are provocative, but they are true.”

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He was in the region to bolster support for Ukip candidates in the upcoming local and European elections.

And he also spoke out about the recent furore after Ukip council candidate Andre Lampitt posted racist comments on Twitter.

He said: “We don’t hold the monopoly on weirdos. There are odd people in all three parties of the established political classes who do and say stupid and unacceptable things. We are trying our hardest to stamp this out.

“There was a Lib Dem candidate that went to jail for a racially aggravated offence and  there was not a whisper of it. Can you imagine the furore if that was a Ukip candidate?”

And he said: “The political classes are running scared. A friend said to me ‘you know Nigel, they know they can’t properly oppose what you are saying so they are attacking’. Are they smearing us? Yes they are.”

Mr Farage also condemned the Government’s decision to downgrade Stafford Hospital and accused them of ‘giving up’.

He said: “What happened at Stafford Hospital was disgraceful but the way that the Government has hoisted the white flag and surrendered over it is equally as disgusting in my view. You should go in and sort it out. Simply taking away the services is flying the white flag and is outrageous.”

During his visit to the Black Country yesterday he also met with families of the Birmingham pub bombings. He told the Express & Star an investigation into what happened should be re-launched.

“We have seen a new inquiry into Hillsborough started so why not into the Birmingham bombings?

“Yes, we have had the peace agreement but there are still people in the West Midlands and indeed in Northern Ireland who feel they have had no justice at all.

“They want access to things like papers and reports, and that to me seems a totally appropriate and reasonable request.”

Mr Farage also revealed his thoughts on former Wolverhampton South West MP Enoch Powell, famed for the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, saying he had been ‘right on many things’.

He said: “He was right on many things but unfortunately it was the form of language which he used which went against him.

“I think it was a tragedy as he could have had a tremendous political career.

“He was not a racist. He loved India, was fluent in Urdu and adored and did a lot for the sub continent.

“But he thought immigration should be controlled. If he was a live today God knows what he would have thought about it all.

“Back then he thought 50,000 immigrants a year coming over was too much and now we have 500,000.”

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Comments for: "We are being smeared, says Ukip leader Nigel Farage in Midlands visit"


Ukip have full support from all my family, Best political party thats ever been formed. Bring it on!


First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.


Best regards and wishes on your treatment.

Margaret Hamilton

Who's next after the immigrants Nigel?

funny old world

What's wrong with capping it?

Margaret Hamilton

Not a lot, but if you think a crackpot party that exists solely to legitimise bigotry will stop at demonising immigrants you will be wrong.

Cllr Stuart Parr

What's bigoted about UKIP?


"the usual inconsistent xenophobic crap …...... stops me from taking UKIP seriously at all”.

Who said that?

Margaret Hamilton

Pretty much everything is bigoted from what i can see Stu baby.


well said margaret, but i feel we are fighting a losing battle against the poor , badly educated, little englanders that occupy these forums.


No nik, you are fighting a losing battle against better educated, not-so-poor, ENGLAND LOVERS that want a referendum to decide if we want, or don't want to be in the EU..

I would have normally said British but 'twas you referred to Little Englanders was it not ?

I suggest you and Margaret might enjoy a 'dating site' (I think that's what they're called). You can be Nik baby and you can agree with her every word. A match made in Heaven !

Margaret Hamilton

Thanks Cyril, is this what makes sensible political debate these days? Disagree with UKIP and be personally insulted. I suppose I should be grateful that I'm being insulted by an ENGLISH bigot. Thanks a lot.


In answer to nick.hare1, what an arrogant statement.

I am one of your middle englanders, I am not badly educated, in fact I am a member of MENSA with an IQ of 140 and I have long been disenchanted with three party monopoly.

Let others have their chance and if they don't come up to scratch there is always the ballot box.

This country is a democracy and as such we have a right to vote for who we want, so you vote for who you want and I will vote for who I want, whoever that may be.

Wednesbury wolves

Well said shadow, nik knows nothing regarding football and it now shows that he knows very little regarding england, and what real people want!!!! People need to wake up to see what is going on, not hide behind there front door and think it won't bother me, well wake up idiots ur worse than the idiots running the country. Get back to cooking the tea u muppet, here's the bloke who said clarkes the man for wolves ha ha ha ha ha deluded


hello. wednesbury wolf, so because wwfc proved your predictions wrong about , kj,wwfc,clarke, you are so frustrated that you assume i know less about ukip than you/gh do?

i really, could not care less.

now put that in your pipe and smoke it.


so you want someone else to vote for apart from


2.labour-ex union wannabe rich

3. liberal- a bit of both

4. ukip- anti immigration,anti euro,

5.bnp-dont know yet

6.national front-well erm,erm?


there you go, you decide.


so, shadow.ghostrider, you are are a member of mensa, so consider yourself middle class.

thats fantastic, so lets put the logic of your statement to the test, if thats o.k. i'm sure cyril and wenesbury wolf wont mind.

so, if it is a true democracy, why are there only 3 parties?

and if voters were/are not happy, why are there still only 3 electable parties?.

some will vote because it appeals to the basic instinct of survival.

long live king edward,hail the king

Margaret Hamilton

The billboards are true are they? What about the one about 75% of our laws coming from the EU?


7% anyone? What else is true Nigel?


Using your own link shows that 21% of legislation is EU influenced.

I think the main area of discontent is that where EU and English Law conflict that EU law will prevail.

This has taken sentencing powers out of Judges hands whilst deportation orders are ignored. I think that if someone commits a crime and passes the custodial threshold (in offences against the person or where there is a physical victim) then our Judges should be able to pass sentence to protect all citizens.

The UK has a long history of providing asylum, there is no shame in only allowing genuine asylum seekers into this country. This is not only proportionate but means that all asylum seekers don't get tarred with the same brush.

Margaret Hamilton

There's a world of difference between "EU influenced" and "Made by the EU" as you know. What else are they lying about? It seems that most of UKIP's statistics are created spontaneously.

Incidentally, I agree that judges should be able to pass appropriate sentences, but there are so few instances where this doesn't work that it isn't really worth the fuss. Yesterday on Radio 4's Today programme it was concluded that Deportation orders are ignored due to cuts and lack of staff, the EU were not mentioned in the discussion by either side in the debate.


It seems to me that if UKIP is fabricating the facts then they are in good company, the other party's have been doing it for years. I didn't hear any complaints from you then, so I can only assume that you support one of them and their policies.

Wednesbury wolves

Are we a teacher Margaret and in a union???? People like u don't live in the real world, we need our country back, and I for one won't be letting Europe make decisions for us, when my great grandfather fought in world war 1 to protect us from invasion, shame on you all for going against what they did for us, wot you all have to realise is that Europe can only survive with england in eu, and why u ask? The square mile in London that's why!!!!!!! We don't need Europe they need us FACT

Margaret Hamilton

Thanks for the personal insults everyone, I'm not seeing much to help me change my mind about bigotry and ignorance within the UKIP movement!


"Using your own link shows that 21% of legislation is EU influenced."

21 % --- 75%

If the British electorate cannot tell the difference between these numbers I'll emigrate and leave these sceptred isles to the innumerate and illiterate rabble that are UKIP.

When was the last time that Europe set the UK tax rates, base rates, inheritance tax thresholds, VAT rates, or any of the most basic figures that affect the vast majority of UK citizens?

Farage is a defected Tory, an ex public schoolboy and employee of one the banks that are the target of such derision these days.

Why is this fraud even given the time of day?????


Because we are sick of the other lot conning. They say "a change is as good as a rest", I could do with a rest.


Only 7% of our laws,directives etc are made in Brussels, Clegg came out with that one and we all know how trustworthy he is !!.

Cllr Stuart Parr

FactCheck have checked all four UKIP posters - three of them they confirmed were true, the one about the percentage of laws that come from the EU they were unable to find a definitive source of information. Nigel Farage's source of information is the EU Commissioner who said that 75% of our laws originate from the EU. If you'd gone to hear him in person in Dudley last night rather than relying on anti-UKIP propaganda for your opinions you'd have heard his explanation of why the British government gets such a low figure - they count statutory instruments which are legal instruments, not laws, in with the laws originating in the UK (a great many, if not most, of which are implementing EU regulations) to stack the figures.



Wednesbury wolves

You sure are

funny old world

You'll get smeared because the other 3 lying pig parties are getting worried they might get shoved out the trough.


Smeared? No. Exposed? Yes.

"Farce" and Co" are nothing more than a bunch of ring wing nutters. Apart from immigration can anyone tell me what other policies they have?

From experience, people buy in the best services available irrespective of where they person who provides this service comes from.

UKIP use the lowest common denominator to appeal to people. If they do gain any influence I should imagine the torchlight processions and book burning events will become part of our traditions.


gary.jenkins, For God sake, don't ever serve on a jury. Every UKIP supporter is a 'ring wing nutter'. You KNOW them all ? And should they succeed we shall then have the Klu Klux Klan ?

You sir, frighten the life out of me ! Nigel Farage does not.


Well Cyril, are you going to enlighten us with a policy of Nutty Nige and co then, except on immigration.

For the record, there does need to be a reasoned debate on the subject. However if you look at the Black Country most of the biggest grossing business aren't down to people of traditional Anglo Saxon stock, look at East End Foods.

What scares me are the parallel between UKIP and Nige and the rise of a certain Austrian and his party in 1920's Germany.


My worry is that UKIP are focussing in immigration as if this is the only policy that matters.

I would like to see policy on animal cruelty- I don't want to see the return of fox hunting and I want to see halal meat labelled as such and preferably banned in the UK.

I am in agreement with his views on the NHS in Stafford, but I just can't help but thinking that policy is absent from UKIP.


They have a full local and european manifesto available as a PDF on their website.

One of my highlights is scrapping HS2, but then i'm biased because my home will look crap with a train track through the living room, bit drafty too.


UKIP and Germany 1920 look the same to you, I think the rest of us understand where you are coming from, I'm sure if you try harder you can think up some other spurious connections.


gary jenkins. I was actually around when WW2 began, nearly 9 in fact. If you had an inkling of what Adolf was really like you would never compare Nigel Farage with him just to score a dubious point. It is noticeable that in my day Hitler led THE GERMANS. History today says he led THE NAZIS.

If Spain decides to go to war over Gibraltar, what will your beloved EU do ?


So what do you suggest?.

Here are the options.

1) Vote Labour who time and time again bankrupt the country and raise working folks taxes to pay for folk who won't work.

Locally they are unopposed and arrogant and don't care about local taxpayers feelings until voting time. (Speaking from a Sandwell voters point of view).

2) Vote liberal democrats who would let every criminal free and make the victim feel like a criminal and also don't really care about decent folk and also don't really offer an alternative locally as labour are untouchable round Sandwell. ( Why god only knows. )

3) Vote Conservative who although generally over time lower taxes and run the economy better, time and time again look after their rich chums whilst working folk get hit whilst the tough times are here before normally starting a rebuild and getting voted out and again are in the minority and won't touch the Labour strong hold round here.

4) Vote UKIP. A party who appears to have everyone running scared in the political world and hasn't been given a chance as yet and may well even challenge Labours unopposed arrogant stronghold around Sandwell.

They also seem to speak more about stuff that real working voters feel about and may well deserve a chance as they are the only party to not let us down yet so far.

I acknowledge they may not have experience but they haven't been given a chance yet unlike the so called experienced ones who have let us down time and time again.

Think i'm going for number 4 as it's a toss between 1 and 4 round here and 2 and 3 would be wasted round here.

No chance will I be voting number 1.

They have ruined Sandwell whilst trying to blame others and should be booted out.

Give someone else a go. It makes sense.


Hear hear Kev, at last some common sense. It's about time the others took their blinkers of and looked around at this England and what our famous three party system has done to it.

Cllr Stuart Parr

"Apart from immigration can anyone tell me what other policies they have?"

For someone with such extreme opinions of 36,000 UKIP members, you don't know a lot about the party do you? How do you manage not to know anything about UKIP yet still avoid being ignorant ...?



So what are your other policies?


"drums fingers and whistles softly while waiting for Councillors reply."


What Nigel Farage says is most likely true but why should he or his party worry as a majority of people in the country no longer trust the present political elite and Mr Farage is getting plenty of free publicity this Express & Star article being just one example. It is exactly the same as the independence issue in Scotland the more the English politicians say it is wrong the greater the number of Scots become in favour.

Cllr Stuart Parr

It's not free publicity, it's news - he was in the West Midlands and spoke at a public meeting attended by 650 people. There are no English politicians either, they're British. Nobody represents England.


"We have no English politicians?." And you may well be right not many of the politicians elected to represent ENGLISH constituencies actually do so they reflect the policies of their party, no matter which one. The odd parliamentarian who does object to the party policies because they have an adverse affect on the people who voted him in are ostracised, andI do remember Enoch Powell whose rivers of blood speech got him deselected by the Tory Party, but our security services seem to be indicating that it could happen.

PJW Holland

Something odd happening with the comments...


How refreshing for a political leader to deal unequivocally with the questions put. Yes indeed more than 75% of our legislation comes from the EU. People do not understand that simple one page Statutory Instruments enable thousands of pages of EU legislation. On the basis of lines of legislation the figure is more like 95%.

The EU has been the major cause of the decline of Wolverhampton and its neighbours. Meanwhile the LibLabCon MPs representing the City have no connection with the City and never mention it in Parliament. The borders have been gerrymandered to death to keep their slimy grasp on power.


Yeah Labour with their left wing conspiracy, hacking into UKIP candidates Twitter account and posting them racist tweets. Them tories putting racist words into councillors mouths. Lefties making Farage claim thousands in expenses. The swines.

Cllr Stuart Parr

MEPs don't claim expenses, they get an allowance paid to and controlled by EU-approved accountants.

As you're so interested in sleaze, have you seen these news stories from the last couple of days?

"The Labour Party in Harrow is preparing for crisis talks after it emerged that one of its candidates was convicted of defrauding the council he is seeking to be elected to."

"[Lib Dem] COUNCILLOR RESIGNS: Yeovil's Peter Brock admits he is 'ashamed' and 'embarrassed' after stealing more than £1,000 from The Royal British Legion"

"A [Conservative] CORNWALL councillor who claimed to have been appointed a Member of the British Empire was never awarded the honour and claims to have been the victim of an 'elaborate and malicious hoax'."


The only party we have in this country who are not afraid to say how it, is and the only party who have this countrys true interests at heart this is the core reason they are now growing in increasing popular support. Dismissed as a fruit cake party not so long ago by our prime minster now a real threat to the major partys and so worried are they they are digging to find anything to discredit them


The 3 comments have vanished. However: To Margaret Hamilton.

If we have a referendum and the public vote 51 to 49 to stay in the EU, I promise to back off. But we have been taken into the EU without OUR permission.

UNDEMOCRATICALLY. So let's see what the public think by a real, democratic vote.

Nigel Farage is offering us the chance to rule ourselves again. Most of us are sick to death of vague promises that never see the daylight, uncontrolled immigration, money pouring out of the UK to God knows where. This country was full when I was a kid with 48 million. It's all about SPACE, NOT RACE !

Nigel is being HONEST. WE LIKE THAT !

Margaret Hamilton

Hello Cyril, I'm having some trouble understanding where you are coming from with some of your points here.

Taken into the EU without our permission? We voted ourselves in quite democratically in the 1970s. Our democratically elected representatives in Westminster and Brussels have since very gradually helped to create the EU from the old "Common Market" - a virtual European Parliament had to be created to ensure fair play for the workers and voters because of companies/business totally ignoring laws and not paying any taxes. The EU is the only protection that we the working people have any more. All our parties let business run riot and ruin lives.

Undemocratically? In this country we vote for people to represent us and they go away and do things for us. How has that not happened please?

Nigel Farage is offering us the chance to rule ourselves again is he? He's cleverly offering us something that we already have, and he's not fooling me. I argue that the only people who rule us are the same ruthless wealthy capitalists which ever party is in "power". They control the politicians and they keep us in our place. I suggest we are all skint because of the actions of this ruling elite rather than because of any immigrants.

I consider the UKIP "it's all about space" thing to be the equivalent of the BNP's "We're not racist, we just don't like their culture or religion" drivel. It fools no-one.


I think you are very inexperienced with regard to companies paying taxes because 30 years ago, and nothing has changed, the multi national I worked for ensured that the operation in Luxembourg made most of the profit because Corporation Tax was very low. This built up a loss of millions in the UK operation and for a number of years they funnelled the profit back to the UK to take advantage of the tax loss carry forward and pay no tax. After this was used up they closed the operation and moved it to Poland. If the EU had standard policy towards Company tax it would of course be a good place to be but whilst they have differing tax levels we are better out than in.


Margaret, I voted to join The Common Market. I never, ever voted to join The E.U. Why ? Because I'd never heard of it. Nor had anyone else at that time. That sort of politics stinks to high Heaven. The term 'railroaded' applies here. I would also remind you that in 1945, we considered our population at 48 million to be unsustainable in times of war. People were encouraged to leave these shores for The Commonwealth with very cheap passages. Then suddenly we are an open door to anyone and everyone. How many now ? 65 million ?

70 million ? Who the Hell knows ? I said SPACE, not RACE and I stand by it.


So who would you suggest runs the country Margaret.

the working classes?

no? i thought not.

the ruling elite have and always will rule.

Margaret Hamilton

What are you on about please?


What the three main parties should fear this election is voter apathy. It is because of their somewhat appalling behaviour and, at times. arrogance that will lead to the UKIP gaining seats.

They need to take a long hard look at themselves, their party politics and where they can engage the voting populace again. Until then, these elections and other elections aren't worth the bother.


This is something that will rear its head at next years General Election. Ukip will probably become Britains' Third party, and even form part of any coalition should there be one.people are fed up with the lies and politicians taking no notice of what their voters want, even though they beg for their votes every election.

Cllr Stuart Parr

UKIP is already the third party.


Not officially with out any MP's its not, although I know where you are coming from.


Very good point.


ukip for me,only sheep vote for the same old

failed partys


So you're not one of the sheep who are following Farage simply because of immigration?


well said cyril glad to see some one on this page

talking common sence unlike some of the idiots


The only people talking about torchlight processions and book burning are opponents of UKIP and they do this because they haven't got a valid counter argument to UKIP common sense.

The old Nazi / racist slurs may have worked for a while but voters have seen through the smears and the rhetoric and know that they have been betrayed by the three other parties.

If you wanted to know what UKIP policies are apart from controls on balanced immigration similar to those used by Australia the perhaps you ought to have gone to the public meeting in Dudley town hall where you might have learned something.


They seem very reticent about stating any more of their policies, apart from immigration and the EU, don't they?

It's certainly not because of any shortage of media exposure.

Farage has publicly stated that his party's manifesto for the last election was "drivel" and, having read it in 2010, I definitely agree with him.

The only thing that UKIP have done since then is attract the lunatics of the BNP, EDL and other racist elements into their ranks and Farage has done nothing to prevent this, being on a classic ego-trip and expanding his one-dimensional party as fast as possible, while wallowing in the media spotlight.

Voting for UKIP as a protest against the mainstream parties may seem like a good thing but if this idiot gets any power we'll all live to regret it.

Cllr Stuart Parr

UKIP is the only party that bans past and present members of the BNP, NF, EDL and other racist and fascist organisations from joining. What UKIP *has* done with regard to the BNP is wipe out that party electorally.



The only thing that UKIP has done to the BNP, EDL, NF (Who I never mentioned - why do you bring them up; freudian slip?), is rebrand them in a more acceptable form for the electorate, i.e. make the emphasis more towards those nasty British-Sausage-Banning Eurocrats who let all those awful gypsies into the country.

Look into reality and the REAL effects of immigration (and emigration) and the country is better off for it, and always has been!


UKIP will unveil their manifesto for the 2015 general election when the other parties reveal theirs, what are Lame Duck Labour's policies apart from borrowing more, raising taxes and even more open door immigration with no mandate from voters? I'd be interested to know because apart from desperately smearing UKIP along with the other discredited liars they are keeping very quiet hoping that UKIP will go away, except that it ain't going to happen.

Margaret Hamilton

Were you not aware that Osborne has borrowed more in 4 years that Labour did in 17? Or perhaps you're ignoring it.


We have our own dream and our own task.

We are with Europe, but not of it.

We are linked, but not combined.

We are interested and associated,

but not absorbed.

.....Winston Churchill.....


I am not a UKIP supporter but I have noticed they are coming increasingly under attack by the BBC and Channel 4 news. Every party has to be subject to scrutiny but I do feel UKIP at the moment are receiving an unfair amount of mud slinging as the existing establishment of major political parties and media outlets seeks to negate their influence. The largest problem facing the world is overpopulation, the major cause of global warming for instance. This country is doing nothing to control population growth non of the major parties has a policy on population growth in this country or the world. Immigration controls are only part of the problem but they are definitely a needed part of such a policy.


There's a good reason why UKIP are coming under increasing attack, it's because the politicians who have lied to us, reneged on manifesto promises and ignored the wishes of those of us who vote are scared stiff of losing their grip on power.

They dismiss UKIP policies as 'populist' and well meaning but muddle headed indoctrinated lefties like Margaret Hamilton try to scare everybody by smearing UKIP instead of engaging in the national debate that should have been had years ago. The champagne socialists and self-hating lefties have nothing to offer, they created the situation that we find ourselves in now but the game is well and truly up.

UKIP are setting the political agenda because the other lot are so scared of voter power. UKIP are not anti-immigrant or anti-immigration, but a sensible policy on points based balanced immigration from all over the world, not just the poorer countries of the EU is UKIP policy. Uncontrolled mass immigration into our overcrowded country is unsustainable, we can't give everybody a home.


UKIP are continually attacked by the establishment,that is as clear as day.

Labour as well as the Conservatives are attacking UKIP because they don't want the monopoly between them and the Conservatives to end.

Can you imagine how the BBC would report Labour poster's vandalised and mobs outside Labour meetings if it was UKIP supporters involved, hypocrites the lot of them.


Farage is a public school educated, former stockbroker and ex conservative party member. Ukip support constitutional monarchy and the church. Their main bulk of supporters are old tories for whom Cameron is too soft.

They are the establishment. Just because Farage has a pint in his hand at virtually every photo opportunity does not make him a man of the people!

Annie Bro

For what it's worth-here's my pennywuth!

Whether you agree with Ukip or not, surely on the basis of a true democracy,they have every right to exist and not be subject to smears & the lazy taunt of 'racist' so as to close the debate? After all, discrimination & prejudice is in everyone's make up to some degree, is it not?

The left, totalitarian as it is, loves free speech, only if your views coincide with theirs! As for the right wing media ( Daily Mail, Telegraph), the Establishment's mouthpiece ( the Times) & the left's foghorn , the hideous BBC, all conspiring against Ukip, is a sure sign they don't want the Status Quo that's destroyed the UK, morally, financially & in it's ability to shape our own destiny, to be compromised, as it sure as hell would if Farage & Co get 20% of the popular vote;

I think Ukip has been compromised by 'plants' from the Establishment, that's how right on cue, the predicted ' loons' come into the media spotlight!

If you think you live in a ' democracy ' guys n gals, you're sadly deluded!

Come the revolution!

Dr Andrew Emerson

The thing about Farage is that he is obviously insincere. The Americans call it dog-whistle politics. Farage makes a few noises about things he knows the public are desperately worried about, such as immigration and the EU, but he always qualifies his remarks. And if you check the small print of his party's manifesto you find that he's given himself a get out clause for everything.

Back in 1979 Margaret Thatcher, whom Farage, just like Tony Blair, admires, remember, did the same thing. She strongly implied that if she got into No 10 she would put an end to mass immigration from the Third World. And yet once she was in a position to do something about it she did nothing.

Farage is just the same. He is preying upon people's justifiable concern about immigration and the EU in order to help himself to climb further up the greasy pole of politics.

If he were sincere about wanting to stop immigration, as it needs to be stopped, then he would not debar former members of the BNP from joining UKIP. Indeed, he would acknowledge the good work done by the BNP in the past in opposing immigration - while he and his party had nothing to say on the issue.

Similarly, on the EU: Farage once boasted about how many millions of pounds he had extracted from the EU by being an MEP, forgetting that it was our money that he had been taking. Britain cannot leave the EU from the European 'parliament' however many MEPs vote for her to do so. Britain can only leave the EU as the result of the vote of a majority of MPs at the UK parliament at Westminster.

Consequently, a vote for UKIP is a wasted vote, because even if UKIP were to treble its current tally of MEP seats Britain would be not one inch nearer leaving the EU as a result. But dozens of UKIP members would become wealthier and that is what their party and its £ logo, is really all about.

Can a party, can UKIP bite the hand that feeds it? Can an MEP? Is it likely? Because if Britain were to leave the EU every MEP would lose their bloated salary and allowances and their staff would lose their well paid jobs as well.

By taking part in the charade of the European 'parliament' a party gives it a bogus air of legitimacy. UKIP is helping to prop up the rotten institution.

To find out more about a party that boycotts the European 'parliament', rather than tries to enter it, visit double you double you double you dot patria-uk dot org.


excellent post dr.


nik, you really should Dr.Emerson's post carefully. I quote, " He is preying upon people's justifiable concern about immigration and the EU" followed by,

" If he were sincere about wanting to stop immigration, as it needs to be stopped, then he would not debar former members of the BNP from joining UKIP"

One minute you agree with Margaret, next minute you've changed sides.


I know what I'd like to smear him with !

Annie Bro

You kinky old sod!

What you get upto in the privacy of your own home ( legal that is) is your business, Mr Old Goat, but please refrain from telling us all,some of us are trying to eat breakfast!


Margaret Hamilton are you being employed by the government as a professional troll?

Government employing trolls to undermine opponents websites and blogs.

http://www.w4mpjobs.org/JobDetails.aspx?jobid=45223 This is the website to apply to.

I'd suggest you read Au Revoir, Europe: What if Britain leaves the EU? Author: David Charter.

This will give you the full lowdown on the Common Market/EEC/EU. Their next title will be The Federal States of Europe if

we continue to let them get away with it.

Margaret Hamilton

Don't be silly, I work for the NHS. I suppose all the money "saved" by not being in the EU will be spent on that? Yeah.


well replied margaret,

the major ukip policy flaw is existing independant of brussels, but still expecting to recieve all the benefits of membership and deciding which laws to obey!!!


If the establishment want to know why I'm voting UKIP, in Sandwell we had Cooper on radio WM moaning about the cuts again and a bumbling Tory fool fresh in from another party who didn’t know what day it was, saying “I'm dead” and crunching sweets on air backing every thing Cooper said.

If you vote for a Tory clown , expect a Labour clown.


I hate all of these right/left labels. All of the parties, even the Liberals, have some part of their manifesto that appeals to people nationwide.

What most people do is vote for the party that overall has the greatest number of policies that they think are right, giving weight to the most important. That is why the coalition is probably what the population as a whole wanted - a government that was going to rescue our economy.

I could never vote for UKIP as their policy now is, in a general election, but in a European election their policies seem to be in line with what most people want and a vote for UKIP could wake up the other parties and influence their policies before the general election next year.

I suspect the Liberals will be wiped out next year with UKIP taking their place as the third party.

Ronnie Allen

Landslide it Nigel. Step in son and try your best to straighten out what is left of Grate Britain.


You sound like Al Murray The Pub Landlord.

Only he makes more sense and it is only an act.

Ronnie Allen

Good luck when you stand for the Monster Raving Loonies. Arf.

Nigel for PM. Straighten the country out. Bring back hangin. And Ken Dodd.


People are quite entitled to disagree with ukip but the fact is what have the other parties done for working class people in this country. Thanks to uncontrolled immigration I feel this country is not my own anymore and I will express my displeasure by voting for someone other than the main parties. As has already been mentioned voter apathy is appalling now. Millions died so we have choice and the least we can do is vote. Enough votes can make a difference but the big 3 dont want you to believe that.

Margaret Hamilton

Ironically it's only the EU that ever do anything for working class people now.


There is a campaign, a plot. Switch on the BBC or read the likes of the HuffPost. Impartial, objective journalism? My foot. It's like every single day they're looking to tar this party with anything they can get.. next week it will be a "shocker" about how Nigel may have put two left socks on. But read between the lines.. when a corporation like this pesronally despises a party so much, there is usually an element of truth to what the party is saying, as well as a threat to status quo. Many people will be protest voting at the next election - it's not so much who they are voting for, but the unified manner in which they ALL absolutely abhor this coalition including what it has done to this country. In the meantime expect more diversionary tactics from the global cartels, and the news they create..not the news they report.. the news they create. These people are the most dangerous people on earth.


Crell. Spot on.


I think the only way forward is to make voting compulsory. Only then, when all eligible citizens cast their vote, will the establishment know what we really want and think of their proposed policies.

At the moment there is no real accountability within our democracy, nothing we can truly measure the performance of the sitting Government apart from voting in a general election and local elections. Therefore, like the ancient times of Rome, if 'the mob' wishes to rule then 'the mob' must vote.

Then, and only then, will we get representation and influence on a regular occurrence, rather than the manic 12 months prior to a G.E. with all the handshaking and photo opportunities, followed by an avalanche of party political broadcasts. Or the same but on a smaller scale for Europe and local elections with a 'frantic fortnight' of tit-for-tat rhetoric.

We need to remind all politicians that they are public servants, they are voted by us to represent us and should be held to account. They are not doing us 'a favour' or 'better' than us and that arrogance needs to be eradicated. The way to do that is by compulsory voting to ensure the electorate really does act as a whole rather than as a percentage.

As started above, millions died to ensure we upheld a democratic society, so, not to vote is an insult to their memory and a wasted vote. But by remaining apathetic and 'shrugging shoulders' you are not contributing to the country's vision and policies and having the chance to make a difference by acting as an important cog in a very big wheel. Your 'voice' is also weakened because by not voting you are allowing to be dictated to by others not of your choice.

In this century it is time to stand up and be counted, blame and negativity achieve nothing. Forward thinking and positive actions where you CAN make a difference is the only way and one of the last free actions left to you is to vote. So choose carefully and choose wisely.


Woody65 I believe voting is compulsory in Australia and should be so here. There is something a touch non-democratic about 'compulsory' and we end up with only those having an interest actually voting. Thus the passion and ridicule on this page.

We have fought two bloody wars to keep this country self-governing, yet by stealth and deceit we have handed it over to a bunch of unknown, bloat-a-crats at vast expense. History will be re-written to accommodate this change of policy. Maybe it's time to change the 3 Parties.

Cyril, you're at it again. Hadn't you noticed those EU elections we have every few years where you get to vote for your representative?

I too

Good on yer 'oldrocker' but you ought to acknowledge the poem you have reused.

Plus they have smeared themselves in SH!T themselves, you do not to smear them.

Tory non-thinkers will vote for them.

So called Labour 'non-socialists' will vote for that person

If you have a Tory MEP - vote for that person

If you have a Labour MEP -vote for that person

If you have a UKIP member then just think of 'old' england and don't vote for them. They wish to go back to workers and masters i.e. masters and slaves.

UKIP= sexist, racist, ageist bunch of jokers who appeal to base thoughts e.g. I like to smoke, drink, say what I like and tell jokes about anyone who I dispise. Nice! GREAT Ronnie

The real working class do not mind immigration. Those claiming to be of that class like white immigration ( not noticed) but abhor those of color.

Farage admits he respects and admires Putin! If UKIP win more seats no doubt he will be asking Russia to take over the running of the UK or supporting another Civil War.

Give up Michael while you are losing it


I too. I've just tried to make sense of your post. I can't. But I won't be giving up. Nor will 'Michael', whoever you're referring to.


Eh, could you say that again.


Shadow.G 'I too' refers to his posting name. Confusing ?

Of course. I could put a fair argument that grammatically, 'I too' is only used on rare occasions, whereas 'Me too' is more correct. But his post is not well structured in any case.


Listen to the victim, abused by the system

The basis is racist, you know that we must face this.

"It can't happen here". Oh yeah?

"Take a look around at the cities and the towns."

See them hunting, creeping, sneaking

Breeding fear and loathing with the lies they're speaking

The knife, the gun, broken bottle, petrol bomb

There is no future when the past soon come.

And when they come to ethnically cleanse me

Will you speak out? Will you defend me?

Or laugh through a glass eye as they rape our lives

Trampled underfoot by the right on the rise

"You owe us..."....Ich Bin Ein Auslander

("You owe us everything")... Ich Bin Ein Auslander

Welcome to a state where the politics of hate

Shout loud in the crowd "Watch them beat us all down"

There's a rising tide in the rivers of blood

But if the answer isn't violence, neither is your silence

If they come to ethnically cleanse me

Will you speak out? Will you defend me?

Freedom of expression doesn't make it alright

Trampled underfoot by the rise of the right

Get the message Farage??? Freedom of Expression DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.......go to hell.

Not In My Name - They Shall Not Pass!


Pam Ayres eat your heart out...

funny old world

I think old rockers on the LSD


Based on what exactly?


I am not from your area, but this story appeared on social media. First I would like to congratulate this paper on it's fair and unbiased reporting. It was quite refreshing. Secondly, you slanderers and bigots who oppose UKIP and would sell our own country out to the EU. Get your facts straight before using nasty incorrect abuse towards a party you obviously know nothing about, apart from what you read in the gutter press and see on the biased news stations(Labour councillor filmed refusing to report racial abuse because it was against an English group, but you will ignore that one!). Please take the time to educate yourselves on the UKIP website as to policies, manifesto etc. Maybe join a UKIP fb group and talk to members? We are not racists, we are not even allowed to be a member of the party if we were, but Labour can have an ex-Nazi as a councillor, because she has 'changed her mind'. We want controlled immigration, not open door. We want criminals held to account in British courts, not told what we can do from unelected busy-bodies. You can sit there and make your snide little comments, but without knowledge, you do make yourselves out to be fools. I will be voting for my country's future, while you would surrender to a dictatorship. Learn the truth before spouting bile.


steven.palfrey Well said sir. And yes, the E&S have run this debate fair and square, without bias.

Not so fair, square and unbiased when reporting Wolves and Baggies, but we Baggies have learned to live with that). Lol.


FARAGE?Where does that surname originate from?


AucklandKW probably La Belle France or Belgium. SO WHAT ?


wrong again cyrill, its french origin 1530's.

ex tory married to a german who is also his secretary .

and one of his slogans is , "british jobs , for british people".!!!!

so much for controlled immigration.


nik.hare1 How can I be 'wrong again' when I said 'La Belle France or Belgium'

Auckland was the poster I was replying to ya daftie !

Now take your foot out of your mouth and say sorry.

Margaret Hamilton

It makes me laugh when people say that the BBC are out to get Farage and UKIP. In all my lifetime I've never known a politician get so much free air time! He's on Question Time every week, Have I Got news for You every fortnight, every single news bulletin, documentaries etc. I look forward to Nigel and Mary Berry baking good old English cakes, Nigel's house makover, Nigel's version of 20th Century History, Great British Invasions, Say Bye Bye to Worker's Rights with Nigel, Hymns with Nigel, Antiques Compulsory Roadshow, Nigel's Guide to our Very Interesting Culture, and many others. To hear the pathetic self-publicist bleating about the bigotry and racism of his many celebrity-following "supporters" is as pathetic as his base human instinct policies.


Margaret, you are beginning to sound like Clegg, Milliband and Cameron. You're making it up as you go along. There can be no discussion with you, so YOU are the bigot.

And THAT, dear lady, is the very thing this column of posts is about ! We, the people, want a say about the EU. If the majority want OUT, we should be OUT ! It's called DEMOCRACY !!!!!!!


no its not , its called the minority(see the ukip manifesto) trying to impose views on the majority.

Annie Bro

There you go; Marg, the ultimate defender of the status quo, the EU, corrupt politics, antidemocratic dogma,closed debate,massive taxation & public sector waste/incompetence/theft is a public sector troffer herself; not a great surprise is it!

Margaret Hamilton

Be ashamed - £14k a year full time hardly makes anybody a "Public sector troffer". What a stinking attitude.

I'd like some evidence from you to support your claims that the EU is "corrupt politics, antidemocratic dogma,closed debate,massive taxation & public sector waste/incompetence/theft" please. You should stop reading Murdoch's filth and find some things out for yourself. What's your next bandwagon?


I was reading'Murdoch's Filth' as you put it today. No doubt that The Sun is now campaigning to clobber Nigel at every opportunity. However, their columnist Tony Parsons is allowed to back UKIP quite openly with reasoned argument. Now for the Nigel Bashers we have the once-Tory MP Louise Mensch, (now resident in USA and thus arguably of no interest), giving Nigel a hammering. Read both writers and see which one comes across as judgemental.

Annie Bro

So the 'fruits' of your 'education' & talent is a £14,000/year job ticking boxes at the unquestionable NHS is it?

Yet you come on here and put everyone else right! If you can's see corruption when it's right under your nose, what proof would you accept? None me thinks, you clearly don't have the intellectual capacity to understand real world complexities;

As for Murdoch's filth; The Times & Sunday Times,both Murdoch owned, have led the attacks & smears on Ukip and Farage in particular, ably supported by that other Establishment ( & left's) mouthpiece, the vile, sleaze infested BBC;

Whoever you really are Marge, give it a rest, it's thickos (who think they're clever) like you who vote Labour or Dim Libs and that's why we're a bankrupt country with no future;

Margaret Hamilton

Thanks for the insults Annie darling, 14K is all you can get at a certain age, it's wonderful how that caring neoliberal system that you are keen to perpetuate looks after the people it educated. One day this will be you too, as sure as night follows day.

I'm still waiting for your evidence by the way.


I have read your comments with interest and now understand how you get all these rosy thoughts about Europe, it is because you watch television almost continuously. This must be possible because you are employed by the NHS, no doubt in administration, an organisation that thinks money grows on trees, that suppresses employees who want to highlight failings and spend astonishing sums of money to do this. They then find another position for the Offender and pay him a fortune (£400,000 annually) to do the same thing again. With regard to immigration it is the way to ensure we have more people than jobs which keeps pay rates low, and the Human Rights legislation enables non nationals who have committed crime to stay in the country using various legal loop holes all paid for with Legal Aid which comes out of our taxes


you know less about the nhs than you know about ukips intentions and thats shocking.


You will find out about some NHS employees, fortunately very few, when you have a spell on a ward in a hospital. I do know a little about the NHS , I worked for them for a short time, I have been a patient, my wife was a RGN and Theatre Sister and my daughter is a Senior Sister. What is your experience, in the protected administration I suspect.


and Nik, you know EVERYTHING about NOTHING !

Margaret Hamilton

Charlie boy, you're a fine example of the kind of mentality that UKIP are aiming at. So as well as nasty foreign people UKIP are against NHS workers! What a lovely lot. Don't wear your UKIP badge when you go to hospital sonny!


I am not really in support of UKIP but I am really fed up with the current batch of public school boys who have the money to rise to the top of the political ladder. They have no idea how the rest of us live and when they do visit an area the meetings are by invitation only. As far as Europe looking after the working man, have you been to Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus recently. The European imposed austerity has left upto 25% of the workforce unemployed. In the UK our debt is higher as a %age of GDP but because we control our own currency we have been able to devalue and introduce austerity measures at the same time, which has protected some jobs but made the cost of living increase. Better than having 25% unemployment I would suggest


Oh dear Margaret. You mean you wouldn't treat Charlie if he was in need of hospital help ? What on Earth happened to the Hippocratic Oath ? Our nurses gave the same care to wounded German soldiers that they gave to British and Commenwealth ones. You let your scalpel slip there !


Cyril if she was a nurse and doing her job she would be too tired to watch TV or write all of the comments on this page. It is my assessment that she has a cushy admin job with a protected final salary pension paid for by the workers of this country. No wonder she supports the current batch of politicians.

Margaret Hamilton

Charlie you're being very insulting and showing an alarming lack of knowledge about the NHS, public service in general and pensions in particular. Don't belive the myths. I bet you wouldn't last 5 minutes in the NHS, and the Tories have scrapped all the final salary pensions, including the NHS one which was entirely self funding. Some people do this out of commitment you know, 14k full time is just taking the pee. You dont know a bargain when you insult one.


Basic really. The great british public have had enough of the Cons and Labour liars. Lib dems are a fringe party who got lucky and crept in through the back door... Clegg promised to abolish tuition fees. Yeah right. Lie after lie. UKIP seem to be a voice for the great majority of indigenous, forgotten downtrodden people who just want an end to political correct, multi ethnic loving leaders who tell us what we want and do what we dont want. They just want a party to listen to them and reverse this European Superstate that has been created. It took ten years to kick abu hamza out, a terrorist sympathiser, yet you get a prison sentence if you fail to pay a council tax bill. This country has been ruined and Nigel and co are simply tapping in to our frustration and anger. VOTE UKIP. GET YOUR COUNTRY BACK.


you wont get your country back if you vote for a party with only maximum 500,000 voters.

only by getting rid of the ruling elite will you get your country back and thats never going to happen.


Nik, where have you plucked that random figure from? Ukip are winning and you, the old guard and the nodding sheep electorate are in for a shock...


ariesbaggie, from reading the football posts you should know by now nik often makes it up as he goes along.


no arries, a shock is when you finally realise that the national front/british national party/english defence league/ukip policies are as defunct as the british empire.

U-boat Captain: Your name will also go on the list! What is it?

Mainwaring: Don't tell him Pike!

U-boat Captain: Pike!


Cyril, I think you have fundamentally misunderstood Margaret's post.

Read it again and come back to us if you need any further help.


Which one old rocker ? there's nearly as many of hers as mine ! Lol.


April 27, 2014 4:02 pm


Nik, its Aries not Arries. If you cor read give the tablet to someone else. Your attention to detail is lacking.

Hit him on the tail

Well said that man :-)

I too

I have not (I am one of the Great British Public). please do not put me into one of your minority survey bags for drowning.

A minority of incorrectly thinking people may believe what you do.

Iquite like this country, how dare you say it is ruined.

Selfish blaggard who has no respect for decency.

How are your jackboots these days? A bit tight after 70 years I bet and making you squeak


By God, I love a good debate, it's what democracy is all about, though some of the offerings on here suggest that they think we're a dictatorship.

At 73 I still don't dribble and lose my train of thought, I still have a mind of my own; so thanks to all of you but I will make up my own, not let someone else do it for me, as it seems some would like to.

Goodnight all, I'll see you when the lights come on again.

I too

Cyril-yes I was wrong to call him Michael.

Making sense was never a strength of UKIP supporters, so I thought I would confuse you all.

Job done, now give up and go back to the farmland from where you originate.

People will always see through UKIP and its band of 'merry' men.

Posting so frequently makes me sure you are a trying to influence something that you never can.

Old rocker knows what I mean.


I too, or Me too, (see above comment). Yup anybody who writes Michael when he means Nigel is a guaranteed winner, emphasised by your need to insult our intelligence. I can't stand gardening let alone farming coming from a long line of foundry workers, miners and glassblowers. You know REAL BLACK COUNTRY people.

I post on this topic because it is dear to my heart. I am far too old to change much, but it grieves me to see what were once 3 Parties with totally different policies, (and I always voted Labour, as a Socialist but will never do so again), yielding our autonomy to the EU. And without the people being consulted.

So, you and 'old rocker' carry on picking up your pensions. Don't worry about your grandchildren. Leave that to me.

PJW Holland

I feel a point made by Margaret somebody above should be corrected.

Only around 300 people ever had a choice on our entry into the EEC. There was no referendum.

After the traitor Heath was dismissed a new Government put a gun to the head of the electorate and faced with blackmail threatening economic catastrophe a minority of the electorate voted to remain in. The rules for such a referendum should have required an absolute majority of the electorate. They did not hence we remained members with the support of less than 15% of the population.

It was an exercise in cynical fraud.

We have never been given a choice about joining an EU.


PJWHolland. Precisely so Sir and very well said. I stated at the very top, IF we had a referndum and the people voted 51 to 49 to stay in the EU, I would cease to rail against it. But we have not and will not get a refendum while the Lib/Lab/Cons rule us.

WHY ? They are afraid of something.

Margaret Hamilton

Good grief PJ! Where do you get this from? UKIP now responsible for our history too?

Hit him on the tail

They have my vote and my families. We are sick to death of lying politicians. A party that speaks sense and is on a par with voter's in this once great country.


When ukip win the euro elections just wait for the smears to escalate. The name calling will worsen and those who took the trouble to vote will strengthen in their resolve to dump the liars on their backsides. Sticks and stones politics never works. The ukip supporters are not racist. Fact. They are simply fed up.


"UKIP are not racist"

1) Explain this


2) And this




and the list goes on.......

As someone has said, Farce is a right wing Tory posh boy who feels Cameron has moved too far to the centre ground. They may well get a large percentage of the vote (and lets face it the turnout is going to struggle to get above 25%) but then again The Sun is the biggest selling daily newspaper.

UKIP campaign on negatives. They only have one song and that is prejudice.

In tough times people find a group to blame. Vote UKIP and side with Farce and the toffs who caused this mess in the first place.

Don't get sidetracked by one issue, look at the bigger picture.

What would he do about zero hours contracts?

What would he do about youth unemployment?

What would he do about education?

What would he do about the NHS crisis?

He hasn't a clue!


You, the taxpayer, give £53m a day to the EU. A day! Where does this help us? Nik and old rocker, please enlighten us.

Margaret Hamilton

And if we leave the EU you expect to keep your cut? Do you really think for one tiny moment and of the "savings" will be spent on anybody who needs it? UKIP is funded by big business!

I too

Cyril, with such parentage and history I would have thoguht your relatives will turn on you or turn in the grave for your support of UKIP.

Real working class, as I said before are not racist, fascist or sexist.

Your relatives surely did not enjoy the masters and the workers divide that you are encouraging to return under UKIP. When Britain was so great.......

So sad for you and your relatives that you have lost your roots and aspire to divisions again.

Try understanding the real facts and not the headline lies. We have not sold out to the EU or lost our autonomy. Our farmers would be in such a mess without the EU, where would Dudley be without EU funds for the major roadworks. Come on think!!!!!!!!!!!! look around you for the good in the EU not just what peope tell you are their truths. Read the large posters saying EU Funded.....I know you will see sense given chance. Do it now.

If you want fags and beer with 'lafarge' ( thick as cement) then just go down the Cat in Wordsley.


I Too (but definitely NOT ME too), I find that last post of yours extremely patronising and somewhat arrogant. You make pronouncements as if they are facts just because YOU said them.

I don't smoke, nor do I drink beer, so you won't find me down 'The Cat' in Wordsley, whereever that may be. I am also in a better position to judge what my forebears would think of me for my views on the EU.

Immigration should occur at a gentle, NATURAL rate, not en masse. That way facilities change and expand to accommodate. A person's skin colour has no bearing whatsoever in this discussion so working class, middle class, or filthy rich, it matters not one iota. As for UKIP being sexist, where on Earth did you get that idea ? I 'SAW SENSE' as you put it, just a small while after I voted for that con-man Tony Blair. Socialist my bum!

Margaret Hamilton

I think Nige's nice sensitive comments about not employing women because they deliberately go off having children to deliberately ruin business profits might be a a bit of a clue here Cyril!


Margaret, I have not seen that one, nor did I hear it during the TV debates with Clegg.

It would be nigh impossible for any politician to change the sex discrimination act back in favour of men. Nor should anyone be able to, ever. It IS a fact of nature that women bear the children and thus need time off work. The aim of a decent Society should be to make sure neither the woman in question or her offspring suffer as a result.

I would have thought we were quite close to this ideal anyway.

Margaret Hamilton

Who or what has taken our country please? Anyone?


Margaret. You are obviously blind to how the country has deteriorated in the past few years and can not be persuaded otherwise. Just what would another 4 years of the old guard give us? Dudley and Great Bridge are known as little poland where I live. Do you not see the strain unenforced immigration is putting on schools, the NHS or housing? At least us ukip sympathisers can have a voice in the future. UKIP may not win a full British election but the big two are rattled.


May I toss a hand grenade into this discussion ? I was in our local Coop this morning and they are collecting for a Hospice and Cancer Research. I admire what is done but I ask myself, (and you),

Why the Hell should Cancer Research depend on CHARITY ? We are pumping £55 million a day into the E.U. and for what ? MEMBERSHIP FEES ! Unbelievable.

Think what our scientists could do with that ?

Tin hat back on, head down in the trenches, wait for indiscriminate shelling......

I too

Cyril, Cyril, Cyril - you did not read my other post about what the EU has done for Dudley ( and elsewhere).

You are obviously just keeping this thread going for E&S - agent provocateur.

OlMaggie got a good deal back too.Ah, you forget what we get back......

use all the evidence not just the bits you chose.

Try again

Moi patronising? Of course where it is deserved!! And boy do you deserve some help in taking the log out of your eye. ( misquote from Bible I believe)

Now you were saying 'en masse'? Full up - do not be so daft and do not believe it. IT IS NOT TRUE.

NHS is not overloaded they just do not employ enough staff. Education is not overwhelmed, popular schools and league tables cause overcrowding of schools NOT immigration.

In Central London, yes house purchases are made by rich people from overseas ( just like in Spain and France when Brits go there). That is not a problem it is good financial business, sell to those who can pay. The local suffer but it is the same in Cornwall, Chilterns etc where rich ( of Brit nationality) buy second houses and price out locals.

Try again coming up with a fact that can not be disputed, go on make my day! ( Dirty Harry I believe). UKIP 0 I too 2.

Oh Farage has had some monetary benefit from the EU to pay his wife! 3 nil extra time almost up.