Secondary school league tables: Just how good is your local school?

Secondary school league tables have been released today and once again Dudley is the best performing borough in the region. But how did your local school fare?

League tables released today reveal the performances of local authorities and schools across the country

Across Dudley 53 per cent of pupils taking their exams in 2015 gained the Government’s benchmark of five or more GCSEs at A* to C, including English and mathematics.

It puts the borough in 117th position in the national table for GCSEs - a slight drop on last year's 114th.

The figures, which were released today by the Department for Education (DfE), also showed that Dudley came 36th out of 152 local authorities for A-level results, with an average points score per pupil of 785.3.

How our local authorities compare

In Wolverhampton the number of pupils gaining five or more good GCSEs has risen over the past year, with 51.6 per cent hitting the Government benchmark.

The figures see Wolverhampton rise 18 places in the national tables to 127th out of 152 local authorities.

A total of 50.8 per cent of pupils hit the five or more GCSEs at A* to C mark in Walsall.

The figures have seen Walsall rise 11 places in the national tables to 129th out of 152 local authorities. Last year the borough came 141st.

Staffordshire saw mixed results with schools improving their GCSE performance but sliding down the A-Level tables.

Across the county, 56.1 per cent of pupils gained the Government’s five or more GCSEs benchmark - figures that see Staffordshire rise seven places in the national tables to 94th. However, the county slipped seven positions down the table for A-level results.

Sandwell's dire GCSE performance continued, with the authority finishing seventh bottom in the national rankings.

Last year a total of 46.9 per cent of pupils gained five or more GCSEs at A* to C, including English and maths, but today's figures show Sandwell schools' performance has dropped by 3.8 per cent over the last year in terms of GCSE results.

It was not all bad news for Sandwell, however, as the authority came in 124th position for A-level results - an improvement of three places on last year.

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Comments for: "Secondary school league tables: Just how good is your local school?"


The council run schools are not doing better – in some they are doing worse – so I don’t think there is much evidence either way at the moment in Sandwell as to which structure works better. Just look at my old school, council run Phoenix Colligate. A truly abysmal 6% of pupils got the English Baccalaureate. Without get an A-C in these course subjects including maths, English and science you stand very little chance. You will struggle to get into most A Level colleges and your chances of getting to University is pretty much nil. Given that those leaving now will be competing with job applicants across 27 EU countries, what chance do they have??