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They'll be ok :)


I would like an apology from Dudley Group of Hospitals. I have to make monthly visits to 2 of the group's hospitals. These visits often take 3-4 hours. It is nice to visit the hospital cafes during my visits. On my last visit I found notices in the cafes confirming their Halal compliance. I am not muslim and most definitely do not adhere to sharia law. I do not condone these barbaric slaughter methods and find it difficult to understand why 96% of the population have to bow down to sharia law to appease the other 4%. I am confused as to why I have never seen kosher food adhered to and why no other law or religion is catered for? Now, when I visit these islamic hospitals, I can no longer eat there meaning long visits with no sustenance.


If there were enough Jewish people living in the area to make it a viable market you can guarantee that more kosher options would be available. Have a walk round certain parts of London.

As for no other religion catered for? Really? So they have no vegetarian options which would suit many Sikhs and Hindus?


They should have kept stum - nobody would have been any the wiser and noboby would have cared.


Like the horse meat scandal?

No chance

WAs anyone seriously ill after eating the icecream? Were they even mildly ill? NO?

I am really tired of hearing about Bowing down to sharia law.

Who cares what you think

A formal complaint, why not go the whole "hog" and sort the legal aid out for a bit of compo

Olly the cat

More religious mumbo jumbo to appease non existent sky fairies. Yes, you've guessed it. I'm an atheist.


How much of our culture is being eroded by all of this is our culture and life style so wrong that it has to be changed so radically. Try inflicting these kind of changes on cultures in other countries and they would not be tolerated.


What part of your culture is being eroded by giving some kids ice cream that doesn't contain gelatine?


Utter nonsense. These radicals need to get over themselves. It was ice cream, nobody died. Oh hang on lots of people have died in the name of this religion though, where is the appology there?


What radicals? There's no mention of complaints to the school. There is no way a child (or anyone) could tell that the ice-cream had gelatine in so presumably it being 'flagged up' was a dinner lady noticing the ingredients and so the (white, non muslim) head complained to the suppliers about being sent the wrong product.


Nobody would have known any different until the pork scratching wafers arrived


There's one or two others that should be nearer the front of the apology formation.

As usual, the hand-wringing liberals couldn't wait to take it, on someone else's behalf.

Ice cream for God's sake!


Seems she just can't apologise enough, can she? Over and over. It's "unacceptable" that a mistake would happen. Well, ask yourself this: why would someone supply food sabotage their own trade? Of course they wouldn't. And what happened to the food that isn't being eaten? There's no end of homeless, destitute and poor people that will no doubt be only too happy to take it off your hands.


Did they apologise to non-Muslim vegetarians?


'A letter was sent out', so yes.


Talking about things being "unacceptable". I find it unacceptable that Islam appears to teach its followers that over-population its resultant impact on the environment, social cohesion and resource allocation are all somehow in God's hands; that God will provide. Not my fault, you see. Not my personal responsibility to do anything other than do as I'm told. I also find it unacceptable how much of the mainstream media appears to brush under the carpet the issue of nepotism within Islam, which appears to be rife. What about the issue of forced marriage being passed off as something that was arranged, on cultural grounds? I've spent a lot of time in areas with high Muslim populations. I've seen what goes on first-hand and in my opinion these issues are not confined to any particular area, they are wide-spread. Some have also suggested that, when Islam is below a certain population density you have conformity and tolerance - beyond that point you have a totalitarianism. Islam is after all a non-secular religion. All that intolerance risks being fueled and to some extent radicalised by liberals who cannot but wait to bend over backwards and "apologise" for being born. Yes, I am being critical of this religion and the double standards often at play. I do not seek to attack or hate anyone on an individual level but due to the current climate I somehow doubt this post will remain. There's tolerance for you.

west brom baggieboy

here we go again lets bend over backwards ,has anybody mentioned the word racist yet ,hang on give it time

A Lone Voice

I really do wonder what would happen if we were about to embark on a long term term conflict (like WW2 for example) and food rationing was introduced ?

Presumably people would eat anything if they were hungry enough or leave country if they couldn't find anthing acceptable.

I am just getting so fed up with people who seem to be so sensitive and cannot cope with the slightest variation to their so called perfect world..........

Has anything awful happened to these poor children since eating the ice cream? Presumably nothing at all as I can't recall any untoward effects being anounced since this wicked event took place.

And Sandwell is in the Black Country............scratching capital of the world so shut up and eat up !


scratching capital of the world...Funny..


Most posts seem to imply it's a 'mountain out of a molehill' topic. But look at the publicity the Politically Correct Mob have obtained from this harmless error. Why not run a vote in this paper to see what the majority think of this ? Or would that be too dangerous in case this (at the moment minority religion), decides to do a bit of harmless terrorism ?

Honestly, what a fuss over nothing.


PS: Lone Voice. I can remember in WW2 when those rolls of slush meat called 'Dog Chub' made from the scrapings of meat factories were allowed 'off ration' when available. The queues were many yards long and we ate it willingly.


PPS: I've just realised that this school is the one that West Brom Grammar used for school dinners in the early 1940s. We ate what was put in front of us and never, ever complained on any grounds.


Tell that to englishguy1 when he's wasting away on his next hospital visit


Why do we have to keep apologising. If people want to live here why not change their culture to suit the country they are now living in. Can't have it all ways.


A company messed up and sent the wrong product. There was mistake. Ultimately responsibility is with the head so they should apologise. A British value surely? If you ordered some bananas online from a supermarket and they sent you baked beans instead would you not expect an apology? How about if you had a nut allergy and a cafe have you a dish containing nuts when you were expecting one without?


It jseems little more than a simple mistake, thankfully no harm was done an apology issued and that ought to be the end of the matter.


I would really like to know, how many parents have actually complained vs. how many people have jumped in to beat them to it..


So the great sky fairy has told some of his creation that pork is a no no but not others. Since it's been such a long time ago I wonder why he hasn't updated his edict with respect to forbidden modern food? Does he have an opinion on artificial sweeteners, GM crops or even ice- cream. Perhaps he only has a downer on pigs. Perhaps somebody should ask him if he has any updates.

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