Secondary school league tables: Sandwell slumps to bottom of the pile

Sandwell has slumped to the bottom of the pile in the Black Country in the GCSE performance tables, according to figures out today.

Last year a total of 46.9 per cent of pupils gained the Government’s benchmark of five or more GCSEs at A* to C, including English and maths. The Department for Education (DfE) figures show the performance of Sandwell’s schools has dropped by 3.8 per cent over the last year in terms of GCSE results.

It means Sandwell has fallen behind both Walsall and Wolverhampton in slipping to 145th out of 152 local authorities in the country.

Last year 50.7 per cent of pupils gained the benchmark grades.

Sandwell came in 124th position for A-level results, an improvement of three places on last year.

Last month education chiefs in the borough announced they were setting up crunch talks with headteachers in a bid to combat the failings of Sandwell’s secondary schools. It comes after Ofsted’s annual report said Sandwell is the worst performing area of the Black Country for pupils attending good or outstanding secondary schools.

Seven out of every 10 secondary school pupils in Sandwell now attend academies, which are free from local authority control.

Council bosses say the situation is partly down to a lack of Government support for struggling academies.

Councillor Simon Hackett, cabinet member for children’s services, has said the authority had challenged secondary schools to make improvements.

The George Salter Academy in West Bromwich and the Q3 Academy in Great Barr were the two best performing schools in the borough, both seeing 60 per cent of pupils gaining five or more GCSEs at A* to C, including English and maths.

The Ace Academy in Tipton saw just 34 per cent of pupils achieve the benchmark grades, while at The Phoenix Collegiate School in West Bromwich the figure was 40 per cent.

Elsewhere in the Black Country Dudley was top of the pile for GCSE results, with 53 per cent of pupils gaining five or more GCSEs at A* to C. The borough came 117th in the country.

Wolverhampton was 127th on 51.6 per cent and Walsall came 129th on 50.8 per cent.

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Comments for: "Secondary school league tables: Sandwell slumps to bottom of the pile"


Ok Jaswinder here's your chance to mitigate this from your precious council !

A Lone Voice

Amazing.....70% of pupils attend schools not administered by the Council and still the results are abysmal !

Perhaps the Council should take control of these "failing" schools and run them properly ?

Of course, the problem may be the pupils in Sandwell are just not very bright.........actually, I suspect a vast number of pupils who do not achieve very much at school do not achieve very much in their wider lives either due to low parental aspirations and lack of proper support and guidance at home.

Education is one of the best "gifts" that anyone can receive and one of the most rewarding ones for a parent to give but I despair at the attitudes of some parents who substitute physical presents in place of their own time and effort.


The council run schools are not doing better – in some they are doing worse – so I don’t think there is much evidence either way at the moment in Sandwell as to which structure works better. Just look at my old school, council run Phoenix Colligate. A truly abysmal 6% of pupils got the English Baccalaureate. Without get an A-C in these course subjects including maths, English and science you stand very little chance. You will struggle to get into most A Level colleges and your chances of getting to University is pretty much nil. Given that those leaving now will be competing with job applicants across 27 EU countries, what chance do they have??


No doubt Sandwell had its results effected by a poorer than expected figure from Q3 Academy. A near 10% drop, year on year, in the number of 5 x A*-C results (2014 75%, 2015 65.5%).

Also year on year variation is to be expected. Not all Children are the same.


Dudley 52.7%

Sandwell 49.8%

Walsall 48.3%

Wolverhampton 46%

Staffordshire 54.4%


Dudley 53%

Sandwell 46.9%

Walsall 50.8%

Wolverhampton 51.6%

Staffordshire 56.1%


Dudley +0.3%

Sandwell -3%

Walsall +2.5%

Wolverhampton +5.6%

Staffordshire +1.7%


Bull**** baffles brains again !


hahahaha too right localboy !



I don't hold with the others views, I feel you are just a winding them up?

You site Q3 as a example saying A-C achievement had dropped to 65.5% however a quick visit back to 2003 shows the school as Dartmouth High, which, under the expert guidance of Sandwell's LEA, had slipped to the bottom of the school ranking tables at 3243 out of 3579 with A-C achievements of 27% to become one of the worst achieving schools in the whole UK?

May I also remind you that the Towns own Grammar school, once one of the best in the UK, later renamed Menzies high school was in special measures for years under Sandwell LEA control.

Q3 and Phoenix are currently performing miracles and doing so well, compared to the bad days when Sandwell council messed up the whole borough 10 years ago .

Indeed it is only now as more schools leave the control of this LEA that Sandwells school achievements are finally rising and the quality of the school accommodation improves.

Not one Sandwell councillor ever resigned for this mess, not one.


Thank you for that balanced view Ivor, proof in the pudding eh !


Well said Ivor. What worries me is a good many of these councillors who decide on local education policy have no formal qualifications at all, with not even a swimming certificate to their name.

When 16 year old kids with a few GCSE's have higher qualifications than the councillors you know there are problems.


It is clear for everyone to see that you will take every opportunity to kick Sandwell. This is a free to post comment section, I will continue posting.

As you can clearly see from the numbers above Sandwell's performance is on par with EVERY OTHER LOCAL BOROUGH.

Perhaps you cannot grasp the maths involved. 2014 Q3 scored 75%. 2015 Q3 scored 65.5% (5xA*-C) That is a near 10% fall. That alone is enough to dent the overall average for the borough.

In 2014 Wolverhampton had a lower percentage, 46%, than Sandwell did this year, 46.9%. All within variation tolerances.

You talk of age old figures. These relate not one iota to current figures and you know it. Current curricula, testing methods and tables are all different. This means they cannot be compared like for like.


Excellent you finally agree with my comments above

Only when a Sandwell school leaves the control of Sandwell LEA does the teaching and achievement of the kids improve

Sandwell teachers are good, Sandwell kids are good, but as Ofsted said with regards to Sandwell's children's services

"Leaders and managers are ineffective”

I hope you further agree the quicker schools leave this failing festering council, the quicker the kids will be able to get the better skilled jobs they deserve


I don't agree with you at all.

You still fail to grasp the simple concept that schools in Sandwell, on average are performing as well as other schools in the West Midlands county.

Look at the figures for Walsall, Wolves and Dudley. All similar to Sandwell.

The childrens services you mention are not directly related to Education, but as you well know HAVE improved.

With your anti Sandwell Council rhetoric anyone would assume you have be done ill by them in the past. Care to tell us what that was?