West Midlands schools now recording pupils' fingerprints

Dozens of schools across the West Midlands are recording the fingerprints of thousands of children, prompting criticism from a civil liberties group.

Big Brother Watch said 56 schools out of 162 who responded to a request under the Freedom of Information Act confirmed they were using biometric technology.

Between them schools using the technology have 51,820 pupils on the roll. It allows pupils to use fingerprints for things such as taking out library books or paying for lunch without cash.

Big Brother Watch today declined to reveal which schools had confirmed they were using biometric technology, stating it would be too difficult to break the figures down.

However, a similar request made by the Express & Star to councils a year ago revealed at least nine schools in Wolverhampton had the technology.

Wolverhampton City Council said Coppice Performing Arts Secondary School, Highfields Science Specialist Secondary, Kings Church of England Secondary, Wednesfield High School all used biometric data.

Heath Park Academy, Moseley Park Academy, Smestow Secondary, South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy and St Edmund’s Catholic Secondary also used it for ‘cashless catering’ so that children could record what they are having for lunch. The council said it was not mandatory for children to provide biometric data while schools followed national guidelines laid down by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The government changed the law last year to allow parents to opt out of giving their children’s biometric data. Councils in Walsall, Dudley, Staffordshire and Sandwell said they did not have information on the use of biometric data.

Nick Pickles, director of Big Brother Watch, said: “Going to school should not mean kids are taught they have no privacy, especially at a time when we are sharing more data about ourselves than ever before. Fingerprinting them and tracking what they do might save some admin work but the risk is pupils think it is normal to be tracked like this all the time.”

A Department for Education spokesperson said:“It is right parents should decide how their child’s personal data is used. That is why we changed the law so parents now have the right to prevent schools and colleges – including independent schools – using their children’s biometric data.” Schools and colleges must now ensure that written consent is obtained from parents.

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Comments for: "West Midlands schools now recording pupils' fingerprints"


What "tracking" does this involve, please? Whether or not little Johnny is having chips every day? How many times he uses a printer?

For God's sake - talk about make a story out of nothing.


The school where I work in Derbyshire uses this system for paying for lunches. One fingerprint per student is used with the permission of the parent and the record destroyed when the student leaves the school. A record of what a student has bought for lunch is useful for parents who want to keep a check on their child`s diet . Also it`s much more difficult to lose a finger than a dinner card so parents don`t have to pay out for a lost card. Let`s not be so paranoid and let technology work to make life easier .


Get a grip, for heaven's sake!

Typical slow-news-day non-story.

Any decent school already knows everything about the child and keeps records about everything from diet to allergies anyway.

They know which subjects the child excels in and which the child struggles in, what progress has been made and so on.

If you use a library card or your middle finger to take a book out, does it make any difference?

Nick Pickles needs to have a word with himself, he needs to realise that this is not the outside world or Tesco where they'll track your spending and bombard you with 'offers' and irritating marketing bumph.

It's just school, and data protection regs mean they can't keep the info after the child has left anyway; in any case why would they want to know the borrowing history of a pupils who's no longer there?


Using the same Stalinist logic, Its only fair to finger print all teachers and school governors who use the same library's and food halls ,then threaten them with expulsion if they refuse. or are we back to Animal Farm by George Orwell?


Our civil liberties are being eroded away a bit at a time,CCTV,Biometric technology,we seem to have little protection now.

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