Bull terrier in search for home after found starved

A bull-terrier found starving and slumped by police on a filthy sofa has been nursed back to full fitness and is looking for a new home.

It took 12 months of care in police kennels before Cleo, who is believed to be around three years old, could be given a clean bill of health by vets.

Officers found her when they raided the home of owner Dean Tombs in April last year.

West Midlands Police dog handler Russell Martin, said: “It was one of the most shocking neglect cases I’ve seen. Cleo was a bag of bones when we found her and her nails were long and gnarled.

“We found no dog food, water bowls or leads in the house.

“It was clear she hadn’t been walked for some time.”

Police believe that Tombs kept Cleo purely for breeding purposes and gave no regard to her well-being, only seeking to profit from the ‘loving’ animal.

The owner was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering in March this year by Birmingham Magistrates and was banned from keeping animals for five years. He was also forced to pay £370 in fines.

Now that she is back on her feet police hope it is only a matter of time before Cleo finds a new home and loving owners. Pc Martin said: “It’s amazing to see the recovery she’s made, both physically and emotionally. She’s back to full health and is an extremely loving, happy and friendly dog – I’m sure she’ll make a great pet and we.”

Anyone interested in offering Cleo a new home is asked to contact Pc Martin on 10, ext 7601 6724.

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Haling wolf

Surely that punishment doesn't stand up to scrutiny if that's the maximum the law allows then the law is unfit for purpose...!

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