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Where's Social Services when you need them?

Parents and grandparents are a disgrace. Swearing at three years old?!

They sum up everything that's gone wrong with society.


Social Services?

They're all having an endless seminar miles away from Rotherham.


Classy !


What 'talent' does this child have? A potty mouth?

Some people live in cloud-cuckoo-land.

I imagine she is a delight at nursery.


I have seen the video posted on facebook. None of the comments were positive and certainly no one, myself included, were impressed.

Ronnie Allen

Stuart, 33, will no doubt be a great grandfather by the time he is 48. Pat yourself on the back son.

Maybe the video should have gone feral and not viral. A better description.

Britain's got talent alright.


Disgusting, and at 3 she can only get it from her home, that sort of language must included in normal conversation. ITV and the X Factor should be ashamed of themselves sensationalising this behaviour and also the Express & Star.

Blue Boy

I saw this video online and was totally shocked at the foul language from such a young person. The parents and grandparents should be as disgusted as most decent people, but seem so proud of their poor parenting skills that the family posted it for the world to see. Social workers should be investigating (if they are not already) this family before it is too late to save this little girl


No social workers would defend this family and say they are inadequate. You don't have to be in Rotherham to find bad social workers. They are all over the country.


Perfect demonstration of the class and culture of Walsall and the borough to the rest of the world.


Merely an observation, but grandparents seem to be getting even younger than policemen these days.


"I would do it for her, I would do anything for her".....................I would suggest adoption!


Low life's springs to mind


Graham I believe wolfmaster2000's comment just proves your point !


This is just so wrong.

Who in their right mind would be so proud of their 3 year old's acquired vocabulary to post it on Facebook and you tube ?

Did I read that right, grand dad Stuart is 33 ?


Grandad at 33... tut tut.... Wonder if he has a job?


Some people are just utter snobs


No, we are not snobs, but have been educated to show respect. I have not watched or listened to the video but believe the language used would normally be associated with squaddies in the army in basic training or maybe a group at a football match but not in a family home. It will be an interesting case study to see what profession this young lady joins in the years to come and then ask, if she is successful, if she considers herself to be a snob because she lives in a pleasant area, a comfortable house and has a fairly new car. Envy is a dreadful thing and some people want what successful people have without working for it.

The Voice of Reason

If my 3 year old daughter used language like that I'd be wondering where I'd gone wrong as a father. The video is not funny or cute, it's just an example of poor parenting.


Spot on mate.

Scarlett-Rose Davis, Carla Davis-Ball ?

All these double-barrelled names, they must be right snobs.


Wolfmaster 2000 not sure who you are having a pop at but I don't drive a range rover I prefer more exclusive cars.


I think the old Wolfmaster was popping off his foul mouth at all us 'snobs'. Because clearly, anyone who does not think a 3 year old with a sailor mouth is funny or cute, can only be a snob. Well, if that is the case, then count me as one big snob and also make note that I am able to express myself without resorting to dead common profanity.


Mevanst thank you for pointing that out as I wasn't sure who he/she was having a pop at but like your good self I prefer to string a few words together without use of the "F" word or silly name calling. One thing is for certain when I was a kid had I or any other child have used such bad language it would not have been recorded instead my backside would have been sore


Sadly, this little girls future is already mapped out because of her poor upbringing and it looks as though she is going to be instilled with an exaggerated sense of entitlement coupled with totally unrealistic expectations which means that she'll be unemployable in the unlikely event that she ever manages to get through school.

Why would the idiot grandparents subject a three year old to a drenching with a saucepan of water water in the first place?

To then make public the resulting obscene language which the child must have learned at home beggars belief.

Social services should do the little girl a massive favour and separate her from her cretinous family immediately.


'Stu, what's 'cretinous' mean?'

'Dow know Carla Bab.'